Using Visualization to Escape Clair Chatter . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 28 July 2015; published on 29 July 2015; transcribed on 13 June 2018


Dear Ones,

This video is about using visualization to escape clair chatter. It is based on the work of Peggy Black … … There is an edited Summary after the video.

Visualization is one way to escape from the trap of the ‘human logical mind’ … the ‘time and space’ trap. When combined with strong positive emotions, the energy field of visualization is much stronger than the negative emotions of the lower astral realm …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have a tip that I just found out, from a conversation on the astral plane just now. It has to do with how we can escape from our logical mind, and from clair chatter.

Clair chatter tends to roll around, in the fourth dimension, on the basis of unconscious and repressed emotions, and notions that impede the functioning of the heart … because the heart is horrified by all the things that are repressed by society … you know, all the things that are contrary to the notions of love and Light, and so forth.

So the question that we were all discussing is: How to get past that. And it occurred to me that something that Peggy Black … … told me in a conversation yesterday … a teleconference call that she made … held the key. And that was something that I had practiced today, while I was walking.

When I start to get tired in the afternoon, I am bothered by clair chatter that has a tendency to head off in a direction that I am not eager for it to head off in. And it has to do with the calling of my body cells. My body cells do not feel joy when they are very tired. And when they are stressed by a physical activity, they have that tendency too.

So I tried Peggy Black’s technique, which she had told me about in a different context. But I tried it for myself in that situation. It went something like this: First I imagined that the other person I was talking to clairly at that time … I was hoping to end the conversation, because it was getting into negative terrain … And so first I imagined that person surrounded by her celestial Ascension team. I imagined them all around her … and a great Light all around her. Like that. And what I got was her objection to that. She was just going on about how she felt she was being controlled, and so forth.

Obviously, so it seemed to me, that was not the technique to use. So instead I tried what Peggy Black has talked about for years and years now. She is very enthusiastic about it. She says: Imagine your celestial Ascension team all around you. She also says she talks to them.

But the trouble I have with that, is that people on the astral plane that I am trying to avoid, will scoop in, and start pretending that they are my celestial Ascension team! I know they are not, because the emotional tenor is not of love and Light and joy. So I know that I have got the wrong crowd.

So I avoid that. I have modified Peggy Black’s technique, by imagining my celestial Ascension team all around me, in terms of Light … not form … and Love and Joy. And if anyone talks to me, I just ignore them.

So, this is the visualization that she does all day, every day. She just got used to doing it. And she seems to exist, mostly, in a state of great joy. And relatively unbothered by all the things that daunt me in the afternoons and early evenings.  It is wonderful.

So we were talking this over tonight. I took a nap, and I woke up and overheard some people talking on the astral plane. The question they had was, how to escape from the logical mind … For them, it was a logical mind issue.

And for me, it is an issue of how to get off of a train of thought. Or how to rise above the lower astral plane, because you do not want to be involved with that kind of emotional tenor. You know?

And so anyway, my thought was, to switch from the left side of the brain, to the right side of the brain, and to try this visualization. And that is when it crystallized for me, that the things that Peggy Black has been saying all these years, what they do is they jolt you out of the left side of the brain that worries, and carries on, and brings up the subconscious images, and deals with the negative emotions because of our trap of perception of time and space, right?

She visualizes all the time. Visualization is much more powerful than left-brain thinking. logical thinking, because it involves the positive emotions. That is if you visualize something really beautiful, or good, right? It brings in the very strongest positive emotions, and it makes the thought form very powerful … much more powerful than whatever was going on in the left brain.

So that is it. That is what I have got. And probably there are many other techniques for escaping from the trap. Karen Dover …

Link: Karen Dover Mixcloud Shows … ..

… calls it the ‘human logical mind’, right? And here you have the greater world of the higher astral plane … Visualization. Positive visualization, which will bring us, eventually, into that co-creative ability.

So, my thanks to the people that were talking to me tonight. And for jogging my memory about what happened this afternoon, and how I escaped from a negative train of thought through positive visualization.

And my thanks too, to Peggy Black, who all these years has been saying these things. And just now, it came to me that this is true. And also, it came to me that, typically, there are very few people that have this function of visualization, in the modern, scientific, materialistic world.

We have to work at it, but it is not that hard. You know? We can do it right away. So, that is my one tool for the tool kit of Ascension. You all, have a wonderful day.

Gratefully yours.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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