On Keeping My Heart Open No Matter What . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 23 February 2013


Dear Ones,

Here I stand, intent on pursuing my bliss, following my heart, keeping my heart open no matter what polarities I encounter. Speaking of which….


Just yesterday I was parked in a parking lot, writing this piece. The windows of the car were down so I could get the breeze. A woman pulled up next to me. Her windows were down too, and she sat for a while in the car, chatting on a cell phone. That made it hard to concentrate on writing, so I shut my car windows on the side next to her.

Then she got out of her car and stood in front of my car, facing me, talking on the cell. So then I shut my remaining car windows. Then she walked off, into a store, still talking on the cell.

Why did she do all that, I wonder? Was she just unconscious of her physical surroundings? Was she angry that I didn’t want to hear her talking? Unconsciousness and aggression seem to walk hand in hand.


The other day I was driving into Flagstaff, Arizona, with my cat Lucy. It was dark. It was snowing. It was very, very cold outside. I was exhausted. My cat was complaining – she wanted her Motel 6 and her Friskies dinner – now! She climbed into the back seat and relieved her bladder – not in the litter box – but on the floor of the car.

As the smell of urine filled the car, I realized I had a few choices – I could get angry and aggressive. I could love the little cat anyway, unconditionally. Pull into a gas station. Buy some more cat litter to absorb the problem. Not react.

I pulled into a gas station, struggling with the choices laid before me. And what do you know, right there in the gas station parking lot, on the exact spot where I parked, was one of the most amazing energy vortices I’ve ever encountered.

On to another story….


Last weekend I was on spiritual retreat. One of the folks in the group kept accosting me – tried four times to pigeonhole me into doing selfless service for the group. In reticent East-Coast style, I attempted this excuse and that, tried concentrating on keeping my heart open even though I felt as if I were under attack. But she kept coming back and pressing her case.

During the fourth go-round, I finally realized the issue wouldn’t go away unless I laid my cards on the table. So when she – inevitably – came back again, I explained that I really don’t enjoy selfless service in the form of manual labor.

I can’t say red carpets were rolled out for me because of that declaration. Who knows, maybe the group will cast me out for nonconformity. But what are my choices in situations such as this? To follow my bliss, yes? Keep my heart open. Or to succumb to the will of the group. Aargh!


As I go through the process of clearing the all-pervading issue of the victim-aggressor mental filter, it has become crystal clear to me how differently men treat women, as compared to other men. As women in Western culture, we get no respect. Men expect us to defer to them.

Video: Aretha Franklin, Respect (Lyric Video),” by Aretha Franklin, 1 July 2021 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A134hShx_gw ..

Comparing ourselves to impossible billboards, we women don’t respect ourselves, either. Not at all.

But as we begin to retrieve our soul memories (1), all this will change radically. We women will remember who we really are – eternal, pure and priceless souls, hearts that touch infinity. We’ll remember all our deeds of valor – as brave souls sometime in female form, sometimes in male form – for the sake of humanity, in the name of the all that is one. We’ll truly know our own greatness. In the moment that happens, the world as we know it is turned on edge, and all the jibes, belittlement, and character slurs of those still slumbering will not matter in the least. In vision and upliftment of heart, we will light the way for New Earth.

I might say the same of men … for, in this time of transition, many have lost their way, forgotten their worth, found their dreams turned to nightmares and their ambitions dashed. On the other hand, I see by the Lucas2012infos blog (2), that as men begin to remember their true greatness, the true nature of their souls and their being, they are well on their way to revamping the finance, government, and economy of New Earth.


As, for both men and women, soul memories begin to unfold, we will begin to discover joy everywhere. It will light our ever-widening path, put a spring our step, a smile on our lips, and a song in our hearts. Peace and harmony will be the norm. Drugs will be gone; violence a thing of the distant past, so improbable as to be dismissed altogether. Poverty and hunger will be a footnote in the ancient history books – something our great-grandchildren won’t even be able to conceive as possible. Life will be good, and getting even better, day by day.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) I personally found Judy’s “New Jersey Event – January 25, 2013,” very helpful in activating soul memory. Her blog has seen quite a changeup; I am not sure whether it still might be found there, but if not, maybe you could contact her to find out if it is available … https://www.ascensionlibrary.org/ ..

(2) Lucas 2012 Infos blog … https://lucas2012infos.wordpress.com/ ..


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