Sound, Light and Bodily Form . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 19 April 2013; revised


Dear Ones,

Through the mental quality called ‘ego’, we imagine ‘we’ have a bodily form. On the basis of visual input, which narrows the range of Light that we can perceive from the possible … 10-14 to 104 meters … to the visible … 390-800 nanometers … we imagine this form is solid …

Image: The Electromagnetic Spectrum: radio, microwave, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, X-ray, gamma ray … ..

In the chart above, I get that, at the large end of the spectrum, 10 to the power of 4 = 10,000. That I can visualize. I have a hard time visualizing how small 10-14 meters might be. However, I see that the part of the Light spectrum that my eyes can perceive is labeled ‘nanometers.’ I looked it up … a nanometer is one billionth of a meter. I get the gist … my eyes are picking up a nanofraction of available Light. So maybe my eyes aren’t really telling me the true story about who and what I am.

What if our form were not solid, but rather, waves of Light?
What if it were tiny, swirling sparks of Light?
What if it were waves of sound?

What if we paid attention to sound and Light … rather than form … when we relate to reality? How would that alter how we imagine ourselves to be?


Image: Sunlight, sky, and clouds … ..

Lately I have been noticing that sunlight is a form of food. Especially when I face the sun, I can feel vital energy streaming into my heart chakra. Light’s a little like snow. Here in America we have only one name for snow, although we may observe that it is sparkly or powdery, or good for skiing. Among the people of West Greenland, and probably because the quality of snow in Greenland is important to life and livelihood, there are 49 words for snow (1). In the same way, we tend to think of Light as plain old ‘light’, but to the astute observers has many different qualities, many flavors, many textures.

Yesterday it was windy, and all day long, little rain clouds scudded across the sky. Midmorning it hailed, and little rivers and eddies of hail swooshed around on the ground in the wind, like the misty steam swirling off of dry ice. Then in the late afternoon, the sky was beginning to clear, and I took a walk by a little river.

A steady, slanting stream of sun fell on me as I walked. At first, it had a wet, swirling quality. Mildly tumultuous Light! That’s something new! Then as I walked away from the river, onto a running track, the Light began to swirl more smoothly. It reminded me of a golden milkshake.

Is Light solid, I wondered? Is it alive, intelligent, full of joy, like me?


I work in a place with a refrigerator, and when the refrigerator motor runs, it emits a sound that is low-pitched and continuous.

Video: Refrigerator motor noise … ..

Sometimes I imagine that my mind is a piano. Sometimes it thinks high thoughts … like high notes on a piano … and sometimes it thinks low thoughts … like the low piano keys. As I work, whenever my thoughts get ‘low,’ I realize the refrigerator is running. The low-pitched, continuous sound of the refrigerator is resonating with the lower keys on my mind’s piano.

When I meditated last night, I felt my concept of myself expand out past my body. Then the refrigerator motor came on. The odd thing was, it didn’t affect me as it had done during the work day. The sound wasn’t whapping into my aura and distorting my energy field.

Instead, as I meditated, it felt as if my ‘body’ were discontinuous … with lots of empty space everywhere … and the waves of sound from the fridge were simply passing, unimpeded, through the interstices of whatever … sound, Light? … that constitute my form. Odd, huh?


For several years now, especially when I am out in nature, I hear a very high-pitched, not-quite-monotone sound in my ears … between 9.4 and 10 kilohertz … you can hear this tone starting at marker 4.27 on this hearing test …

Video: “Hearing Test” by Vatsek … ..

However, the tones you hear on the above video lack the pleasant, subtle harmonics of the sound I hear in my ears. What I hear reminds me of elven wind chimes. It is like a song of the devas, or the sweet song of New Earth. This beautiful sound is nearly beyond the high end of my audible range … it is near the opposite end of the audible spectrum from the refrigerator sound. The high sound resonates with my highest thoughts … the highest keys on my mind’s piano.

So just for the fun of it, last night I tried placing my awareness on the high-pitched sound in my ears. As I was falling asleep, I concentrated on just that … just that sound. It grew louder, sweeter, more beautiful, till it seemed like the whole world was that lovely sound. I said to myself: Whenever I want, may I be able to recall this sound! Then when I woke up during the night, with the usual jumble of subconscious thoughts still lingering in my mind, I right away switched my attention to the ringing in my ears.

When I woke up this morning, I felt as if I had been in a ‘sound’ rejuvenation bath. My body and mind felt fresh, crisp, and new. What an amazing feeling!

Mind you, often during the day, especially when I am working at a repetitive, routine, noncreative task, I hear a much lower sound in my ears. I have come to the conclusion this low sound represents lower mental function … closer to subconscious thought, consequently less pleasant. The minute I turn to joyful pursuits, the pitch of the sound gets higher.


People talk about experiencing multiple dimensions of reality. About flipping back and forth between lower and higher dimensions. There is also talk about expanding the mind so as to experience several dimensions at once. How can this be?

The sounds we hear in nature offer a clue: Just as each natural sound consists of many harmonics, (2) the reality we are capable of experiencing consists of many nuances, which may be termed dimensions. We can experience reality as if it were a pure tone, like the hearing test (3) … which I find to be rather painful listening. Or we can experience it like richly resonating wind chimes. Our choice!

Video: “Sounds of Nature, Wind Chimes, and Morning Song Birds,” by nerrad006 … ..


Imagine your mind is a piano and your thoughts are keys. When you think a thought, what sound does it make?

When you hear a sound, imagine what shape it is … Is it bumpy? Smooth? Does it have sharp edges?

When you hear a sound, what emotions does it evoke? Do your thoughts become sad? Angry? Anxious? Full of joy?

This meditation … on whichever sound is loudest for you at the moment … will lead you into the NOW.

Video: Playing with Sounds – High and Low … ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “More Eskimo Words for Snow” … ..

(2) Link: Wikiaudio has more on harmonics … ..

(3) Link: Hearing test, by Vatsek, 2  June 2007 … ..


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