The Forest Floor . Good and Bad . Ground of Being . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 2 July 2013; published on 3 July 2013


Dear Ones,

This is about Light and Dark, the battle of Good versus Evil, and the ground of being. Hope you like it! There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones.

I am here in a national park, and this is the floor of a forest, underneath an oak tree. And you can see the difference between where the Sun hits the ground, and where the Sun is filtered by the leaves of the tree. It looks both Light and Dark there.

But in reality, what we have here is not Light and Dark. What we have here is just one forest floor, that appears to be Light and Dark. We have, what you might call, in real life, what appears to be good, and what appears to be bad, or evil.

What is really there, though, is what you might call the ‘forest floor’ of our being, or ‘ground of being’.

And here I am looking up [toward the top of the tree]. I noticed the underside of the oak tree. I noticed how very dark it looks. It looks almost black. And in the modern vernacular, you have black for evil, and white for good.

But this black that we see in the oak tree, is really the home to many, many little animals and plants … thousands, I think. And so, it appears to be dark; it appears to be black. But in fact, it is a very good thing …

So I just thought I would mention a little about that. You know, in this dimension that we are in, we have astral beings that are considered, from our point of view, both good and bad. We have angels. And we have the exact opposite: We have devils, and demons, and all kinds of bad things. And those two forces balance each other out.

I was reading a mythical book the other day. And it was set in a time when there were heroes, and magicians, and white and black magic, and all that. And there were gods walking the Earth, just as there are today … but we do not recognize that to be true today. But they did, back then.

And so, the passage that caught my eye, in this book, had to do with a hero. He was talking to a mythical being, about the god that the being served, and why they had not saved the life of a child.

And the being said that his god was constrained by the laws of the world in which it found itself, not to do too great an act of good, or it would tear apart the fabric of that world.

And that struck me as being true of this world too. The more we fight injustice, and social ills; and the more we fight Team Dark, the stronger they grow. in Darkness, as we grow strong in Light. I do not think that is a real solution.

I think what we can do, is to recognize these dark entities in our life; recognize that what is Dark might really be what is Light … very bright. And it may be what is supporting our existence here. And acknowledge this. Just accept this. Feel this, and be aware of it.

Our very awareness of the Dark, changes it completely; and will help this world rise to the fifth dimension, which is all Light.

That is all for now, dear ones. Thank you for listening.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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