On Looking at Things from the Astral Positive Point of View Rather than the Astral Negative . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 1 March 2017; published on 6 March 2017
Previously titled: Astral Positive Rather than the Astral Negative

    • Getting a Job
    • Abundance
    • The Perfect Relationship
    • The Perfect Place to Life

Dear Ones,

This video is about looking at things from the astral positive point of view, rather than from the astral negative. There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I am here to talk, just a little, about the way of looking at things from the astral positive point of view, rather than the astral negative. Here are three examples …

Getting a Job

One of the examples has to do with getting a job. Either we can go with mass media, and we can say: Oh, there are hardly any jobs. It might be very hard to find a job.

Or, we can do like Peggy Black … https://www.peggyblack.com/ … does, and just start envisioning the perfect job, and co-creating that reality for ourselves every day.

We have choices. We have choices to change the reality to one where we are who we really want to be. The trick is to catch ourselves thinking what everybody else is thinking, and then to change that vision to a positive vision; to flip it around.


Then there is the issue of abundance. There is the idea that, in order for me to have all that I want, I have to take something from someone else; the idea of business competition and money competition. This is another idea that I feel is leaving the noosphere. And we ourselves can create a world through positive vision of plenty for everyone.

The Perfect Relationship

And there is also the idea of the perfect Soulmate or the perfect relationship. When I think about that, the first thing I come across is the notion that other women, on the clair plane, are trying to latch onto someone that I have in mind, and prevent me from having a relationship. This is what I would call female competition.

This is something that I learned in my youth, that I can pinpoint and turn around, as I envision a good relationship with a man. I could turn it around and say: This is my vision. This is my vision of a perfect relationship in which women all support me in happiness relationshipwise.

And I think that men could do that too. You know, there is a very strong male notion of competition for women. And they could take the obverse of this and use that in their own visioning of co-creation of a perfect relationship for themselves; again, daily.

The Perfect Place to Life

The last thing that I have, that I noticed today in particular, has to do with where we live. In my case, I live in Los Angeles. And on the clair plane I hear, all the time, all kinds of people saying bad things about my town, which is the City of the Angels, and the city that I came to help God and the angels transform to the Light.

I am here on purpose. I am here to help out. And when I hear these other stories on the clair plane, about how awful it is here, and how I need to be elsewhere in order to do the transformational work, before i used to say: Well, maybe I should leave. Maybe I should go someplace else.

But today I got a different answer. And here it is: From my backyard, you can see, off in the distance, the Simi Hills. Those mountains are waiting. They are just waiting for the devas to return to them.

The devas come down through the Tejon Ranch Conservancy area, down through the deserted byways and the park spaces and so forth. They come down, and finally have come back from time to time to visit these Simi Hills, which are part of the Transverse Ranges, a pretty big chain of mostly east-west facing mountains that run through Los Angeles. The Simi Hills are sandwiched between the Santa Susana Mountains to the north and the Santa Monica Mountains to the south.

These are the mountain ranges that are going to help in the transformation of the very earth beneath this great city to the Light … to New Life on New Earth.

So my thought is this: I find that, in the place where I live, which supports the notion of transformation … in my case, these mountains. When I hear on the clair plane, or in my own heart, that this is the wrong place for me to be, and that it is impossible for me to do the work of transforming Earth, I will envision these mountains, and the return of the devas to these mountains. I feel, in that way that I can turn the space where I live from the negative to the positive.

I hope this is of assistance to you all in transforming your own mental and emotional space from the negative to the positive. No matter what anyone says on the clair plane, or what memories we may have of the past.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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