The Importance of Pure Diet in Weathering Solar Events . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 2 March 2017

    • Purifying the Diet
    • Alcohol Use and Lowering of the Sex Drive
    • Sexual Dreams at Night and Sexual Daydreams and Astral Stories
    • V— D— Syndrome, Astral Rape, Psychic Crowding, and the Shadow of the Personality
    • On Deflecting the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World by Cleaning Up the Diet
    • Guidelines for the Time of New Beginning

Dear Ones,

Here is a video on the importance of pure diet in weathering Solar Events with ease. A Summary follows the video …



We are in the middle of a solar windstream right now, and it has been interesting for the last day or so. This might continue for a few more days.

Purifying the Diet 

While all this is going on, I had a thought about diet. You may know that I do not use alcohol or drugs, and I attempt to have a very pure diet as well. Although I do not quite come up to the standards I have for myself regarding foods, I’m always trying to do that. And I think this is very, very important for the Ascension process: To try to purify the diet. So many changeups are happening in our physical and subtle bodies as a result of the Incoming Light, that it puts undue stress on our physical form when we don’t have a pretty good diet going on, and exercise, and so forth. So I recommend that, insofar as we’re able.

Alcohol Use and Lowering of the Sex Drive

I had a thought, yesterday and this morning, to do with non-optimal diet, and toxins in the blood. I think that, when there are toxins in the blood … say, through constant alcohol use … say, we’re using alcohol every day … in that case, which is very common here in America, I think what may happen (this is just a guess … it needs to be researched) is that the sex drive may become suppressed or repressed. That, then, leads to less sexual activity.

Now I know people use alcohol as a social icebreaker with an intention, perhaps, that may be the exact opposite: To improve their romantic relations and so forth. But my guess is that the actual effect of daily alcohol use is the exact opposite. I think that it leads to repression of the sex drive and sexual inactivity.

Sexual Dreams at Night and Sexual Daydreams and Astral Stories

And I think that the result of that is that at night, all night long, this repressed sexual energy expresses itself through the unconscious thought cloud of the world. And in our own physical forms and astral forms it is reflected as dreams that are erotic, and so forth. Dreams about the things that we have not actually done with our lives that we really wanted to do. I think it has that effect.

V— D— Syndrome, Astral Rape, Psychic Crowding, and the Shadow of the Personality

And that is actually the cause of these flareups of astral stories that have to do with the V— D— syndrome; some people call it collective astral rape; some people call it psychic sexual crowding.

Psychic crowding is when a bunch of people (say, 4 to 6 people) in astral form converge on just one person in physical form. To that person, it feels like their astral form is being crowded, attacked, and ‘dented’ … the energy field is being dented by, say, 6 people, all at the same time.

You may believe that these people in astral form are all from the same physical Earth group, but there is an equal likelihood that they are from several different Earth groups, and represent a particular Soul quality that you can help transform to the Light.

They themselves, if from different physical Earth groups, may not be aware of that, as their astral forms likely represent the shadow of the personality, which is acting out on the astral plane, finding expression through their astral bodies, but in a state of astral sleepwalking, as it were.

Suddenly, these semi-somnambulent expressions of the repressed negative territorial and sexual aggressive energies of the Souls acting out, find themselves together and act out this psychic crowding play.

So, that is astral crowding. It does happen from time to time. It has happened in the past quite a lot, here on Earth. For me, at least, it is happening almost never now. So I feel that, for the world, that is a thing pretty much of the past. When it happens now, I find the energies of the shadows of the personalities involved to be much less dense, more joyful, ebullient even.

On Deflecting the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World by Cleaning Up the Diet

Anyway, a lot of people do complain about the unconscious thought cloud of the world, especially with regard to territorial and sexual aggression. And this is my response: By cleaning up the diet, we may experience less of this difficulty … to which we are all becoming much more sensitive, more clair, and more attuned to the astral plane and the fifth dimension.

Guidelines for the Time of New Beginning

There are issues regarding diet and all kinds of things to do to prepare for the Ascension; for what they call the Second Coming, the Kingdom of God on Earth, and what the Ascension crowd calls New Life on New Earth.  We do not think about End Times, you know; we think about times of New Beginning. I am sure the way will become clear as more and more waves of Ascension energy role in.

I hope this blog helps to ease the Ascension Symptoms, which are many, and to create a sense of faith in the process that’s taking place … because the end result will be absolutely wonderful for all Earth.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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