Earthly Loyalties . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 18 May 2013; revised


Dear Ones,


We are coming to a space where humans are emerging from the unconscious thought cloud of the world, from the collective mind, into an experience of true individualization. This is a place of immense personal power, where our latent co-creative ability becomes our true reality. But we can only express our latent power when we have reunited with our Higher Self.

Why? Because when that happens, our perspective will shift to take into account all people and the good of Earth. And in time, that consciousness of All will expand to include the peoples of all the Star Nations, and the good of the entire Galaxy.

People worry about our human organizations … political, religious and cultural institutions. Social club. Family groups. Will these survive the Shift? Yes and no.

  • Yes, for as long as they serve the good of humanity.
  • No, in the long run, because these organizations are but shadow forms of true unity consciousness. As each of us clarifies our own Shadow, our own echo of the unconscious thought cloud of the world, as we each emerge from the collective mind, we begin to notice the Shadow hidden within our worldly organizations.

So, as we become clear, our organizations must become clear, or else fall by the wayside. And in the long run, no organization will serve, unless it is spontaneously, dynamically changing moment to moment, in the flow of the Now.


In centuries past, humankind has looked up to spiritual gurus and avatars to light our path through life. This was, in fact, all we had to light the way through many dark centuries. And, truth be told, these guides did their very best for us, considering the energetic state of Earth when they were alive.

But this has been a world of Duality … of Light and Dark. That’s 50 percent Light, 50 percent Dark. This is so for each of us, and is so for our gurus and avatars as well. Think about it … How could it be otherwise, considering the energies in which Earth has, until now, been bathed? It is not a question of who is ‘good’ versus who is ‘bad’. It is about the quality of photonic Light on the planet. About how atoms have been constructed.

So, only now is this coming to Light: The plane of greater power over the natural universe on which these beings have been acting out the hologame of Duality … like us, but with greater consequences of weal and woe. Through our own resonant karmic entanglements, we, their followers have been bound to their shadow as well as their Light. We, their followers, have been actors in their shadow dramas here on Earth, as a consequence of their own unresolved shadow issues.

For those who now see this ‘play within the play’, it’s a very difficult state of affairs, a very difficult realization. It is very hard to let loose our loyalty to those who have lighted our way for so long. Hard to accept what is really so.


As we’re all facing and transforming our own shadow, and as the shadow in human organizations and in our gurus and avatars is revealed, we all must come to grips with the issue of our loyalty to them.

Fortunately, as the truth unfolds, and as we turn away from what we once thought to be a source of great comfort, or of pure light, and now find wanting, we have new choices. New energies are transforming Earth, and all of us as well, to something far finer, far more true.

What to do?

Why not let loose the notion of loyalty to the Shadow in whatever form … for an hour, a day? And instead, focus our awareness on our own hearts, our own abilities, our own personal power? Why not be loyal to our own Higher Self? Shall we not step up to this great destiny?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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