Compendium: Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: ‘Alluring Calm’ . by Alice B. Clagett *

Compiled and published on 6 October 2021

Image: “Oedipus and the Sphinx,” by Gustave Moreau, 1864, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “Oedipus and the Sphinx,” by Gustave Moreau, 1864, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain


Dear Ones,

Below are links to one series in a number of astral stories I encountered that involved the catastrophic childhood case studies … in this case, that of ‘Alluring Calm’, an intelligent, alluring mind controller and confidence woman with supervisory skills and well-developed mind control ability. ‘Alluring Calm’ lived by her wits, and, I have a hunch, might have had no compunctions about using mind control and false authority to sucker women who had recently lost a loved one into parting with their cash.

She was the West Coast head of a meditation group in West Los Angeles with roots in both Hindu black arts and a dark perversion of the teachings of the sacred Jewish Kabbalah. During the time I became aware of this ‘cult that kills’ the predominant MO (modus operandi) … as the astral airs would have it … apparently was to ‘down’ one or two of these women annually with a trumped up psychological label, arrange for institutionalization and at that moment abscond with the woman’s cash; then hire a ‘hit woman’ from the central headquarters of the group to pose as an ancillary health care worker who would visit the institutionalized ‘mark’ and murder her with an undetectable drug injection.

According to the astral airs, the ‘hit women’ were ‘Lioness’ (who lived in the Central United States) and ‘Torturess’ (who in the year 2016 relocated from the Central United States to Los Angeles). These two women I encountered in a Central United States meditation group led by ‘Heart Vampire’, the head of a mafia crime family classified under my blog categories: Crime families – the mob – Mafia  … and …  Cults that kill – mind control cults 

According to the astral airs, Alluring Calm was the West Coast wife of the man I nicknamed ‘Heart Vampire’. On the East Coast, two other of his wives was ‘Three House Hostess’ and ‘Flower of God’. Then in the Central United States, where ‘Heart Vampire’ was located, he had his wife ‘Inanna’ living with him.

I pieced together, from the psychic plane, that the extra wives might have deeded their real estate in trust to ‘Heart Vampire’. (I inferred that after doing a search of Intelius online to see if their property was held by a trust.)

There are other reasons for establishing a trust than those espoused in mainline estate planning. In this case, there might be an unusual twist, I felt. It might mean that, if the several wives of ‘Heart Vampire’ were to meet an untimely end … either at his hands or at the hands of others … then their real estate might flow effortlessly into his hands for use (for example) by another of his ‘soldiers’. That might take place even without disclosure of their demise.

In a more natural sense, ‘Alluring Calm’ was also married to ‘Headstand Man’, with whom she lived. As she apparently lived from the MO (modus operandi) described above, and he apparently lived on credit card theft, each might have anticipated trouble with the law from time to time. Thus they might … according to the astral airs … have moved ownership of their home from the one to the other of them to prevent legal fines that might require selling their home.

When I meditated with ‘Alluring Calm’s’ women’s meditation group long years ago, ‘Headstand Man’ would do yoga in the room above the meditation room. According to the astral airs, he was standing on his head just above us.

The women in the meditation all felt unquestioning loyalty to the cult leader, ‘Heart Vampire’ … or so it seemed to me. His hold on them was, I feel, both financial and psychical. It seemed to me ‘Heart Vampire’ also had a hold on ‘Alluring Calm’s’ husband, and that, when the meditations began, the disturbing spirit of ‘Heart Vampire’ would descend through the rectum of her husband ‘Headstand Man’, ending up with the spirit’s head in his ‘gut brain’ and the spirit’s ‘gut brain’ in her husband’s upside-down brain. In that way, I gathered from the astral airs, this leader’s awful presence would descend into the room where the women were meditating. Here is the image I drew of this event, which happened over and over again …

Animated Gif: “Uber Mind Control,” by Alice B. Clagett, 24 August 2019, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” … DESCRIPTION: Eight women are sitting in a circle on chairs in the lower room of a two-story house. The top middle woman is larger, and she is sitting in a larger chair. In a second-story room above the seated women is a man, standing on his head and looking downward. The gif has five frames. Frame 1: A mean-looking blob-like being with a twisty tail is floating into the top room from top left; the being is a pale blood color, like blood mixed with water. Frame 2: The being’s tail has gotten longer; it is curled like a corkscrew or a drill and the end of the tail is pointed. The being is hovering in the air looking at the upside-down man’s feet. Frame 3: The being looks mean. Its corkscrew tail is pointing between the feet of the upside-down man. Frame 4: The mean being’s tail drills down between the inverted man’s legs and into his rectum. Its color has changed from faded blood-color to bright red. Frame 5: The bright-red being has increased in size till it is encompasses the inverted man and all the women seated in a circle on the floor below. Its tail has reduced in size to a sharp nub, which penetrates the ground beneath the house.

Being, as I was, a novice at the psychic arts, I could not, at the time, figure out what was going on. Presentiment told me this must be something ghastly, but the singularly adept mind control abilities of ‘Heart Vampire’s’ killing cult whispered in my ear that the culprits could not be who, in fact they were. The culprits were just in front of me; yet through my inexperience, I had not the eyes to see them.

All these people were very respectable looking to me, and seemed like all the other good folks I knew. It is hard to make sense of how the astral airs diverged so greatly from what I saw of them with my physical eyes.

On the other hand, sometimes people are what they call ‘two-faced’. They may appear to be one way, and really be quite different. If that was the case with ‘Alluring Calm’, then that might account for the awful psychic commotion and dreamtime clamor that happened for me when I was attending meditations led by her.

For instance, at every one of the meditations I attended with her group, I experienced what seemed to me to be an attempt at trance induction, maybe with intent to murder me should they have succeeded in rendering me senseless. I experienced the same partial ‘psychic swoon’ when I attended meditations led by her boss ‘Heart Vampire’ in the central region of the United States. These states were completely new to me … I never experienced them before or since. From that I infer … whether rightly or wrongly … that ‘Alluring Calm’ and ‘Heart Vampire’ might have been the agents of these untoward setbacks to my psyche. For more on that, search ‘swoon’ below.

In addition, at the time I was meditating with her group in West Los Angeles I was on more than two occasions tracked to the place where the meditation was being held by ‘Castratrux – Basal Vampire’, a pistol-toting owner of a Mustang, which he drove in a manner so reckless that the squeal of the tires and the roar of the motor always announced his presence nearby. ‘Castratrux – Basal Vampire’ would lurk in his car, his body slumped and senseless, his astral body travelling into the meditation room and raising quite a bit of cane there; at least, so it seemed to me.

I say this as one evening, sensing his menacing presence nearby, I walked out of ‘Alluring Calm’s’ meditation and saw him parked across the street, on the corner, in this very slumped and senseless way. Suddenly starting into consciousness of his physical body, he started his car and gunned off past me, in the same zero to 60-miles-an-hour way he had done after I discovered him stalking me half a block from my home in the San Fernando Valley.

As ‘Castratrux -Basal Vampire’ was a member of ‘Black Magicker’s’ West Los Angeles ‘cult that kills’, and ‘Alluring Calm’ was a member of ‘Heart Vampire’s’ national ‘cult that kills’, I later put together there might have been a temporary alliance between these two cults. Unfortunately for me, it is possible their mutual aim might have been to bag me using their combined black magic skills for what I term ‘psychic terrorism’ blitzkrieg … and then split up the ‘booty’. That was quite some years ago; I guess I will never know for sure what was up back then.

I gathered from the astral airs that ‘Alluring Calm’ and several of the women in her group excelled in the art of seducing men, with an end to personal gain. After I left the group I heard an astral story that I found especially painful … that either ‘Alluring Calm’ or her cohort whom I nicknamed ‘Veiled Beauty’ (posing as her), had a sexual encounter with a male friend of mine under the pretext they might teach him something that would help him grow closer romantically to me.

If that were so, it would have been an interesting story in the bag of tricks of wily women, as sexual encounters create ‘psychic bonds’ between those involved; they do not strengthen ‘psychic bonds’ with people not involved in the sexual encounter; or so I feel. In other words, on the pretext of doing good, the woman apparently was exercising a ‘divide and conquer’ or ‘isolate and overcome’ strategy known amongst the confidence gamesters as ‘the cull’. I was ‘the cull’ to be winnowed from friends and family through the practice of allurement and ‘double-faced’ techniques … looking good, but with intent to do bad. Or so it seemed to me, in retrospect.

I notice from the below blogs that there is quite a lot of overlap with the blogs in other catastrophic childhood case studies. For easy reading, I have included all the ‘Alluring Calm’-related blogs here. Please excuse the repetition; I hope, though redundant, it will prove useful for the reader who wants to delve into the one nickname alone, and not the others.

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In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: “Witches Flight,” by Francisco de Goya, 1797, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “Witches Flight,” by Francisco de Goya, 1797, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain


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