On Synchronizing Heart and Mind . by Alice B. Clagett


Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I was at a spiritual lecture yesterday. A lot of people were there. And something I did not know about one of the lecturers is, he has the ability to get people in touch with the energy of their Souls … which has been a goal of mine for a long time; I have been working with it.


So I was just sitting there, listening … The lecturer is very strong on energy of the heart, and unconditional love. I was sitting there in the energy of the room and in his energy, yesterday. And I had a kind of a breakthrough.

It was like my Soul … which I have been hearing for a while, and talking to, a little … It was as if the energy of my Soul … which is very fine; very refined energy … I kept having moments of going through the Veil … a very thin Veil of slight unconsciousness and jolting back again, during this talk by the lecturer.

And then suddenly I blacked out completely … completely unconscious … for just a nanosecond; and I found myself in a different space, past the aura of my body, of my various body vehicles … and in a space where the very refined energy of my Soul was actually infiltrating through … I guess … a Veil? … and into the body vehicles. It was an incredible experience.

And so naturally I was thinking: Gosh, I hope this happens again soon. 

I guess that was two days ago. So then the next talk, the next day, was when I found out that the lecturer has that ability to put people in touch with their Souls (which I did not know before).

So then today, there were the two lecturers for the event … both very big on unconditional love and devotion and chanting, and that kind of thing … They were both sitting up on the stage. And at first, there was a massive feeling of disorganization in the crown chakra, and a feeling of a heavy lid of energy on my crown chakra.

And it was very disconcerting to me. I was coming up with all these mental stories and propositions about why it was happening. I was that freaked out by it that I went outside and sat in one of the beautiful alcoves here, for a little while.

Finally I got my courage up again, and I went back in. But rather than sit on a chair, I sat on the floor, because I figured I would not be as much noticed there. So I was sitting … discretely … on the floor, hiding … [laughs] … and my mind was totally freaking out. It was coming up with all these stories about how dangerous it was to be there … as if it had taken my Soul as an antagonist, and was thinking that my Soul was trying to overcome it. It was far out, totally weird … It was almost as if my ego thought my Soul was another ego trying to vanquish it.

It was very weird. But I was guessing it had something to do with the earlier experience of greater self beyond ego and beyond personality, that I had felt previously.

So I came back, and I sat down, after the lecture, and I was meditating. And I noticed that my heart was glowing beautifully.

And my mind was totally disorganized … with a lot of energy in my mind too … too much! And so, I was thinking about the Global Coherence Initiative and HeartMath … https://www.heartmath.org/gci/ … you know, that great group of about 60,000 people that are bringing peace and love all over Earth?

And I was thinking how, in their description of the energy of the heart chakra, they explained that there is a connection between the heart and the mind, and that the energy of the heart has to take over and govern the energy of the mind. So I thought: Why not try that while I am meditating? …

So consciously I visualized the energy of my heart and my heartbeat. And I visualized the energy of my heart surging upwards into my brain with every heartbeat. So I could actually feel a pulsing rhythm of the heart’s energy, surging up into my head, and surging back down again, with the heartbeat.

So that was my practice. And after about 10 minutes, what I found was that there was an integration of the emotional body (aka the ‘astral body’, which is governed by the heart) and the mental body, that took place. My mind calmed down. My heart calmed down. And I felt unified … I felt like one for the first time in the last three days (since the start of this big event).

So, for what it is worth, this might be a good visualization to try out, the next time you are feeling very strong heart energy: Try that ‘surging upward’ … Try that connection of the heartbeat with the mental mind … And see if you find a sense of Unity, of harmony, of peace, in that.

. . . . .

by Alice B. Clagett
9 May 2015

Sit cross-legged on the floor; or else in a straight-backed chair, with feet firmly placed on the floor. Visualize the energy of your heart. Feel your heartbeat.

Next, visualize the energy of your heart surging upwards into your brain with every heartbeat. Feel the pulsing rhythm of the heart’s energy, surging up into your head, and surging back down again, with the heartbeat.

. . . . .


Here is HeartMath’s Quick Coherence Technique to synchronize heart and brain. Way so cool! …

Video: “Heartmath’s Quick Coherence Technique,” by Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks, 21 June 2013 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcjPsEiohoA ..

. . . . .

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars


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