The Chickens and the Silver Chalice . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 22 February 2013


Dear Ones,

When I was young, my mom thought she would raise chickens for cash. So she bought some baby chickens, and after a while they got bigger. They got pinfeathers. They were still pretty cute, though.

Image: Pullets … ..

I still vividly remember the morning I went out to the backyard to let the pullets out of the chicken coop and found they had all crowded against each other during the night’s thunderstorm and had suffocated each other. I remember mom’s disgusted reaction, “I swear, chickens don’t have the brains God gave green apples!”

The thing that terrified me even more about the chickens was that, back when they were still alive, if one got a cut on it, and the others saw blood, they would pick on the wounded chicken till they had killed it. Aargh!

I have been wondering how groups will be transformed in the new dime…. How will they avoid that chicken stuff?


Painting of ancient people living in a cave, from “Clan of the Cave Bear” …  ..

I have talked a little, in the past, about the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World. Every group has its Unconscious Thought Cloud too – a minor version of the big enchilada. At one time or another, we’ve all felt the pain of being censured by a group. Sometimes we even get kicked out of a group for being ‘different.’ Most likely, the problem was, our thought cloud was too out of synch with the group’s thought cloud.

I am reminded of a passage in “Clan of the Cave Bear” (1), a fictional account of Neanderthal life, which I paraphrase here: The members of the Clan of the Cave Bear thought that a shaman could place a death curse on a clan member, by calling upon demons. This death curses made it real for all members of the clan, that the cursed person was dead. They could see him, but they thought he was a ghost. They were prohibited from speaking to him, just as if he didn’t exist. Everyone grieved him. No one gave him food. What happened to people so cursed? Some walked away, never to be seen again. But most just stopped drinking and eating, and so just wasted away. Because these ostracized people also believed in the death curse, they fulfilled the curse through their own actions.

This description strikes a chord in ancient memory. Perhaps, in the days when mankind had group consciousness, like animals, but not individuated consciousness, like men of today, ostracism by a tribe might have been a death sentence – not because of physical want, but because of psychological trauma. The ostracized person literally ‘thought’ himself to death. Maybe, after all these aeons, humanity still retains deep-seated fear of ostracism in the collective unconscious mind.


Lately, with the help of Judy Satori’s CD “Healing the Pain,” (2), I have been clearing my aura of the aggressor-victim mental filter. I’ve been more or less appalled to find the paradigm underlies the entire 3D phenomenon. Specifically, the male-female setup perpetuates the paradigm. Here i paraphrase a quote on this topic by Matthew Ward …

It was because women were considered inferior to men that Earth descended in density from 5D to 3D. Karma works like this: In one incarnation, a Soul would incarnate as oppressed, in female form. In the next incarnation, the Soul would incarnate as oppressor, in male form. This would happen over and over again, lifetime after lifetime. (3)

Image of aggressive boy … ..

I agree with Matthew about this. Lifetime after lifetime, we choose incarnations as man or woman. As women, we suffer subjugation and domination by men. Then the coin flips – we’re incarnated as a man – and it’s our turn to subjugate and dominate women and weaker men. Does this sound like a hell world to you? It does to me.


Drawing of archons trying to get into a woman’s aura … ..

Yikes, could this be an archon?

But beneath this pain-fraught show lies another, more sombre play. For 100,000 years now, and maybe even before that, I’ve read, a myriad of archons have mined the human spirit, replacing love, joy and peace – our birthrights – with hatred, fear, and sadness. Masters of telepathy, though only ‘shades’ themselves, the archons have engineered these negative emotions into the human subconscious mind so as to feed on them. It’s been death by a thousand tiny cuts, inflicted as we sleep. Yes, we live long enough to reproduce. But our reprogrammed emotions have led us to self-destructive behaviors that shorten our noble lifespan. In this sense, we all – man, woman, and child – carry archonic scars – as victims, dominated by the will of the dark ones; enslaved, injured, disempowered.

Image of child being spanked … ..

To the extent we can recover power for ourselves – that power men wrest from women; that power groups wring from the individual; that power with which the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World unwittingly smothers those with awareness and conscious thought — we’ve been behaving as if we ourselves were archons – dominating, injuring, and disempowering those weaker than us.


Image of silver chalice … ..

Finally, after all these aeons, The Shift has taken place, and the archons are losing their power over us forever. At this point in time, they are only able to attack those whose aura is diminished by use of recreational and psychotropic pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, or a very heavy load of karmic miasmic distortion. The rest of us are still stuck with karmic miasmic distortions we picked up in the past, but for us, the dark ones are no longer adding fuel to the fire every night.

It is a little like being a beautiful silver chalice, only with a little tarnish on it. Once we polish it up, it will shine like new. So, once our light bodies are cleared of the current distortions, we will once and forever shed these roles of aggressor and victim. In their place shall stand universal friendliness, respect for others, joy in pursuing our bliss, and set like a morning star before the course we walk – unconditional love.

Peace to all!

In love and light,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See … Book Citation: “Clan of the Cave Bear” by Jean M. Auel.

(2) Link: Judy Satori … Search products for the CD: Healing the Pain

(3) from a post on 18 February 2013 by Matthew Ward … ..


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