Spiritual Adepts Who Are Controllers: The Negative Path . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 22 May 2017

    • Spiritual Adepts and the Negative Path
    • Choices During the Ascension Process for Those on the Negative Path
      • Living on a New Planet
      • Moving to an Alternate Timeline or Alternate Reality
      • Choosing to Return to Source
    • Philosophy of Spiritual Adepts on the Negative Path
      • On Controlling the Gut Brain of the Masses
      • On Controlling the Sexual Drive of Their Lay People through Psychic Surgery
      • Social and Surgical Experiments on the Great Masses of People
    • Ways to Transform Our Collective Memory of What Once Was
      • Sidebar: Retracement from Negative Astral Planes to Positive Astral Planes
        • The Two Venutian Wanderers
        • Is Lengthy Retracement Necessary after a Flip from Negative to Positive?
        • What Causes a Being to Choose the Negative Path or the Positive Path?
    • A Perspective on Noospheric Changes Since the Year 2000
      • The Spiritual-Adept Controllers
        • Actuators
      • Actuators or Malware Floating in the Noosphere
      • ‘Ordinary’ People Rising to Consciousness Since 2012
      • Demon Realm Entities That Used to Control the Spiritual-Adept Controllers
        • Sidebar: Harpies
      • Co-Creating the New Reality
    • What Needs to Be Done About the Spiritual-Adept Controllers?
    • What If We Find Ourselves, as Lightworkers, in the Clutches of a Spiritual-Adept Controller, or in a Hellworld or Purgatory World?
      • Optimizing Timelines and Dimensions
      • Creating Positive Emotions in Oneself
      • Other Ways to Escape
      • What Not to Do
    • What If These Methods Do Not Work?

Dear Ones,

Here is a video about spiritual adepts who are controllers, and the negative path. Also discussed are noospheric changes since the year 2000, and Flipping from the negative path to the positive path.

There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I am of the stars!

Spiritual Adepts and the Negative Path

I had a few things to talk to you about spiritual adepts, and the things that I have learned from the “Law of One (The Ra Material)” … https://www.lawofone.info/ … in the last day or so regarding that topic which is termed in that book the “negative path” …

Link: Category “Negative Path” in “Law of One (The Ra Material)” … https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?c=Negative+Path ..

According to that, and also according to my own observations of the world, there is a Negative Path of spiritually advanced beings here on Earth in human form, who use their third-eye point to mind control other people, and who use stimulation of other people’s sex drives to get what they want from them. In other words, to manipulate and control other people’s behavior to their own advantage. See …

Link: Question-Answer 46.12 in “Law of One (The Ra Material)”  … https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=46#12 ..

This is called the ‘negative path’ in the “Law of One” … It is what is known as ‘service to self’.

Choices During the Ascension Process for Those on the Negative Path

Living on a New Planet. In the Ascension process, what will be happening with people that prefer this path is that they will be moving on, as they pass on, to a planet where it is possible for this to happen; more of a hellworld or purgatory world kind of planet where this type of energy still exists. I feel that to be likely.

Moving to an Alternate Timeline or Alternate Reality. Otherwise, as some said at the beginning of the Ascension process, they may exist on an alternate timeline or in an alternate reality here on Earth that is more negatively or more densely aspected. And they may continue in that timeline as it slowly loses vital force.

This might go on for a long time … maybe a few centuries … because more and more people will be choosing, through their Soul wisdom, the path of service to others; and that is what this planet Earth has become.

Choosing to Return to Source. Or, such people and some of the other people … any number of people … may choose, as they pass on, to go directly to Source … which is a glorious sort of celebration; it is not it is a punishment, or like that.

So there are a lot of choices here on Earth right now.

Philosophy of Spiritual Adepts on the Negative Path

Now to get back to the spiritual adepts. Here is the setup: There are spiritual adepts who are dedicated to the negative path; who feel (and this is true) that they are very spiritually advanced, compared to almost everyone else on Earth. And that they should be the ones who control what happens on Earth and slowly guide humanity in the right direction.

On Controlling the Gut Brain of the Masses. And just as it says in the “Law of One,” these spiritual adepts will be emphasizing their third-eye point. They will be using their third-eye point to control other people is vital drives, especially the sex drive, and also fear of death; to ratchet up those feelings in other people so as to guide them in the direction in which they want them to go.

On Controlling the Sexual Drive of Their Lay People through Psychic Surgery. In between the spiritual adepts and the great masses of people that they used to use for their own purposes, all the people that their thought waves used to sweep through, in the noosphere, before the Ascension process began, there is another class of people, and those are the people closely associated with them.

To a spiritual adept on a negative path, the thought of feeling sexual is very distasteful. They feel that if they engage their sex drive, it should be very sparingly. And that, instead, they should send all the energy that they have, what in East India they call ojas

Video: “Vital Ojas for Eternal Youthfulness,” by Gugu Jagat, 23 March 2017 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zG1MxeACP2E ..

… up to the third-eye point to increase their psychic power. The theory from the East is that the strength and vitality of the pranic column can be preserved in that way

So for them, it is very important to be in an environment where not many sexual thoughts are occurring. Yet they need a certain number of people to support them in their practices and in their institutions. And these people, often lay people, whether married or single, the spiritual adepts will perform psychic surgery on in order to prevent their lay people from having sexual feelings.

The way of thinking, as I understand it, regarding this is that here are they; the great, powerful, spiritually adept, select few; the spiritual elite who control the destiny of this world. And there are those others, the lay people, whom we must have in our area. And they cannot rise to the august understanding that we have, regarding the importance of eliminating their sexual feelings and cultivating their higher chakras. They are not at a point in their spiritual evolution where they can do this.

We can take a hand in helping them along this way, and at the same time serve ourselves, because we need their help and we cannot tolerate their sexual feelings. We can do this psychic surgery. And why should we ask them their permission? They are hardly in a position to agree in a wise way for the sake of their Souls.

My Concerns About This Practice. These psychic surgeries are performed on the people that congregate around the spiritual adepts, and without first obtaining their permission. As I have mentioned before, unfortunately, it can result in Soul devolution; to the severing of the ‘silver thread’ or ‘silver cord’ that connects the Lower Mental Body and the Higher Mental Body; and to making the subtle bodies unsuitable for ensoulment. So then the Soul floats up and can no longer offer healing wisdom to the actions being proposed by the higher mind for life on Earth. That is my concern about this practice.

  • First, it is a free will planet, and this practice does not presuppose free will.
  • And second, that it is detrimental to the Soul’s evolution … even though it is proposed and thought of in another way.

Social and Surgical Experiments on the Great Masses of People. Then there are the great masses of people. The feeling of the spiritual elite towards these masses, as I see it, is that they are hopelessly beneath them; they are more like animals, and they need to be driven in certain directions, or forced into other directions … and that performing social experiments, surgical experiments, on these people is no big deal because they are close enough to the animal realm for it not to matter.

So you will see that these types of practices have taken place. Do not be too taken aback. It is meant well, but it has not worked out well for humankind, and soon will be over with, because the people that have the notion of negative path orientation will be moving on, into other locales, either temporally or dimensionally …

Ways to Transform Our Collective Memory of What Once Was

In fact, they already have. It is just our notion that they are still here that causes us to bring back the collective memory of what once was. So when we encounter these collective memories of what once was, the thing to do is …

  • to bless them and transform them with love and Light;
  • with the violet flame of Saint Germain, and so forth.
  • You can also say: May you be blessed with unconditional love!

And these will help to clear and uplift our noosphere and also to uplift their feeling about themselves, so that they can (according to the teachings of the “Law of One”) reach the highest level of the negative path as soon as possible, and then be in a position to retrace their energy to the positive and on to higher levels …

Sidebar: Retracement from Negative Astral Planes to Positive Astral Planes

The Two Venutian Wanderers. The story of the two Wanderers who arrived at Venus during her Ascension process … Link: “The Law of One,” Questions-Answers 89.33 through 89.41 … https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=89#33 … explains that these two were in the early stage of positive fifth density, but in incarnating on third density Venus, they flipped to third density negative. This had to do with a decision they made to start a religious war that wiped out the planet’s population, for the sake of increasing the people’s Wisdom. Thus they started a social experiment startling in scope (and one we might, in hindsight, surmise took place with little concern for the free will of the other Venutians).

While we might expect that many people polarized to the positive path there out of compassionate service during the global ordeal, nevertheless the two Wanderers, after passing from physical form, graduated into fourth density negative (purgatory or hellworlds). According to the “Law of One” it took a lengthy period of time for them to flip back to positive in the astral worlds. Then after that, they needed to retrace to the early levels of fifth density positive.

Is Lengthy Retracement Necessary after a Flip from Negative to Positive? The answer, according to the “Law of One” is: Sometimes. A being can flip anytime from negative to positive, or vice versa. However, the higher the negative density of a being, the easier the flip to positive; this is because a being gains more and more Wisdom as it reaches higher and higher densities, whether the density be negative or positive. See Link: “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 19.18 … https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=19#18 ..

What Causes a Being to Choose the Negative Path or the Positive Path? The answer is elegantly stated in LInk: “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 19.17 … https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=19#17 ..

So we can serve all concerned, through neutral witnessing and through transmutation towards the Light, with Love.

A Perspective on Noospheric Changes Since the Year 2000

The Spiritual-Adept Controllers. Prior to the Shift, in about the year 2000 and earlier, the noospheric scene on Earth was really something different. There were rolling clouds of unconscious thought all over the planet. And it seemed there were only about 10 or 12 people on Earth who had the psychic oomph to consciously manipulate those clouds of unconscious thought forms.

Actuators. While people were sleeping at night, they would insert certain phrases into the psyche of the world at large, the dreamtime world, that could be called ‘actuators’. And these actuators would be linked to a form of acting out. Maybe through imagery? (I do not know; I was not in on this.)

Actuators or Malware Floating in the Noosphere. But I was ‘there’ (consciously aware) when I began to notice these actuators floating around and being changed, in the year 2000 and after that. It was then that I began to notice the noosphere being manipulated by these very adept spiritual people known as Controllers. (Note that the spiritual-adept Controllers described below are a particular sort of noospheric manipulators. There are other sorts of Controllers on Earth; I am thinking specifically of the antisocial personalities, who control the minds of their followers. And of course, there are also those people who are very rich and very powerful, worldwide.)

And they would program this malware into the population while they were sleeping at night, with an actuator phrase that they could then speak consciously during the day, and that would actuate some change of energy … like a ripple in the stream, or re-streaming of the energy of the unconscious thought cloud of the world. And apparently had been quite successful at this for quite some time.

‘Ordinary’ People Rising to Consciousness Since 2012. Then in 2012, the Shift happened, and everything changed. And ‘ordinary’ people started rising to consciousness of the unconscious thought cloud of the world. And so they began noticing the work that the spiritual-adept Controllers were doing. And so, with each new group rising up, the work of the spiritual-adept Controllers became less effective.

Things did not really reach a tipping point until quite recently, when many, many people have risen to the Light, and are aware of other people’s repressed energies. That is what is happening right now in the world.

And so at this point, all it will take is a counter-actualization; or a bringing to consciousness of the actuators that have been in place because of activity that occurred in the past, either through the spiritual-adept Controllers on Earth, or through those who controlled them, who are members of the Demon realm.

Demon Realm Entities That Used to Control the Spiritual-Adept Controllers. It is been brought to my attention, recently, that there is still an ‘echo’ of an entity called a harpy …

Sidebar: Harpies

Image: “The Harpies,” by Gustave Dore … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Harpy.jpg … This is an illustration from “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri Paris, Published 1885.

“They were generally depicted as birds with the heads of maidens, faces pale with hunger and long claws on their hands. Roman and Byzantine writers detailed their ugliness … Pottery art depicting the harpies featured beautiful women with wings. Ovid described them as human-vultures …” –from Link: “Harpy,” in Wikipedia. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

… that circulates here and there according to the collective recall of certain types of negative energy. And there have been many others. (I forget how many, in fact.) Besides the harpy, there have been …

  • All the images of Satan; all the presences of Satan by various names and worshipped in various forms,
  • There have been the disembodied thuggees, who were, actually, a form of spiritual adept that have gotten onto the psychic plane, in a very high level of the psychic plane negative (eighth density negative, most likely arisen from seventh density negative at the time of the 2012 Shift), and who have been looking for ways to get back into form, but unable to find them because of the rising of the Light on Earth, and who apparently have migrated elsewhere now, perhaps onto an astral negative planet.
  • Then there were the subtle sorcerers, whose energetic hold on humankind, both in form and beyond form, has greatly lessened,
  • And there may be many, many other such. (I am not too familiar with all of them.)

So, all of these negative entities have been controlling the spiritual-adept Controllers. And as the entities have lightened up and left Earth, then the spiritual-adept Controllers have dwindled in power more and more.

Co-Creating the New Reality. And as more people have risen up, into conscious understanding and conscious hearing and seeing of the clair realms that were formerly subconsciously held in the memories of everyone on Earth, now everything is changing; it is the beginning of the co-creation of the new reality that has been proposed over the last five years. More and more people are finding ways to co-create a new reality through the astral realm, that then manifests in the physical realm.

What Needs to Be Done About the Spiritual-Adept Controllers?

You may be wondering …

  • What about the spiritual-adept Controllers?
  • Do we need to fight them?
  • Do we need to change them?
  • Do we need to send them off someplace?
  • What do we need to do?

The answer is this: At the time of the Shift, the spiritual-adept Controllers, and those on the negative path, were separate from the rest of us. They were in a different, an alternate reality; a different temporal and/or dimensional reality.

For those that feel that they are really true, and really real, then at this moment they are in those places; in that alternate timeline or dimension where those beings are.

There are such people. But for everyone else on Earth … for all those of love and Light and so forth, they are already in separate timelines and separate dimensions. Although they can dip back down into those worlds … what we would call hellworlds or purgatory worlds … and then dip back out again. We have that option; recognizing, as we do, our own free will; the existence of the All and our service to the All; and our love of all beings everywhere.

So the answer is, we need do nothing. We can say what we wish. We do not need to include them, because they have chosen otherly. They have chosen otherwise.

In fact, for instance, a video such as this, were it to be found in the worlds inhabited by negative path humans and other negative path entities, would be banned from the internet, would it not? Because it explains some weakness that they might have.

So what we will find in the multidimensional, multitemporal universe, is that in certain dimensions, certain realities, it will be impossible to find this video online. But in our reality … in our love-based, love-oriented reality … it will always be available.

So we should never be concerned about what we post on the internet, that negatively impacts the spiritual-adept Controllers. They do not exist in our timeline anymore.

You can prove it … you can view the video, and you will know that they have no power here now. There is no need to engage the mind in those mental tangles, and in those cause-and-effect dead ends and box canyons that it once engaged in, because of their power over the noosphere here on Earth.

What If We Find Ourselves, as Lightworkers, in the Clutches of a Spiritual-Adept Controller, or in a Hellworld or Purgatory World?

So, you may be asking, but what if, from a practical point of view, what if we find ourselves suddenly in the clutches of a spiritual-adept Controller? Suppose we find ourselves in a hellworld, or purgatory world, or so forth, and we cannot find the path out and up?

Optimizing Timelines and Dimensions. The answer to this lies in timeline and dimensional shifting; in the Hathor activation of Light that goes like this …

Spirit to Team! [Your Team is way above all these possibilities … Negative path and positive path. So you are asking your Team; you are saying: My Soul to Team! so…]

Spirit to Team!
Optimize Timelines and Dimensions!
For the All, through Free Will!

And what does that mean? When that happens, you will find yourself back in the form of Gaia that includes the options of free will and service to the All. See? That is all you have to do. So you can find yourself there, and you can pull yourself directly out of there.

Creating Positive Emotions in Oneself. You can also do that with positive emotions, as expressed by Judy Satori in the websitehttps://www.ascensionlibrary.org/

She has many meditations that uplift into higher and more positive emotional expression. They work equally well; extremely well. Especially if practiced scientifically for a number of hours every day; so that then we turn, right away, to the higher worlds. To the realms of Love and Light and Joy, rather than ever finding ourselves dipping down there. You know?

Other Ways to Escape. There are many other ways …

  •  You can watch a humorous movie, if it does not include anything mean or derogatory toward other people, for instance.
  • You can read a holy book that uplifts you.
  • You can talk to someone who is in a higher dimension, and that will pull you out.
  • And gadzillion other ways, in fact.

What Not to Do. The main thing not to do is to imagine that you are stuck in a hellworld or purgatory world. Because in fact …

  • you are a pure being of Light and love,
  • you have an eternal Soul,
  • and you are capable of whatever you wish to manifest as reality.

What If These Methods Do Not Work? For those LIghtworkers who, despite their efforts to the contrary, find themselves currently in the thrall of, or involved with the energies of the spiritual-adept Controllers on alternate Earths: Know that the extreme likelihood is that these are only temporary enthrallments or involvements that have to do with the Solar Minimum … kind of a ‘cooling the heels’ period. Or you might say, a LIghtworker vacation between the last Solar Maximum and the next Solar Maximum, so there is no cause for concern there.

And I think, in general, no matter whether minimum or maximum, when we find ourselves in a situation where we cannot perform duties as LIghtworkers, that that is true. It is, for some reason, to our advantage, or to the advantage of humankind, to cool our heels just for a little while.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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