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Written and published on 7 June 2013; revised


Dear Ones,


Here is a TED-Teen video by one of the new children, Jacob Barnett, mistakenly diagnosed early on with autism. He turned out to be a genius in the field of astrophysics.(1) In the video he makes the very good point that thinking and exploring are more important than learning:

Video: Forget what you know, by Jacob Barnett, TEDxTeen … ,,

One thing I noticed was how his thought processes seemed to be … not inside his head, as is the case with most of us … but rather, in a space more like this:

Image: Person with thoughts outside head … ..

We can all utilize this field of thought … which connects with Cosmic Mind … simply by visualizing our mind as being located partly above our head, rather than confined to one hemisphere inside the brain.

If you decide to give it a try, let me know what happens!


Jacob mentioned about Einstein playing some game like tennis while bouncing on a trampoline. The ball, Jacob says, was missed, and fell to the trampoline, where it was circling round. That, Jacob says Einstein said, is gravity!

I got to thinking about this motion of the ball round and round on a bouncing trampoline. Suppose the bouncing of the trampoline were waves of energy from the Cosmic Mind. And gravity is what holds the ball to the trampoline mat. And suppose we were the ball, receiving energy, topside, from the Cosmic Mind (the downward force). And receiving the force of gravity, bottomside, from Earth (the upward force).

In a spiraling motion, through the vertical core of our being, the pranic column (aka the

pranic tube, central vertical power current, kundalini, antahkarana, silver cord, or silver thread). This melding of upward and downward forces, which meet at the heart (a black hole, also characterized by spiral energy. Vortex energy might be the better term, indicating as it does the dynamic nature of the energy), makes possible the human ability to transform reality. (2)

Image: Kundalini in a person: ..

Jacob may be referring to the movement of the planets in our solar system, similar to the movement of energy through our pranic column … not simply circular, as in static pictures, but over time, describing a vortex.

For instance, Earth receives energy, the force of gravity, bottomside, from the Sun of our solar system. Both Sun and Earth are on the same trampoline of Cosmic Mind vibrations.

Then there’s the Central Sun of our galaxy, which holds our Sun in its gravitational field …

See Link: “Galactic Center = Central Sun” … … second paragraph, beginning “Let us consider …”

Here is a very interesting video on the helical model of the solar system:

Video: The helical model – our solar system is a vortex … ..

And here’s a simple picture of the spiral paths traced by the planets’ movement as they are pulled by our Sun through its own Great Cycle around the Central Sun of our galaxy:

Animated gif: Spiral path of planets moving around our Sun … … (3)

So, same story with our entire galaxy … Central Sun as upward force, our solar system’s Sun as the recipient. Cosmic Mind as the trampoline … emanating from the black holes (aka spirals, vortices, portals) that are inherent in matter, everywhere, from the biggest sun down to our own chakras, to the tiniest body cell, the smallest blip of quantum energy…?

I could make a case for alternate realities … parallel universes … spiraling off from each moment of the NOW. Or for the NOW as a vortex, pulling these realities in to the present moment.

Image: Artist’s conception of parallel universes … .. (4)


God loves twirling, it seems. So, will twirling get us close to God? In this video, notice how the skirts of the dancers look like a vortex, and how the bottoms of the skirts describe a spiral if they move about the dance floor. See also how they become quite still in their minds even as they whirl round and round.

Video: The Sufi whirling dervishes of Istanbul, by 4transform, 22 August 2007 … ..

In the meditation class I attend, people often express a feeling of very fast movement and at the same time, utter stillness. What if this contrast is the tennis ball on the trampoline: gravity / Cosmic Mind? That which creates spirals, vortices, portals? The very Universe?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) More on Jacob Barnett …

Link: “Boy Genius Diagnosed with Autism has Higher IQ than Einstein” … ..

(2) For Sri Aurobindo on upward and downward forces, see …

Link: “Heraclitus-4,” in “Sri Aurobindo: Essays in Philosophy and Yoga … Shorter Works — 1910-1950 … … first paragraph, beginning “Heraclitus’ account of …”

(3) from “”

(4) from Link: “Mathematical Proof of Parallel Universes,” in My Black Lab … ..


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