For Clairaudients: A Guide to Small, Obnoxious Astral Entities . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 20 April 2013; revised


Dear Ones,


I would like to share some information regarding the Ascension process and clairaudience. This post is about small, obnoxious astral entities.

One of Erin Pavlina’s articles deals with “The Big Bads. ” (1) However, in all honesty, maybe it’s best to set our sights on the small astral fauna before going for the big game. So here’s a post about the insidious little guys, which until now have been getting along wonderfully well by flying beneath the radar of our Awareness …

Among Lightworkers, quite a few are now ascending through the astral realms, and breaking out into the fifth dimension. I’d like to talk about experiences as we go through the astral realms. I say ‘realms’ because there are many astral planes, and their inhabitants range from distinctly unpleasant (in the lower realms) to fairly fun to be around (in the higher realms). At the outset, I’d like to state my stance on the astral realms: there’s no astral place I want to linger in. The fifth dimension sounds way more fun.


To the clairaudient, astral beings sound like ‘extra’ thoughts. We may think we’ve gone round the bend and over the edge, and are just hearing voices. We may think they’re our ‘wounded child’ talking to us. We may think they’re our inner critic, coming up with a variant on our point of view. We may think they’re our telepathic next-door neighbor. But in truth, they’re astral beings. That’s the very first thing to understand. No matter how long they’ve been hanging out with us, masquerading as this or that, they’re not what they appear to be. They’re not really friends of ours at all. And that’s a hard realization to come to.

The higher a person’s light quotient, the more visible that person is to astral beings. Lightworkers are very visible in this regard. Astral beings are attracted to Lightworkers like moths to a flame. But unlike moths, astral beings aren’t destroyed by the flame of our energy. Quite the contrary.


We humans think about one thought per second … around 90,000 thoughts a day. Maybe more. Each thought has an emotional tenor. Each tenor attracts a certain class of astral entities. Many, maybe even all astral beings are capable of latching onto our emotion-laden thoughts.

One of the most bothersome issues we face as we pass through the astral realm, on our way to the fifth dimension, has to do with astral beings that are attracted to our negatively aspected thoughts. There are literally gadzillions of them, possessed of a canny sort of intelligence, and a single-mindedness of intention. They’re hungry. Our energy body is food.

These beings possess the faculty of repeating a negative thought over and over again in our minds, till it begins to distort our chakric energy, turning the light of our chakra ‘sour’ enough that they can use it as energy. It’s as if they can sort through all the ‘musical notes’ in the grand piano of our minds, find all the keys that are out of tune, and strum them time and time again, till our energetic body plays its tune off key.


Most people have astral cords connecting them with other people. I know this is normal, but I believe, not a desirable state of affairs. I feel this way because I’ve found that, after astral beings create dissonance in one of our chakras, or in several of our chakras, and if those chakras are corded, these beings can twang the astral cords in such a way as to transmit the dissonance to the corded partner. In fact, it sometimes feels like astral insects are connected, tail to tail, as it were, all along an astral cord. So my thought is, to do my best to stand on my own two feet energetically, cut the cords, and relate to heaven and to Earth as my fundamental energy circuit. That’s a lot more joyous than being twanged by an astral mosquito.


So in various ways, the distortion of our energy signature caused by lower astral beings drains energy from us and prevents us from rising to a higher vibration and higher Awareness. Which I guess is why these beings are sometimes called ‘energy parasites.’

Let’s say we hear an ‘extra’ voice in our head, the voice of an astral being. We’re not all that familiar with astral flora and fauna. How do we know if this astral being is high or low? By turning our Awareness to our heart chakra and to our emotions. How does our heart chakra feel? Is it open; is unconditional love flowing freely? Then the voice we hear belongs to a higher astral being. But if the heart chakra feels shut down, if the energy there is stagnant and restrained, then the voice we hear belongs to a lower astral being.

What about our emotions? Do we feel anxiety, fear, anger, lust, greed, arrogance, attachment? Then guess who we’re hearing! The lower beings. Then, if our emotional body feels peaceful, tranquil, joyful, who do we have on the line? The good little dudes.

Another way for a clairaudient to tell who’s on the line is by the way they talk. For instance, when my mind turns negative, the astral voices I hear make me feel like I’m in a swarm of astral mosquitoes. When my mind is dull and bored, the voices hear make me feel like I’m surrounded by dull, lumbering moths. When my mind is full of happy thoughts, I hear happy pixies and fairies everywhere, like clouds of giggling butterflies.


The voices of these beings, whether high or low, draw our Awareness away from our own core energy and from our hearts. I can tell you from personal experience that yelling, cussing, throwing a temper tantrum won’t make these beings go away. Quite the opposite … the most obnoxious beings, which like very negative energy, then come round.

Last night I tried, with some success, this shotgun approach …

First I placed my Awareness on my heart chakra, which, I noticed, felt clogged up. Removing my Awareness from the unpleasantness of my astral company (which often is a less appealing crowd at night, for lack of sun energy), I began to anticipate a happy event I’d be attending the next morning. My heart opened, as I had hoped. Then I summoned my will power and said, “May all lower-level astral beings dissolve in the highest light that is good for them NOW. And so it is!”


The above blessing is a good stop-gap measure, but for the long haul the transformation that needs to take place is our own – and not that of tiny astral beings. To accomplish this, we have a wonderful tools to work with. This is the pranic column.

By visualizing the pranic column we can balance the emotional body and connect our pranic column with the energy grid of New Earth and with Earth’s core energy, making us a powerhouse of positive energy, a force for great good in the world.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “Astral Battles: Fighting the Big Bads,” by Erin Pavlina … ..


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