Competition . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 2 March 2017; published on 13 March 2017

    • Male Competition and the Feral Instinct to Order Dominance/Submission
    • Male Bonding During War
    • Female Competition

Dear Ones,

Here is a video about territorial aggression, domination/submission in feral packs, and also male and female competition. A Summary follows the video …



I have some thoughts on …

  • territorial aggression, which is one of those drives expressed through the reptilian mind,
  • and also about domination/submission, and the order of alpha and beta males in feral packs … which is deeply buried in the subconscious mind of human beings as well
  • and also some thoughts about competition … business competition, national competition, and so forth, with regard to war.

Male Competition and the Feral Instinct to Order Dominance/Submission

Basically, I think that male competition, in its many aspects, has to do with the feral instinct to order the dominance among male members of a pack, such as a wolf pack or a primate pack. Competition, I feel, establishes the pecking order for men: Who is at the very top? Who is an alpha male? Who is a beta male? Who is beneath that beta male, as a ‘sub-beta’ male?

This feral drive still expresses itself in our societies on Earth. It’s toned down a little, so men usually don’t kill each other. Business competition … that economic model … is based on that drive.

But in New Life on New Earth, I feel that competition will express itself more as the challenge of who can do a particular thing better; who can do it the best for the world? And not so much men fighting other men, and achieving control over them, or damaging them in some way, or putting them out of business, or doing a hostile takeover of their corporation, and so forth.

I feel all those things will slowly go by the wayside as we achieve unity and harmony on Earth.

Male Bonding During War

I also wanted to talk a little bit about the experience of male bonding during wartime. I know that many men who have been to war look back, as veterans, to those times as being cherished memories of male bonding, where competition was no longer a factor; where men stood together with one purpose and were comrades together.

I think that one of the main good features of war is that it allows men to form fast friendships, one with the other. Of course, there’s a great cost there, because the friendships that men form as a troop or platoon or unit are in the interest of male competition against another group of people … from, say another nation, or with another philosophy, or the like.

So men band together, with a pact to be friends and comrades in a common cause. And that common cause is the greater concept of male competition between groups.

Again I feel that, on New Earth, war will slowly become a thing of the past. That opens a whole new avenue for men, to consider how they will relate to each other, if they don’t relate in terms of dominance/submission or in terms of male competition.

How will it be for men, in New Life on New Earth? How will they perceive each other? How will they relate to each other? It’s going to be a completely different ball game. And I feel it’s up to them, to figure out how they’re going to step forward and into that thing. That should be very interesting.

Female Competition

Of course, there’s also the issue of female competition … female domination/submission. But I am going to save that for another day, because it results in less turbulence in the noosphere right now. It’s a subordinate goal, I feel, but a very interesting one, and one for us women to consider. How will we get along in true sisterhood, instead of through a pecking order or trying to take our spouses from each other, and these amazing soap opera things that occasionally go on in the world today.

So there is that. I wish you all a very happy solar wind experience. I will speak with you all another time.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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