The Rogue Raven in the Big City . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 19 May 2015; published on 20 May 2015; transcribed on 30 October 2018

    • Story of the Vicious Raven, the Mother Pigeon, and the Squab
    • Thought Forms in the Cities of Earth Are Out of Balance, for Lack of the Presence of Nature Spirits to Transform Them

Dear Ones,

A sad story about a rogue raven and a young pigeon. And some thoughts about …

  • Balance in nature,
  • The help of the nature spirits, and
  • Our ability to co-create a sustainable environment in our cities of Earth …

There is a Summary after the video …



Well, Good Glory, Dear Ones!

Story of the Vicious Raven, the Mother Pigeon, and the Squab 

What a saga just happened over here at the gas station! I went to get some coffee at the gas station. It is early morning here. And, being a person who used to raise baby pigeons as a child, I was very interested to see up in the sky, this great big, rogue raven chasing around a young pigeon … what you call a ‘squab’ … that had just learned to fly … in a circle, over the gas station.

I could see that the baby pigeon had some tail feathers missing, and was not strong enough. You know? And so, the raven was hot in pursuit. The baby pigeon landed just inside of where people fill up with gas … right by the gas station, in the shade; and the raven was circling around, outside.

And then I saw the mother pigeon, with the beautiful, slender neck and the slender body that the female pigeons have. She was sitting on top of the gas station roof, trying to figure out what to do … as was I … Because there was the young squab, who was dazed, and sort of wobbling, and sitting under the shade of the gas station canopy.

So I waited just a minute, and I stepped back. The mother pigeon came swooping down. And the baby pigeon went off towards the roof of this house over here … [points to the viewer’s left] … And, from afar, the rogue raven was sitting on a rooftop across the street, with its mouth open … panting for violence! It was totally scary. [laughs]

It had its eye on the situation! And the minute that the squab flew up, it came swooping down, from on top of the gas station, and caught the baby pigeon in mid-flight, about two feet above the top of the house that the squab was heading for.

So I went down to see what had happened … Although I could tell, when the mother pigeon veered off, that it was not going to be good news. There was the rogue, mean raven on top of the roof, with the slender body of the little baby pigeon underneath of it. I could see that the body of the little pigeon was lifeless, and so I started to walk away.

A young man walked by. Men are very good at noticing their surroundings, I have noticed: They catch things that women sometimes just do not catch. They have great peripheral vision; and they ‘scope’ the scene. They are really good at that.

I was not even looking up, at the scene on the roof, but he caught what had happened, and he understood. Under his breath, he said: Oh no! … Like that. So I went to comfort the man. (I could not do a thing for the pigeon.) So I said: Gosh, I am sorry about what happened just then. I hope you are all right. And he said Oh, yeah,he was ok … It was all alright.

So then I went up to retrieve my car, and to head off to Bible study. And so, from the parking lot of the gas station, I started down, and there was a young lady in her teens. She was standing, looking up at the roof of the house; she was on the wrong side to see the pigeon. She looked distressed too. So that was three of us: Three distressed people, one rogue raven, one baby pigeon, and a mom pigeon that was not very happy at the time.

I opened my window and I said to the young lady: Are you looking for the pigeon? She said, yes, she really wanted to find out where the baby pigeon was. So I parked, and we went up, and looked. And there was the body … oh, terrible story! … the body of the baby pigeon on the doorstep of the house … with no head!

So this raven only just wanted to conquer and kill this baby pigeon that was weaker, and could not fly as strongly. It did not really want anything; it just was in some kind of rage, you know? So I spent some time: We checked the baby pigeon. And she explained how it was all beat up, and she could see blood everywhere, and she was so upset, and so forth.

I tried to explain how, every spring, the ravens come and eat lots of little baby birds. And how this raven must have just gone over the edge, and just gone crazy about that kind of stuff. I found out that the young lady was an animal lover and rescuer. So we comforted each other, she and I. (We could not do anything for the baby pigeon.)

Thought Forms in the Cities of Earth Are Out of Balance, for Lack of the Presence of Nature Spirits to Transform Them

I have a little aside, that I could not tell her about, that I will explain to you as well as I can: Here in the city (in this case, Los Angeles), nature is out of balance. And the animals pick up the vibes of the thought forms of the people here.

In the country, things are more in balance. You have heard me talk before about the singing of the crystal sands in the desert … the feeling of New Creation and New Earth in the mountains.

There in the mountains, the higher lifeforms in the astral realm transform all the thoughts, and transform the thoughts of humans as well, when there are enough of them to do that. Here in the cities, they are outnumbered. There are not enough places for nature spirits to be. And so, the people are not in an environment where their thoughts can be purified as much as is done in the country. Not right now.

And in addition, the animals in the cities have a tendency to this kind of berserker behavior … The wild animals, and the house pets too. The house pets tend to get neurological conditions … nervous conditions … I know you have heard of that, in both cats and dogs.

So the thing we have to do, as people is: We have to find a way to make the cities such that the nature spirits wish to return. So that is what I am asking of each of you: That you recreate, in your mind, that beautiful vision of a place where you live, and where all is in harmony; all nature is in harmony … And where ravens … poor things! … do not pick up those horrible, Hollywood movie notions about massacre and killing for no reason, and all this … where ravens only kill because they are hungry, or because they need to feed their young.

And so we humans will be uplifted by this balance in the natural world as well. For sure.

A terrible story, but a good lesson, I feel.

I am wishing you all a blessed day … a day of harmony with all other people, and all other creatures of Earth, and with Earth herself.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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