Ascension Considerations: 3D-4D Merge, the Cause of Ascension, and Changing Lightworker Roles . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 28 February 2015; revised
Prior Title: 3D-4D Merge, the Cause of Ascension, and Changing Lightworker Roles

    • 3D Merging with 4D
    • Cause of Ascension?
    • Changing Role of Lightworkers

Dear Ones,


This “Ascension Considerations” video is in 3 parts:

  • 3D Merging with 4D is about astral travel as compared to the experience of 3D merging with 4D, which is taking place in the world today.
  • Cause of Ascension is about misconceptions folks sometimes have when they first become aware they are participating in the Great Awakening (1)
  • Changing Role of Lightworkers has a little about Old Lightworker Syndrome (2,3,4), and also is about how we might wish to have mercy on ourselves as Ascension unfolds.

There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

Well, it has been ‘up the mountain, down the mountain!’ today, but at least it was a little bit of a smaller mountain.

3D Merging with 4D

I have a brief comment about what has happening now, with the Ascension process, and what used to happen in the past, with regard to the astral plane, the fourth dimension.

You know, in the past there were Lightworkers who knew how to leave their bodies, and then travel on the astral plane, and see things and do things in that way; astral travel, it was called. I do not have first-hand experience with that, at least in this lifetime. And still, right now, there are 3D Lightworkers who are travelling in the astral plane, from time to time, I think.

In addition to that old scenario, there is a new scenario taking place. And that is: As Earth’s vibration and energy change, then all of the people on Earth, and all of the plants and animals, the waters and the mountains … everything … are changing with Earth. We, her children, are changing with her.

So what is happening for Earth right now is that the energy signature of everything is rising from the third dimension through the fourth dimension, which includes, in the old theology: Hell, purgatory, and heaven. And many astral beings from offworld, and just a lot of possibilities that have been written about by Swami Panchadasi (5) and many others in the past.

The difference now is that, while retaining human form in the third dimension, we the children of Earth are also multidimensionally incorporating the experience of the fourth dimension, along with our third dimensional experience.

We can consciously move from the third dimension to the fourth dimension and back again. We can be switching back and forth all of the time between both of them, while we are awake. We can be experiencing both aspects of both at the same time right now.

So that accounts for the fact that, for those of us that are 3D-4D multidiming right now, reality has become much softer in detail. Time has become extremely suggestive. And there are quickly rewritten changes of history right now. Histories of all of the alternate worlds that we have accumulated in the past are being merged and rewritten.

So the history that we have, the old dense mental filters are disappearing from Earth. So the entire history of Earth is changing right now. It is kind of dazzling. It is like watching a kaleidoscope; It is like that … because the history changes so fast, and the present changes so fast. The collective consciousness of humankind, and the noosphere are constantly being updated and absorbing the new energies, and letting the old energies go right now.

So that is kind of cool. That is the way that it is right now: We can experience both. We don’t have to leave our bodies to move into the astral plane any more.

Cause of Ascension?

What I have been noticing, wherever I go, is the great awakening of Souls everywhere. Wherever I walk, people are waking up.

And the first thing that people think, when they are waking up, is that someone is the cause of their waking, of the changes in their perceptions. They are starting to see the fourth dimension. And they are wishing that things would not change. They are hoping that it will all go away.

And one of the very common reactions is for them to associate me, for instance, (or the first person, I expect, that they see when they begin to experience the fourth dimension) … they mistakenly associate that person as the cause of the experiences, the perceptions that they are having.

So one thing that people do is, they think they would like that person to go away from them geographically … or else they want to go away from that person geographically … which is understandable. Things are changing so much that there is a certain amount of fear about change that people feel mentally, and also their body cells do not want to change either. So every single little body cell might be saying: Oh, no! I don’t want to change! Like that!

So under those scenarios, people, with their left brain … their mental mind … they look around for a reason for their discomfort. And so it makes sense that they would associate that to the first person that they experience the changed reality with.

But in fact, it is not like that. All over Earth, people are rising up, in great waves of enlightenment and Ascension and Christ consciousness. That is what is happening right now. So when we go to a different location, so as to avoid what is happening … at least what happened to me when I tried that last year … is that everything that I tried to get away from ratcheted up, in intensity, about double.

So I figure this is the Divine Plan: If you try to escape from the changing reality at this time, then what will happen will make it doubly obvious that it is impossible to do. And I do not think that it is a bad thing that the Divine is doing. The Divine is just trying to help us adjust to and understand the new reality.

Changing Role of Lightworkers

As our Awareness expands into the astral plane, the fourth dimension, what we are encountering on an individual basis is our emotional body … because our emotional body exists in the fourth dimension. And so for many of us … as I have made a video in the past about …. for most of us old Lightworkers, the emotional body is very much battered about by all the incarnations on Earth.

It is not unusual to find trauma, like a fourth or a fifth in extent … that is 25% or 20% of the entire emotional body … traumatized, bruised up, damaged, greatly in need of regeneration. So one of the first things we find out, when we begin to multidime into the fourth dimension, is the extent of our emotional body injury.

It can be very upsetting finding this out, because as Lightworkers, it has been our job, over the centuries, and for thousands of years, to carry the banner high for the Light. And it is this very act of carrying, that has caused us to run so often into the maelstrom of the Dark, and encounter all this wounding.

So on the outside, a lot of us are doing our best to lift people up, and heal people, and help people to get through all this, but at the same time, we are the ones that really need the regeneration chamber more than anyone else. We need the work to be done on us, by our own celestial Ascension teams.

That is just something to think about right now: For most of us old Lightworkers, it is time to step aside. And to let everyone turn to their own Ascension team for the help that is needed in regenerating the emotional body.

I was sitting in on a wonderful talk by Sandra Walter (6) the other day, and she mentioned that, there might be 5,000 beings of Light and other wonderful entities … ascended masters, angelic presences, metatronic forces, and of course, the all-powerful and all-loving Source itself … on our own Ascension team. So that is the help that we really need, waiting for us. And all we have to do, is to call upon it. That is all that we have to do.

So I invite you to take a look at the activations of Light on the website, and/or the language of Light that is offered by many other Lightworkers, or the language of healing sound that is offered by other Lightworkers. And set aside the burden of healing humanity and bearing the standard of light for humanity. And allow yourself, in the coming months, a chance to be healed by your Ascension team.

It is my intention to do that too. I cannot say how happy I am to know that the reinforcements have arrived, and that mankind need no long wait for the help that is needed, to recover from this Dark Age.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Video: Kaleidoscope imagery: “Kalicetrias Kalidoce Fractal Kaleidoscope HD 1080p,” by Saquedon, 24 December 2009 … ..


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