The Antisocial Personality and the Reptilian Mind . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 28 December 2017


Dear Ones,

This video is about a therapist’s approach to treating the antisocial personality. There is an edited Summary after the video.

After the Summary is a visual simile entitled “The Cultivated Field and the Field Gone Wild.”



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

And, just a few words for those who are attempting to socialize the antisocial personality, and who may or may not know, actually, what they’re dealing with. This is like a caution …

As I understand it, the situation with the antisocial personality is that they’re dealing with the world through the mental filter of the reptilian brain, and the reptilian instincts and responses. And they’re looking at a world that’s foreign to them, because of the fact that other people are walking around with the socialized mental filters that they learned from their parents in early childhood.

So, let’s say you’re the therapist. And you’ve come across a person who is behaving somewhat oddly. You can’t quite peg it. And you don’t know, yet, that they’re an antisocial personality.

So, let’s say you’re approaching the issue from the point of view of maternal concern for someone who has not learned all of the childhood lessons. Say, they appear to be inordinately shy, or somewhat defensive, or perhaps prone to outbursts of rage.

And you feel that the proper inculcation of motherly teaching, although at adulthood age, will do the trick, right? You’re the therapist; and so, you’re attempting to teach them, over and over again, the same lessons that you’ve taught your children when they were young.

So, from the point of view of what your parents taught you, you are looking at this person that never learned the lessons that parents teach … he’s a feral child … a feral child who has reached adulthood. This person has nothing here [points to head] but reptilian reflexes. Nothing.

He sees you responding to his reptilian impulses in an inexplicable way. He is trying to find a way to dovetail his feral impulses and reflexes with your socialized impulses and reflexes.

He does this by manipulating your suppressed reptilian impulses and reflexes.

Because they are unconscious … because they are excluded from your consciousness by your socialized mental filters, you are unaware of what is going on.

You have to find a way to ask the kind of questions that he can understand. You have to start by listening, in perfect neutrality and stillness, to what he says.

So, when he says something that doesn’t fit your notions of how the world is, ask him leading questions about it. Ask him to explain. Ask him to describe. And with each further response that doesn’t suit the social norm, ask for further explanation.

Don’t just smooth it over and say: Oh! He’s a little bit shy … Oh! He’s a little bit a temper tantrum guy. You know?

Try to find out what’s really going on. What the underpinnings are, there. Ok?

We don’t yet have a solution to the issue of the genetic suppression of the neocortex that results in antisocial personality syndrome. We don’t have that.

All we have is the ability to recognize the syndrome, and protect society from the actions of the antisocial personality … which are totally unpredictable. Which often result in rape and mayhem and murder, and so forth. And repetitively so.

So your job, as a therapist, is to single out, or identify, this syndrome, and set it aside from society right now.

[End of video]


Note the difference, below, between a cultivated field and a field gone wild. The cultivated field is like your own socialized mind. The field gone wild is like that of the antisocial personality … the feral human …

Image: “Field Gone Wild,” by Ursula Coccomo … … DESCRIPTION: Wooden fence in a field of tall grass, with a line of trees in the background.

Image: “Monoculture,” … a ploughed and cultivated field, by NightThree, CC BY 2.0 … … DESCRIPTION: Two tractors cultivating a rolling field planted in rows of potato plants; there are some trees in the background.

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