Demon-Ridden, Rough Young Man . by Alice B. Clagett

Happened at 2:30 pm on 5 February 2020; imaged and published on 12 March 2020; revised
Previously titled: Demon of Lust
Location: Santa Monica, California

Dear Ones,

I have a new drawing for you … ‘Rough Young Man Possessed by a Demon’ … This was a person I saw in Santa Monica, California, at 2:20 pm on 5 February 2020. I was on my way to a dental appointment. I was paused at a stop light on Santa Monica Blvd or thereabouts. A man approached me from the north side of the street. He was a Caucasian man, a little taller than 6 feet, very handsome in a ‘biker’ way, about 35 years of age, roughly dressed. I noticed him because he looked very like an acquaintance of mine, but as if he were the second man’s son and near likeness.

In my mind I thought of the ‘mimicry’ or ‘actor impersonator’ instances I had run into from time to time in recent years. I sensed the Soul signature of the man on the street was the one that had been causing me a lot of concern in the dream world lately.

Could it be a glom that was occurring astrally, in dreamtime, because of his physical resemblance to that of my acquaintance? Could it be that the astral form of a person while dreaming by any chance homes in on people who look like other people, and creates these astral gloms of which I have spoken in past? If so, that would explain why these dreams prove false; they might have a nightmare quality because the napping astral traveler mistakes one person for a person whose physical form is similar … I wonder if that might be so.

At any rate, as to the Santa Monica man, I was instantly put on alert as I sensed he was full of vital force (as is often the case with antisocial personalities). As well, I psychically sensed a demon riding him, similar to the demon I had seen on the back of an Oriental grounds worker in Northeast Los Angeles in 2016 …

Link: “Amazing Astral Stories: The Darkest Hours . The Last Demon in LA,” by Alice B. Clagett, happened on 1 July 2016; narrated and filmed on 20 July 2016; published on 22 July 2016; revised … ..

I was also reminded of a man whose car had sped past me on Pacific Coast Highway in the early 2000s. That was a 20s or 30s Caucasian man, handsome like a movie star, sitting on the front of the trunk of an expensive convertible (on top of the back seat). He was wearing a long scarf that blew in the breeze. He seemed oblivious to the danger in which he had placed himself. Like the man in Santa Monica, he was staring at me. Psychically, I saw a demon riding on his back.

Then there was the sudden obsession of the short, white-haired man with the trembling pinkie in North Hollywood, which I witnessed, psychically, some years ago. That was a man who had been stalking me for about a year (but nothing bad came of it, thank goodness). I wrote about it in the year 2019, but the event happened in about the year 2013, as I recall …

Link: “Alice’s Perilous Tales: ‘Chameleon’: The Man with the Trembling Pinkie,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 23 May 2019; updated … ..

That is just four instances of ‘demon sightings’ in about 20 years. Not a lot. I think maybe what I saw psychically may have had to do with the people in question suffering from drug addiction. That is just a guess.

At any rate, this last man, the one in Santa Monica, made for my passenger-side car door. I sensed imminent physical danger, and eased off the brake just as the light changed. Fortunately, that was an end to it.

The drawing below is not really accurate; it is too innocent in character. The person in question seemed almost like ‘consummate evil’ and at the same time capable of being infinitely alluring. That is how it seemed to me. That is, I feel, the ‘glamour’ or ‘black magic’ that demonic obsession or possession lends the physical form of the person so unfortunate as to be obsessed of possessed by a demonic entity …

Drawing: “Rough Young Man Possessed by a Demon,” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 March 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” ..

Drawing: “Rough Young Man Possessed by a Demon,” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 March 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” ..

. . . . .

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

NOTE: One thought I had about these encounters was that they might have had to do with the ‘allure’ a person exudes when under the influence of ‘hard’ drugs. Or else, it might have been a dreamtime realm dimensional crossover or ‘merge’ with the real world (a merge of 4D with 3D) that was so seemingly real and physical it qualified as a ‘vivid waking dream’ according to Ascension lore. They might also have been complicated instances of the clair ability known as psychokinesis.


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