Ascension Cautions 1: On Avoiding Negative Emotions . Mastering Our Emotions . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 27 January 2017


Dear Ones,

This video is one of a series of Ascension cautions for January 2017. This video is about mastering our emotions by sidestepping negative emotions the moment we become aware of them. After the video is an edited Summary …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have some insights for you regarding the process of Ascension and things to look out for and avoid. Part of this was sparked by some reading I have been doing in the National Geographic for December 2016. There is an article in there about orangutans. It is written by Mel White and the photographs are by Tim Laman. The photographs are on page 62 in that issue of National Geographic …

Citation: “Out on a Limb,” by Mel White, photography by Tim Laman, in “National Geographic,” December 2016, pp 56-75. There is an online article that is similar … Link: “Inside the Private Lives of Orangutans,” by Mel White, photographs and videos by Tim Laman … ..

Amongst the orangutans in Sumatra, only one male in a group of males develops dominant male characteristics such as the facial flanges … becomes very powerful and the leader of the group. Just as with the alpha males in wolf packs, other males do not have much chance of mating, unless they sneak in when the dominant male is not looking. So all the kudos and all the rewards go to the dominant male, who must also defend his territory.

But he is so much stronger and so much bigger than others that his chances are pretty good of staying alive. Well, that is debatable, but I feel that he feels that way. In other words, the dominant male in a pack, whether orangutan or wolf, has the hormones that allow it to feel aggressive rather than submissive. So it feels like it is on top, and it is on top. It does not feel as much of a feeling of fear for survival as do others in the grouping or pack. That is the premise.

It is fighting all the time to maintain its top position, but I feel that its endocrine makeup is such that it feels it is on top and it feels confident, not fearful.

You may recall I have written in past about the ‘fight or flight’ response and the current tendency people have, as they become more electromagnetically sensitive, to experience anxiety and panic attacks arising from the changes that are taking place in their cellular structure and their physical bodies. So there is a tendency amongst humans to feel either ‘fight’ or ‘flight’, now that the Shift has occurred and is changing our physical cells and upgrading them.

The question for men is: ‘fight’ or ‘flight’? It is similar to the orangutan and wolf pack situation. In today’s world most men have a chance to exhibit a modulated form of the alpha male response because the cultural values of business competition and sports … either viewing or participating in competitive sports … allow the expression of alpha male dominance in a modified way.

There are some alpha males in our society. But many males have more chance to express aggressiveness in a modified way than is the case with nondominant males in an orangutan group or a wolf pack. Those are some of the advantages of civilized life.

In the current context of Ascension, when so many people are experiencing changes in their cells, the question arises: Will they feel a fight response or a flight response? Amongst men, what I have found on the clair plane, is that, in general, they experience more of a fight response. And women experience more of a flight response. Of course, this is not always so. Sometimes men, and also women, experience first the one, and then the other. That is, either gender may flip back and forth, from fight to flight.

My guess is that both responses … both fight and flight … could be treated with anti-anxiety drugs, since both arise from perception of threat. That is a supposition that needs to be tested; I would also look into very short-term treatment to prevent undesirable long-term side effects.

These drugs might be considered by the people involved during time of high Light. In the past this high Light has had to do with solar flares resulting in coronal mass ejections that impact Earth’s magnetosphere, and solar winds that do the same.

Right now, however, we are in a Solar minimum, and we are also close to the minimum Light time of year, the Winter Solstice, so there are not a lot of those sort of Light events happening. However, other Lightworkers have noticed … and I completely agree … that there is a new sort of energy ushered in perhaps around the time of 2016 Winter Solstice, and that has been impacting Earth all of January 2017.

This new Light is so pure and so refined … so light … (as others term it, a ‘higher pulsating light’), that it is moving fast. It is far less dense. and it is affecting us in ways heretofore unknown, unexplored. And all for the better, I feel, for instance, in a healing context for the physical and emotional bodies of human beings.

More remains to be discovered about that, but here is a heads up: In the coming year, 2017, we may need anti-anxiety remedies for reasons not triggered by solar events. In my opinion prescription drugs such as clonazepam (klonopin) are the very last resort for something like that. I suggest very short-term use of this drug, and only in emergency situations, as there are notable side effects of withdrawal, especially, apparently, withdrawal from long-term use … including some side effects that may persist for a long time, even if withdrawal is very gradual.

The most important thing is to modulate the energy field so that it expresses or feels joy, or gratitude, or appreciation, or some positive emotion, whenever the issue comes up of negative emotions. We have to become masters of our emotions. That is done, not by chastising ourselves or punishing ourselves for bad emotions; not through mental energy, because that mental energy of chastisement or punishment only causes more of a problem. It makes the emotional body (the astral body, which is the subtle body sometimes called the ‘astral field’ of a person) even more dense, and ‘choppy’ … clogged up with thoughts that hold down the emotional body energy in strange, contorted, stagnant energy patterns.

So, to our emotions, we cannot be saying: Don’t do this! Don’t do that! We cannot be saying: Don’t say this! Don’t say that!

What we say to ourselves that is negative adds to the intensity of the negative emotions that we wanted to repress. So, it increases the intense fury of the repressed emotions.

What is needed to rid ourselves of repressed, negative emotions are such techniques as a color wash of the chakras, or an energy wash of joy, as proposed by some of the Ascensioneers on my Ascension Links page … ..

There are quite a few ways of modulating emotions, and they generally speaking do not have to do with words, unless the words create a positive visualization that affects the emotions. So …

    • Visualizations are very good
    • And songs, and poems,
    • And actions that are the thing that we really, with our heart, want to do; sudden, simple actions like:
      • I want a foot bath!
      • Or, I want to go out and sit in the sunlight for a few minutes!
      • Or, I would like a little nap!

And we have to act on these things ‘on a dime’ … like a martial artist would react. The minute that we feel a negative emotion, it is going to start turning into a cyclone of negativity that might, on the off-chance, result in ‘acting out’ in this new Light. So, the thing to do is to notice the negative emotion right away, and to move into the solution. Become aware of the emotion. And then consider: What do I do to feel really good?

That is the heads up for January 2017.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also Link: “Ascension Cautions Series,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 7 July 2018 … ..


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