One Way to Deal with Imposter Spirits . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 4 October 2021
Location: San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California

Dear Ones,

For several weeks now I have been detecting, on the astral plane (through telepathy) what Lightworkers term ‘Imposter Spirits’ from about 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm Los Angeles time. In this instance it seems to be a script or screenplay timed by adults to coincide with schoolchildren getting out of school, so as to lure the children to have sexual encounters with adults, or maybe to be photographed as teen or child porn with adults.

It seems that suggestive ads are being put on personal venues, such as maybe Craigslist, or another venue like that, in which adults are posing as children, and trying to lure children to talk with them, and then as soon as a child is ‘snagged’, the ad is removed from the venue.

Of course, this may not be happening at all. It may just be that adults are dreaming about meeting schoolchildren after school gets off. It might be just a long run of ‘astral spoofs’ … maybe not even by human beings, but by ‘astral rascals’ that hover round human minds and cause mischief on the astral plane.

The thing that bothers me about these ‘screenplays’ is that it seems my spiritual name ‘Dharm Darshan Kaur’ is being used to lure the children in, during phone calls to them. Of course, it makes sense that child molesters would want to target and make fun of people such as I who are opposed to child abuse. And also, a person who is a child molester might feel negative about spirituality and spiritual names, and that might account for what seems to be the intention to injure my reputation on the astral plane.

There must be halls of mirrors and trickery associated with adult attempts to ‘snag’ and molest children, so it makes sense that molesters might use fake names online, or even try to drag down the reputation of people such as I who are against this practice.

I guess it is up to parents to catch onto the wiles of those who are after their children, and to take nothing for granted regarding the names and ages of people who advertise in the free personals just after children get off school. I understand this may be hard for parents to figure out, as many parents are working and away from home for the few hours between the time that their children get off school and the time that the parents get off work. This makes for a difficult situation for parents  who hope to keep their children safe.

Most likely the children in my neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley, California, have already warned their children to be careful about this; I am confident of that.

For those of the Lightworkers who are targeted in some way by the Dark … as I feel may have happened with regard to misuse of my spiritual name in the last few weeks … I have this to offer …

I decided that the time when the ‘bad news’ hits the noosphere, might be a very good time for me to stop whatever it is that I am doing, and begin a spiritual practice such as yoga and meditation, or else a spiritual practice such as saying prayers or singing hymns. In other words, I can concentrate on something uplifting. That may help not only me but also the noosphere itself. It is an everyday practice, but it seems to me to be well worth it. I have found it to protect my energy field quite well from ‘bad news’ vibes. I recommend it for Lightworkers who encounter similar energies at some particular time of day.

If you feel you are being slandered or defamed by others, and if you encounter negativity from others who have been misled about your good character, I suggest simply explaining that they have been misled, and letting them know what your values … your idea of the right way to live your life … really are.

While I have not encountered misinformed opinions about me from my friends or acquaintances, I feel I am prepared to correct their misimpressions in a calm and rational way, should anything like that ever come up. The reason I am prepared is this odd, repeating astral story that I have been hearing for a few weeks. Of course, like as not astral stories never show up at all on the physical plane, and likely that will be so in this instance too … especially if I keep up with my spiritual practice. That is how I feel about astral stories in general.

I found some down-to-earth hints on how to deal with slander here. I like this article very much because it written from a Christian perspective, and I am a Christian …

Link: “3 Ways to Respond When Slandered,” by Gavin Ortlund, 21 October 2016 … ..

For those who wish to know more about ‘imposter spirits’, here is a link to one of my blogs on the topic …

Link: “Imposter Spirits,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed and published on 1 August 2021 … ..

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett,
I Am of the Stars


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