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Alice’s Perilous Tales: Demon-Powered Levitation of a Student? . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 1 July 2021; revised

Image: “On Reptilian Remains from the Trias of Elgin,” by G. Boulenger, 1904, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:On_Reptilian_Remains_from_the_Trias_of_Elgin_(1904)_(14742559206).jpg … CC0

Image: “On Reptilian Remains from the Trias of Elgin,” by G. Boulenger, 1904, in Wikimedia Commons …  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:On_Reptilian_Remains_from_the_Trias_of_Elgin_(1904)_(14742559206).jpg … CC0

Dear Ones,

‘Heart Vampire’ is said to have caused the members of his group to levitate, and also to have levitated himself. There is, I feel, good reason not to be conceited about levitating, should one be so unfortunate as to do so, as will become apparent from the story below.

There is a man I nickname Heart Vampire. This was a spiritual teacher I encountered some years ago, and found out was apparently the head of a ‘killing cult’ or ‘death cult’. I gather from a book I read, and which I intuited might have been created by his cult, that this person thinks of himself as a cannibalistic reptoid from someplace other than Earth.

I was right away reminded of an image I saw online image recently of a very gnarly-looking bipedal demon, with a snarl on its face, standing facing forward. In front of the demon was a beautiful woman, in a sort of a trance. The demon had sunk the claws of its left hand into the left shoulder of the woman, and had lifted her off the ground. Here is the image, which I feel was rendered with very convincing dramatic flair …

Link: “Kau’T,” by Vashta Narada, in Vashta Narada’s Galactic Art … https://www.vashta.com/my-product/kaut/ ..

I have my own story to tell about the demon I saw in the image, as it seems to me this demon might be kin to one that swooped in and overlit Heart Vampire, who was the national leader of a meditation group I attended for a few years. The events I am about to describe happened in the year 2013 or so. I admit I have delayed in telling this tale, as my life in general is just not like this. I could barely believe what happened back then, and it seems to me but a dream today. Nevertheless, from time to time I remember; it could be the memory will dissipate in the telling of the events that transpired on that fateful weekend.

These events took place in a span of three days, over a weekend. I recall I went to a meditation led by that teacher on the East Coast in October 2013. Many dark and sinister psychic phenomena occurred within a few days of each other. There were omens and forebodings and very bad dreams. My psychic ears were ‘pricked up’ and I was on the lookout 24-7 for trouble on both the psychic plane and the physical plane.

I was staying at a staid motel on the East Coast, where I had stayed before. It was a colonial sort of place … genteel, laid-back, and just a little gone to seed, but well kept up for all that. There was a fringe of forest out back; a creek meandered through it. Not a lot of traffic on the country roads that intersected there; in short, it was a quiet and well-appointed retreat.

The first thing that happened was this: I saw in the hallway just beside the door to my room a young Chinese woman standing. That struck me as odd; thinking back, I could not remember one guest at that motel, in the last few years, who had been other than Caucasian. This woman seemed to me like a University student; she had that well-bred, educated look. She was in her 20s, I guessed. Somehow, through some crook of the imagination, I sensed an aura of secrecy, something like secret agent, or CIA, or special operative. This hunch was mystifying, and it set me on edge. So when I left the room for the day’s adventures, I set a doorknob alarm on the inside knob of my motel room door.

That first day I visited a member of the meditation group at a home about an hour away. She was the woman I later nicknamed “Torturess,” a member from the Wild West portion of the group who had been visiting the East Coast for a month or so …

Link: “Compendium: Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: ‘Torturess’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 4 March 2021; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-lR9 ..

Her husband was ‘Hunter-Snuffer’ …

Link: “Compendium: Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: ‘Hunter-Snuffer’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 5 March 2021; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-lSo ..

At the time of my visit I had not an inkling of what was hidden within their subconscious minds; rather, what I felt was a vague uneasiness. Something was just not right, I felt. But what was that? What was going on?

‘Torturess’ was staying with an infant she said was her grandchild in a house on a quiet side street. The house had half a plywood sheet nailed over the entryway to the basement; she said her daughter and son-in-law were renovating that area.

The baby was asleep in a bassinet or crib in the living room. It was a chubby, pleasant-faced child; its face reminded me just a little of the Buddha, very serene. On the mantel over the fireplace across from the bassinet was a very evil looking Satan mask, maybe left over from Halloween. When I saw the mask, I felt a chill, and saw a vision of an invisible Satan’s mask drawn in ‘Dark Light’ upon the bedroom door of ‘Torturess’ at her house in the Wild West. I recalled that was a doorway I had never entered, and wondered what secrets were behind the door. And what secrets were in store for this infant that lay there so peacefully?

What with traffic and travelling a route unknown to me, whose roads were, to say the least, illogically laid out and poorly signed, I arrived late, and could visit for only an hour. We walked with the baby in a stroller a block or so, along the tree-lined, narrow street in front of the house. Then I left, hoping to get to the evening meditation on time.

The meditation that evening was being held at the house of the East Coast meditation leader, a woman I nicknamed “Three House Hostess.” I may have gotten some of the things described below mixed up with a prior meditation weekend at that house; at this distance in time it is hard to ascertain. At any rate, this is how I remember that night in October 2013 …

There were the usual East Coast meditators there, and also the woman I nicknamed ‘Alluring Calm’, who was my meditation leader from the West Coast, in addition to ‘Heart Vampire’ …

Link: “Compendium: Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: ‘Heart Vampire’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 14 February 2021; revised… https://wp.me/p2Rkym-lzW ..

… and his wife ‘inanna’ (as I nicknamed her) from the Wild West …

Link: “Compendium: Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: ‘Inanna’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 5 March 2021; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-lTa ..

Another of the East Coast meditation leaders … a very pretty woman I have not nicknamed … brought with her a man about her age, whom I had not seen before. I took him to be her boyfriend.

It was not possible to determine much about the people in the meditation group, as there was a rule of silence before and after the meditations. Aside from the teacher, no one could talk during the meditations unless they raised their hand and the meditation teacher nodded his head in their direction and assented. In almost every instance, input by students was short and sweet. Interspersed with the meditation were long talks by the teacher.

And so, I never got to know any of the people in the group in the usual, chit chat and small talk way. Other than that they were meditators, I knew nothing about them. I was left to surmise and psy to ‘fill in the gaps’, except a little bit with two of his students, a couple I nicknamed ‘Torturess’ and ‘Hunter-Snuffer’; those two invited me over in a polite, social way a few times. From their small talk then I got to know them a little; though small talk, I feel, is but the polite social veneer, not the ‘real McCoy’ of true friendship. Do you not feel that to be so? It was from that small talk that I began to become aware of deep and very unsettling undercurrents in the meditation group. I recall I could not put my finger on it; I began to get a very uneasy feeling. Something just did not fit right … something did not suit. It seemed things might be, in effect, just the opposite of what they appeared to be.

To get back to the October 2013 meditation: There was a man that ‘Heart Vampire’ introduced as his son at the meditation. This man looked a little like he felt out of place, as if he were not used to meditation. Nevertheless, he sat quietly throughout.

There were also several … maybe two … strange men dressed, I think, in suits. On the mighty slim evidence of the clothes they wore and their facial expressions, I took them to be IRS agents or secret service agents. That was just how the energy struck me that weekend … the energy seemed conspiratory. What with these strange, suited men and the young Chinese woman in my motel hallway, conspiracy theory seemed to be ‘in the air’.

I recall after the meditation that evening, as everyone exited to the back yard, one of the suited men hit on the prettiest young woman who had been at the meditation. Judging from the uneventful endings of other meditations I had attended, this seemed to me to be an outstanding faux pas. Such behavior had never occurred priorly. I recall she demurred. Nevertheless I was put in mind of those Secret Agent 007 movies I had seen, and this increased the air of mystery. What was up? Had this been an attempt to pump the young woman for information?

The meditation was held in a basement room of the home of ‘Three House Hostess’. It was a smallish room, jam-packed with chairs. There was a place for the teacher to sit on one side of the room. Then there were three rows of chairs facing the teacher’s seat, and other chairs all around.

The teacher came down the stairs from the ground floor. It looked like he was somehow blinded, and feeling his way along the wall, till he got to his chair. Then he looked (although it seemed sightlessly … maybe with his astral vision) around the room. He said to one person or the other: Please move and sit over here or there. He told me to sit over toward a side wall, nearer to “Alluring Calm,” as I recall, and farther from him. That was par for the course, as I intuitively knew he did not like me; maybe that he was a little afraid of me; that he did not want me to be too close to him. He would nearly never call on me in class if I raised my hand. Nor would he approve the songs I composed, in most cases. Nor would he respond to an email, though once I got him on the phone for a moment.

That, I recall very vividly, was a time when I was about to board an airplane out of Los Angeles, heading for the Wild West, and about 20 howling demons seemed to be in hot pursuit of me. I called in the Los Angeles Airport to ask what to do about the demons. I was surprised to get him on the phone. I recall he was very relaxed about it; I forget what he replied.

I remember these pretty pesky demons followed me onto the plane. After the plane took off, there I was, trapped with them. They could get out of the plane, but seemed disinclined to do so. I had to say in my seat. I recall they diverted themselves by zooming through my torso and head. At length I devised my physical form was unharmed, and determined to ignore those antics. That proved quite the right strategy.

As I recall, that had been the only time I got that teacher on the phone. Then from what transpired in October 2013, I gathered that phone call had been misguided … the result of my misconception of who and what ‘Heart Vampire’ really was about in this world. Or so it seemed to me.

To get back to the October 2013 meditation, I am going to telescope the events that occurred during three days of meditation into one telling. As you may have guessed, this is because I am at such a distance from the event now … in July 2021 … that I cannot tell the first day’s meditation from the others. What follows, then are highlights from the meditations that took place that weekend.

You may recall there was a pretty woman who brought her boyfriend, a stranger, to the meditation. She had on, as I recall, a short skirt, and she looked quite attractive that night. ‘Heart Vampire’ bade her sit on the floor in front of him. He was sitting on a chair facing her, so it must have seemed to her, as she sat on the floor, that he was looming or towering over her. He bade her spread her legs wide, and sing a love song to him. That she did, in a beautiful voice of longing for her beloved.

To be frank, I felt this to be out of place in a meditation room. I felt it was ill-mannered, and surely a slight to her boyfriend. I felt it might have been a display of one-upmanship, perhaps born of masculine insecurity or pique on the part of the teacher, and a strident display of the mind control ability he seemed to be exerting on everyone in the room, with the exception of ‘Alluring Calm’ and me.

What made us different, I wondered? Why were we able to resist his overwhelming psychic powers? Was it faith that made us different? Was faith in God such a powerful weapon against the Dark? As time wore on, I began to feel this must be so.

During the meditation that evening an extraordinary event occurred. The long-time meditators were in a deep meditative state. As usual, I had my telepathic ‘ears’ pricked, and listening for whatever astral intel might occur. I heard ‘Heart Vampire’, on the telepathic plane, summon a swarm of demons. I heard his psychic rebuke, sharply uttered and aimed my way: For your arrogance!

Then, with a flash and a flurry, ‘Heart Vampire’ thrust no less than thirteen demons into my energy field. What a shock! Why would he do such a thing? I was no less stunned to see him waft three demons into the aura of ‘Alluring Calm’, my Los Angeles meditation teacher. Then into the energy field of a pretty blonde woman sitting just in front of him he sent the one remaining demon. There we were, we three women, beset by demons; and I by far not the least of the three accursed by the man I had thought to be our national meditation teacher. Go figure!

Worse was yet to come. With a flurry of their black wings, the thirteen bad luck demons within my energy field rose fluttered upward towards the ceiling of the room. To my great consternation, I felt my body become lighter, and begin to rise from the seat of the chair. I was beginning to levitate!

This would never do. With all the strength of my will power I said: I will go back down to Earth and stay there! This levitation thing is not for me! Slowly but surely I became heavier and heavier, till I was my usual weight. And that weight settled with accustomed firmness back onto my chair. What a relief!

For those of you upon whom may be visited this concern not to levitate, I later wrote this chant to increase the power of gravity in our energy fields. It works much better than what I originally came up with, and gives me a light and happy feeling when I chant it. The chant is: Mother Earth loves me …

Link: “Mother Earth Loves Me: A Chant to Enhance the Force of Gravity,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 16 February 2019; published on 3 March 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-bRh ..

After the meditation I returned to my motel room. When I got there, I noticed the doorknob alarm on my motel room door was broken, and got the feeling the room had been looked through. That set me on edge.

That night, I connected on the astral plane with a man who was a psychic working for the military, who was wearing an Army-Navy-issued headgear that piped in sounds of rape and murder at night; this induced a vision of six to eight military men in a clearing, wearing civilian clothes or maybe camouflage gear for hunting. They were sitting in a circle, taking turns torturing a young woman lying in the middle of the circle. In a further elaboration of this vision, they killed the woman. Then one of them went to a small outhouse nearby and shot her two young children huddled there.

As if that were not enough by way of nightmares, I then had another vision, of several people meeting … I could not tell who they were. These people were meeting to decide whether to assume a franchise on psilocybin, via a Mexican cartel. One man asked how risky it might be, and seemed reassured by the answer. Who were these people? Was not psilocybin a hallucinogenic drug? Could it be that I had been drugged during the day without my knowledge? Could that account for these awful nightmares?

That Saturday morning, I recall I woke up pretty rattled. I went over to the home of ‘Three House Hostess’, looking for ‘Heart Vampire’ … whom at that time I had inaccurately pegged to be a ‘good guy’. Little did I know.

‘Heart Vampire’ was not there, or was not available, but ‘Three House Hostess’ greeted me kindly. I explained I was feeling off balance. I recall she said: How can things have come to this? (or words to that effect). She gave me a picture of the Virgin Mary, and a rosary blessed by a saint, and a plastic statue of the Virgin Mary. These reassured me, and reminded me of my Christian faith, and helped me return to my normal state of mind.

Well to get on with it, the weekend meditation ended, and I made it safely out of there, and signed out of the motel, and drove back to the airport. And then on the return flight some more weird things happened … enough so to make me wonder why I even bother to travel by plane. I felt I must be getting jet lag, or altitude discombobulation … something like that. Why not take the train henceforth? I still feel this might be a nice way to travel.

I got on the plane, and was belted into my seat. As we became airborne, I began to have a conspiracy theory notion that the not-so-tall, redhaired man in the seat beside me and the taller man just across the aisle, and the perky stewardess walking down the aisle were hoping to mind control me and find out this or that. I had no idea what, as all this seemed pretty far-fetched. Well, I thought, a la Dale Carnegie …

Citation: “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living,” a book by Dale Carnegie, October 1998, Simon and Schuster.

What is the worst that can happen? Could be the stewardess’ drinking water might have a truth drug in it, but then I had brought along my own water to drink. So that was not a worry. Might be I would nap while in flight, and my brain might be picked by the redhaired man, but then, what secrets were in it, anyway, that were worth stealing? None that I could think of. Maybe the redhaired man could induce a psychic heart attack as I slept? That was a concern, but no prior such attempts undertaken on the astral plane had succeeded; likely they would not succeed that day as well. And with that, I settled in for a nap.

Why have I delayed so long in describing the events of that weekend? To be truthful, they just do not fit my world view. I guess when children are born to a Christian family, and raised up in a Christian faith, their outlook on life is basically optimistic. The emphasis of their lives is on God’s guidance of our lives, on Christ consciousness, on the loving heart of Mother Mary, and on the uplifting power of grace conveyed through the Holy Spirit, which is sometimes termed the Paraclete.

It seems to me that grief over a mother’s death can temporarily weaken our faith, leading to attempted inroads by those beings the Christian faith terms demons. When I saw the image of Kau’T (see above) yesterday, I all of a sudden realized that it represented very starkly the energy behind ‘Heart Vampire’, the man I had thought back then was a meditation teacher. I realized he must have been ‘overlit’ by a non-Christed star being, perhaps a Reptilian Star Being. Perhaps, I gleaned, ‘Heart Vampire’ was a ‘reptoid’, a reptilian-human hybrid. That might have accounted for his penchant for mind controlling his followers, for his gustatory leaning toward cannibalism, his daydreams of emasculating men, for the visions I had of demons during that time, and so on. In point of fact, I had been completely mistaken about him.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “Hobnobbing with Demons and Devils – Oh, My!” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 23 October 2013; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-7ix ..


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Levitation May Indicate Demonic Obsession in Some Instances . by Alice B. Clagett

Excerpted on 23 May 2019 from a blog published on 31 October 2015

Dear Ones,

Here is something interesting: A 1598 woodcarving purported to be of a witch trial. Looks like a priest might be presenting the ‘suspect’ with the Eucharist? The suspect is levitating and maybe saying ‘demonic’ things? Or maybe they clair saw a demon escaping from his mouth?

What interested me was the levitation … because levitation is sometimes, quite contrarily, considered to be a sign of sainthood. Which, do you think, is true? Or could both possibly be true?


Image: “Woodcut-1598-witch-trial” from Wikimedia Commons … public domain

Image: “Woodcut-1598-witch-trial” from Wikimedia Commons … public domain 

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

The above is excerpted from … Link: “A Short-Sighted Demon Elimination Technique,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 31 October 2015; republished on 20 March 2018; revised on 29 July 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-4fQ … See the subheading: Levitation May Indicate Demonic Obsession in Some Instances


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How to Perfect the Forces Within Our Bodies . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 18 May 2019; revised on 18 June 2020, 13 November 2020, and 14 April 2022
Previously titled: How to Master the Plane of Forces

      • Electric Energy
      • Magnetic Energy
      • Kundalini Energy
      • Pranic Energy
      • Gravitational Energy
        • Groundedness
        • Levitation
      • Fohat or Will Power
      • Light
      • Heat
      • Plane of Forces
      • Plane of Forces Self-Healing
      • Electricity
      • Fohat
      • Kundalini, Prana, and Fohat
      • Light

Dear Ones,

In this blog I explain how to perfect the forces in our bodies. Taken together, these forces constitute the Plane of Forces, sometimes occultly termed the ‘Second Plane’.

I cannot deny that it will take hard work, but the results are excellent, with regard to safeguarding health, improving human relationships, and meeting with success in our worldly undertakings. In addition, mastering the Plane of Forces helps still the mind and the emotions. Thus the below practices go side-by-side with mastery of mind.

Continue reading

Gravitational Sinkholes and Upliftments to Do with Experiencing the Astral Realms While in Form . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 18 March 2017

    • The Difficulty in Describing Clair Perceptions
    • Astral Plane Hellworlds, Purgatory Worlds, and Heavenworlds as Perceived in the Afterlife
    • The Experience of the Astral Plane Negative and Positive While in Body
    • Gravity Wells (Gravitational Sinkholes) as I Experience Them
      • Sidebar: Hallmarks of the Hellworlds
      • Sidebar: Hallmarks of the Heavenworlds
    • Why We Are Experiencing Gravitational Anomalies During the Ascension Process
    • How a Few Beings May, Because of Their Soul Choices, Be Relocated to Other Star Systems, and So Forth
    • More on Gravitational Sinkholes
    • Gravitational Upliftments at Places Where Great Devotion to God Is Being Expressed
    • Gravitational Upliftments at Higher Altitudes
    • On Strengthening the Forces of the Plane of Forces in Our Physical Forms for Optimum Health
      • Sidebar: Will Power and Fohat

Dear Ones,

This video is about gravity wells and gravitational upliftments to do with the astral worlds negative and positive, as we are now experiencing them multidimensionally while still in physical form. A Summary follows the video.



The Difficulty in Describing Clair Perceptions

I thought I would talk for a minute about gravity wells on the surface of Earth, as I perceive them with my clair senses. It goes without saying that other people with clair senses will, no doubt, perceive gravity wells differently from me, because it is very difficult to describe clair-sensed experiences by means of the physical senses … the clair senses are so much more refined. So there are really no words, amongst the physical senses, to describe them. Although we try; we try with images and sacred sounds, with stories, and myths. We try all kinds of ways to convey what we sense with the clair senses.

Astral Plane Hellworlds, Purgatory Worlds, and Heaven Worlds as Perceived in the Afterlife

To get back to gravitational wells: As you may know, on the astral plane, the core of the Earth houses the hellworlds. At about the level of the surface of the Earth are the purgatory worlds. And higher up, on into the stratosphere, are the heavenworlds.

In these astral worlds, in the afterlife, people experience different densities, depending on what emotion they are feeling. Negative emotions … emotions like fear and anger … are very dense; they create a heaviness that causes Souls’ astral bodies to sink down towards the core of the Earth.

The Experience of the Astral Plane Negative and Positive While in Body

So, there is a gravitational effect involved in the experience of the hellworlds, purgatory worlds, and heavenworlds after passing on. But when we experience these worlds while we are in body, it is not that we are sinking down into the core of Earth or beneath the surface of Earth, or high up into the air. Rather, on the surface of the Earth, where our body is located, provided that the astral form is still around the body and not astral travelling, we experience all of these states through gravitational wells and gravitational upliftments.

Gravity Wells (Gravitational Sinkholes) as I Experience Them

When I am driving a car towards a gravity well, say on a level stretch of road, it feels like I am going downhill, and descending into the Earth, even though the road is level. That is how it feels to me with my clair senses. And that is how I know I am approaching a gravitational sinkhole, a place where people are experiencing the hellworlds here on Earth, while retaining human form.

Sidebar: Hallmarks of the Hellworlds

What precisely is the hellworld experience, you may ask. Some hallmarks are black magic, blood sacrifice of innocents, worship of Satan, murder, mutilation of people, and in general cruelty to other people. Also in hellworlds are people who wish to experience being victims at the mercy of cruel people, people with severe addictions, people who experience unmitigable pain (such as the famed burning sensation), or who seem to be experiencing death over and over again. So the densest hellworlds have to do with experiences of cruelty, rage, fear, or despair; also the sort of lust that cannot be reigned in, greed to the point where other people cannot feel that their goods are safe, and like that. Frequently these are just dream scenarios on the astral plane, and not being acted out in the real world; dreams that are being dreamed in gravitational sinkholes. Also, communication with demons, devils, mischievous imps, and the like.

Sidebar: Hallmarks of the Heavenworlds

Gravitational upliftments are characterized by just the opposite type of astral imaginings and physical actions; for instance, feelings of appreciation, gratitude, joy, unconditional love, peacefulness, and harmony with all beings everywhere. Feelings of faith, hope and charity. Feelings of grace inpouring, devotion to God or to higher ideals. Feelings of health, physical vitality, emotional well-being. Communication with angels, beings of Light, and God.


Why We Are Experiencing Gravitational Anomalies During the Ascension Process

The reason for these gravitational anomalies is very practical: As the Earth is in the process of ascension right now, and the beings on Earth are in the process of reaching the caliber and level of delightful song at which Earth resonates right now, some beings are less ready than other beings to experience those higher vibrations, and they tend to aggregate together in clumps, especially of humankind, and various astral beings that are of the denser frequencies. They aggregate together on the surface of the Earth, and reinforce each other in terms of denseness of resonance. And these aggregations are what I experience as gravitational sinkholes.

How a Few Beings May, Because of Their Soul Choices, Be Relocated to Other Star Systems, and So Forth

Now, all is well, because, in almost all instances, these beings are just choosing a longer timeline and taking longer to ascend than other beings. There may be a few … 10 or less … instances on all of Earth … and you know, Earth’s population is 7.4 billion people right now, so 10 people are a miniscule amount of people that will need to be relocated to other star systems, and so forth, because of their Soul choices at this time.

More on Gravitational Sinkholes

So most everybody, I feel, either through choosing shorter or longer timelines, are on the ascension path, and undergoing the ascension process. Some are in gravitational holes or wells right now. I know of three such that were in the Los Angeles area a year or two ago; I do not know if they are still there, and I have not explored all of Los Angeles.

Gravitational Upliftments at Places Where Great Devotion to God Is Being Expressed

So I would say, all over Earth right now, there may be these gravitational sinkholes. Then, at about sea level or thereabouts, where large groups of people are expressing great devotion to God through song, I sometimes experience gravitational upliftment, which is the opposite of gravitational sinkholes. To me, it feels like my body is weightless, floating at ground level; as if I might at any moment experience levitation.

Gravitational Upliftments at Higher Altitudes

Also I suspect that at higher altitudes … this is an experience I have had recently … at altitudes above where cities are located right now, there are gravitational upliftments where the higher astral beings can exist harmoniously with human beings, in a much higher state of consciousness right now. So, if you will, you might wish to journey to the mountaintops from time to time, to reinforce the DNA changes that are taking place inside your body, and the codes that are changing, and the general health that is beginning to manifest in all human beings here on Earth.

On Strengthening the Forces of the Plane of Forces in Our Physical Forms for Optimum Health

This is what I have right now about gravity and the plane of forces which separates the physical world from the astral world. It is what little I know right now about that.

As to the other forces in the plane of forces, I have been working with a yoga set called the “Basic Spinal Energy Series” …

Link: “Kundalini Yoga Basic Spinal Energy Series” by M.S.S. Gurucharan Singh Khalsa…  http://www.pinklotus.org/KY%20PDF/-%20KY%20kriya%20Basic%20Spinal%20Energy%20Series.pdf … CREDIT: From the book “Kundalini Yoga / Sadhana Guidelines: Exercise & Meditation Manual,” by M.S.S. Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, December 1976, published by Kundalini Research Institute, copyright 1974-1978, pp. 45-46 … also available here …

Link: “Basic Spinal Energy Series,” by Kundalini Research Institute … http://indrasgrace.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Basic-Spinal-Kriya.pdfAlso on video …

Video: “Basic Spinal Energy Series,” by Catherine Scherwenka, 1 January 2017 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvquogX54O8 ..

I find the set strengthens all the forces in the plane of forces except, maybe, gravity. It strengthens prana in the human body, the kundalini energy, the will power, and both electric and magnetic energy (which I typically term by the one phrase ‘electromagnetism’.

That is a very handy yoga set, and particularly so since almost everybody can accomplish it in about a half an hour a day, and it can be done sitting in a chair if a person cannot do it in the way prescribed in the set. It is suitable for nearly everybody, to help them attain greater health, and greater presence of the plane of forces within their physical form.

Sidebar: Will Power and Fohat

As nearly as I can conceive it, human will power is one manifest of the plane of forces energy termed fohat. For more on fohat, see …

Link: “Fohat: The Great Transformer,” reprinted from the Theosophical Movement, March 1964, http://www.teosofia.com/Mumbai/7208fohat.html ..

It it possible that Fohat is a gift from the Andromeda galaxy? See …

Link: “Alice’s Perilous Tales: Energy Walls That Protect Us Against Astral Foes,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 24 July 2018; revised on 9 March 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-9LW ..


In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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On Blocking a Painful Body Sensation or Thought . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 2 February 2017; revised on 26 July 2019

      • Lower Mental Body (Subconscious Mind)
        • Etheric Body (Etheric Double or Etheric Net)
        • Emotional Body
        • Vital Body (Pranic Body)
        • ASTRAL BRIDGE (Astral Body)
      • Higher Mental Body (Intellect)
        • Etheric Template
        • Celestial Body (Cosmic mind)
        • Causal Body (Ketheric Template, Buddhic or Christ Consciousness)
        • ASTRAL BRIDGE (Astral Body)
      • Superconscious Mind
        • SOUL BRIDGE (Causal Template) — Body of Light
        • Soul (Atma)
        • Monad (Awareness, Eternal Now)
        • Logos – Solar body (Light – love – joy)
      • Electric Energy
      • Magnetic Energy
      • Kundalini Energy
      • Pranic Energy
      • Gravitational Energy
      • Fohat or Will Power
      • Light
      • Heat
      • To Block the Left Brain
      • To Master the Mind

Dear Ones,

This is about blocking a painful body sensation or thought. One useful technique is that of substitution. Here are examples …

Continue reading

The Serial Killer: Fact and Phantasmagoria . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 17 November 2016
Previously titled: Serial Killers: Wikipedia vs Astral Stories

    • Mind Control
    • Cannibalism: Making Another Person a ‘Part’ of Oneself
      • Does a Cannibal Lack Personality
      • A Cannibal’s ‘Bad Part’ Mind Slide
    • Paraphilia
    • Urolagnia, a Form of Paraphilia
    • Coprophilia and Coprophagia
    • Astral Story About Dylan Redwine, a Durango Child Who Was Killed
      • Footnote on Relationship of Vallecito Lake to Middle Mountain
    • How a Person May Drop His Mask When He Touches Another Person
    • Innate Ability to Hypnotize or ‘Mesmerize’
    • Astral ‘Skinny Dipping’
    • Code of Silence for Followers
    • Actions of Followers Toward a ‘Lilith’ Who Cannot Be Mind-Controlled
    • Sexual Rage in a Serial Killer When a ‘Lilith’ Is Perceived to Be Nearby
    • A Vivid Vision: Genital Mutilation of Men When the Lilith Is Perceived to Be Nearby

Dear Ones,

This blog is the result of my effort to understand the Weltanschauung of a person I heard about on the astral plane, who purportedly had the catastrophic childhood experience described in the two links below…

Link: “Thoughts on What Causes Antisocial ‘Personality’,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 11 May 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5g7 … See the subheading: Catastrophic Childhood Experiences … A Clair Case Study: The Young Boy Who Became a Cannibal

Link: “Ego 1: Circle of One . I Am the Only Ego in the World,” by Alice B. Clagett, published 15 August 2016; revised 7 July 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-623 ..

To begin: It is my feeling that serial killing and mass murder are ‘acting out’ by the antisocial personality; thus I am looking into these in addition to my studies on the antisocial personality.

I was looking over the Wikipedia information on serial killers, and came across this, as one of the possible motives of serial killers. This is the ‘mission-oriented’ motive …


“Mission-oriented killers typically justify their acts as ‘ridding the world’ of a certain type of person perceived as undesirable, such as homosexuals, prostitutes, or people of different ethnicity or religion; however, they are generally not psychotic … For example, the Zebra killers in the San Francisco Bay Area specifically targeted Caucasians … Some see themselves as attempting to change society, often to cure a societal ill …” –from Link: “Serial Killer,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_killer …Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

[Other popular categories in the realm of astral stories are the homeless person, the short person, or the disempowered person (e.g., a woman or child) … these possibly because they are easier to overpower). I have also clair heard of a personal preference by a black widower serial killer for voluptuous, licentious women. –Alice]


I find this of interest because it is a form of Consequentialist philosophy that I have heard about on the astral plane recently, possibly to do with vigilante justice. From this passage, it would appear that vigilante killings aimed at a certain segment of society are one mode of expression of serial killing.

Here is Wikipedia’s definition of this philosophy …

Consequentialism is the class of normative ethical theories holding that the consequences of one’s conduct are the ultimate basis for any judgment about the rightness or wrongness of that conduct. Thus, from a consequentialist standpoint, a morally right act (or omission from acting) is one that will produce a good outcome, or consequence. In an extreme form, the idea of consequentialism is commonly encapsulated in the English saying, “the end justifies the means” … meaning that if a goal is morally important enough, any method of achieving it is acceptable …” –from Link: “Consequentialism,” in Wikipedia …  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consequentialism … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

For more on this, see my blog category:  Consequentialism


Here is another interesting passage, a statement by serial killer Jeffrey Dahlmer …

“‘The killing was just a means to an end. That was the least satisfactory part. I didn’t enjoy doing that. That’s why I tried to create living zombies with … acid and the drill.’ He further elaborated on this, also saying, ‘I wanted to see if it was possible to make—again, it sounds really gross—uh, zombies, people that would not have a will of their own, but would follow my instructions without resistance. So after that, I started using the drilling technique.’ … He experimented with cannibalism to ‘ensure his victims would always be a part of him’.” –from Link: “Serial Killer,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_killer …Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

Mind Control

Note the intention to mind-control people through physical acts of torture, to make them ‘zombies’ .. so that they “‘would not have a will of their own.'”

Cannibalism: Making Another Person a ‘Part’ of Oneself

Note also the acts of cannibalism, performed so as to make the victims part of himself. Regarding the word ‘part’, see also my blog on paranoid-schizoid personality due to early childhood loss …

Link: “Primitive Experiences of Loss, Working with the Paranoid-Schizoid Patient . by Robert Waska, Ph.D..” referral by Alice B. Clagett, published on 30 June 2017 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6go ..

Does a Cannibal Lack Personality? Both these features express, through ‘acting out’, a lack of personal boundaries, a lack of egoic solidity, which you may find expresses itself as ‘lack of personality’, or else as slipping from one personality to another, as first one, and then another person is being mind-controlled.

Here is another passage that supports ‘parts’ thinking by serial killers …

“Serial killers may be more likely to engage in fetishism, partialism or necrophilia, which are paraphilias that involve a strong tendency to experience the object of erotic interest almost as if it were a physical representation of the symbolized body. Individuals engage in paraphilias which are organized along a continuum; participating in varying levels of fantasy perhaps by focusing on body parts (partialism), symbolic objects which serve as physical extensions of the body (fetishism), or the anatomical physicality of the human body; specifically regarding its inner parts and sexual organs (one example being necrophilia) …” –from Link: “Serial Killer,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_killer … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

A Cannibal’s ‘Bad Part’ Mind Slide. Note here the attention on body parts, which reminds me of the paranoid-schizoid notion that other people are parts of the antisocial personality. The ‘mind slide’ would go like this: My victim is a ‘bad part’ of me. I will kill her and have sex with her (i.e., necrophilia), and make her a part of me.

A similar ‘cannibal mind slide’ would be: I’ll cut out her heart, and eat it, and make her a part of me.


Paraphilia (also known as sexual perversion and sexual deviation) is the experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, fetishes, situations, fantasies, behaviors, or individuals …” –from Link: “Paraphilia,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paraphilia …Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

Urolagnia, a Form of Paraphilia

Urolagnia, a Form of Paraphilia noted in the above passage, might be expressed thus …

The first time I killed a man, he urinated, and I got an erection. The smell of urine reminds me of that first time. I’ll never flush my toilet, and the smell of urine will fill my house, and I’ll always remember that [exquisitely delightful] first time …

This snippet of conversation gleaned from the astral plane offers a theoretical explanation for urolagnia, popularly termed ‘golden shower’.

Coprophilia and Coprophagia

Here is another astral story …

The first time I had sex, a man practiced anal sex upon me. It felt like my bowel was full of feces, and I got an erection. I love feces. Eating them [or keeping them around the house] gives me a thrill.

This theoretical explanation for coprophilia and coprophagia is based on the astral plane story of urolagnia, set forth above. Love of feces is another form of paraphilia.


“Unlike people with major mental disorders such as schizophrenia, psychopaths can seem normal and often quite charming, a state of adaptation that psychiatrist Hervey Cleckley called the ‘mask of sanity’ …” –from Link: “Serial Killer,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_killer … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

Further, serial killers “are involved in sadistic activity; especially in children who have not reached sexual maturity, this activity may take the form of torturing animals …” –from Link: “Serial Killer,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_killer … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

Astral Story About Dylan Redwine, a Durango Child Who Was Killed

Such may have been the case with Dylan Redwine, a child who went missing in Durango, Colorado, in November 2012. Around that time, on the astral plane, to my very great dismay, I heard the cries of a captive young boy for a long time, maybe a month or so. On considering this astral story, I later thought it might be about Dylan Redwine, or possibly the 19-year-old Native American boy who went missing, as I recall, from the Ignacio, Colorado, area just after that.

At any rate, here is the [clearly unprovable] astral story… I will use DR (Dylan Redwine) as the name, although the true identity of the child in the astral story is up in the air.  DR was at a bus stop in west Vallecito Lake [see footnote at the end of this section], on the east side of the street. A car stopped by with a beautiful woman in it; her clothing partly revealed her breasts. She asked him if he needed a lift. He agreed. She offered him a drug. He accepted. She offered to take him to her house, where they would have sex. He agreed.

At the house, her spouse immobilized DR with a cut to the lower spinal cord, and placed him on her bed, in a darkened bedroom. There he was kept drugged and disoriented; he didn’t know where he was.

From time to time, disguised in a costume (which would be the obverse of the ‘mask of sanity’), the woman would feed him, or give him water, or express motherly concern for him. She would also torture him.

This went on for a long time. I kept hearing this child’s cries of pain and abandonment on the astral plane. Over and over again, he cried out for his father. Hearing all this astrally, I did my best to pray for him and reassure him through clair talk.

Once the couple took the child to the house of another couple whom they admired; this second couple was, according to the astral story, also into child torture. There the wife of the second man, both most likely being under the influence of drugs, cut off the child’s eyelids with her manicure scissors. She told the others there that she did so, so that the child’s eyes would look more like hers. This pleased her husband. After a long while the first man had pity on the child and ended his life; whether this happened that night or another time, I do not know.

I noticed from a news article that ‘items of interest’ regarding DR were found on Middle Mountain [see footnote at the end of this section] in the summer of 2013. I do not know what these items were; however, on the clair plane I heard some remains were left in Vallecito Lake; I heard variously, that they might have been sunk and weighed down in the waters off Middle Mountain Campground, or in deep waters off the lower western side of Vallecito Lake.

I heard, again variously, that these remains were placed in a lead-lined box constructed at home by the first man, or else shrink-wrapped, and that he had disposed of the remains at night by riding a considerable distance on a bicycle. Thus, he must have been in good physical condition. Also, that he fell off the bicycle on the way back, and hurt himself, and started to cry like a little child, as he had disposed of the remains at the instruction of the second man, and not because he himself wished to do so.

On a tangent, I later heard that the first man later used the same [presumably 4-foot-long] lead-lined box to ship the decapitated body of the wife of the second couple to her deceased parents’ home to be buried in the right side of the front yard, and that the body was discovered as ‘Jane Doe’ by the Los Angeles Police Department, which could not identify it for lack of the head. Also that the wife had been slain by her husband so that he might obtain her parents’ home for himself.

Nothing is for sure on the astral plane. The entire astral story might be no more than the expression of concern of lots of folks who hoped for a solution to the mystery of the disappearance of the child in this well-publicized missing-child case.

Keeping this in mind, I have just a few other thoughts on the case of DR …

  • Law enforcement has named the child’s father as a person of interest in the case. This is the opposite of the astral story, where the child was disoriented, did not know where he was, or who his captors were, and kept crying out for his father to come and save him.
  • Along these lines, there was a further astral story to the effect that the first man (above) called law enforcement with an anonymous tip that the killer was the father. Were this to be true, one might gather the sangfroid and risk threshold of the tipster. On the other hand, this man purportedly poses sometimes as a man and sometimes as a woman; thus, the call might have appeared to be from a person of either gender. This gender shifting may be perceived as a form of risk mitigation.

By way of aside, the following year, I clairly heard that an additional attempts at capturing two children in the Bayfield, Colorado, area were made or planned on a Halloween evening, with intent for the two couples to torture and murder the children. However, I have confidence that most parents, these days, are aware of the dangers of their children riding in strangers’ cars, and that these sorts of plans will be foiled, even in areas of the country where people tend to trust their neighbors more than in urban areas.

Footnote on Relationship of Vallecito Lake to Middle Mountain. Here is a map showing the relationship of Vallecito Lake and Middle Mountain …  https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Vallecito+Lake/Middle+Mountain+Campground,+San+Juan+National+Forest,+Forest+Road+603,+Bayfield,+CO+81122/@37.554316,-107.8162884,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x873eecf978a6e11b:0xa831f9c4eb879629!2m2!1d-107.5353526!2d37.6979164!1m5!1m1!1s0x873e9c7bcb616af3:0x3cd7764a14a450f7!2m2!1d-107.5368319!2d37.4102889 ..

Vallecito Lake is an interesting area, being at once a remote area and a tourist attraction. I note the presence of the restaurant The Rusty Shovel (previously called the Hideaway) at the northwestern corner of the lake, and Elk Point Lodge just south of Middle Mountain Campground, which is at about the middle of the eastern shore of the lake. Just south of Elk Point Lodge are Croll Cabins, which appeared to be in good repair, but only open May through September.

In terms of remoteness, these areas near Vallecito Lake look too deserted for a hiker to walk alone in, and possibly subject to sniper attack by a serial killer, or that sort of person …

  • The area of Route 603 on the eastern shore between Croll Cabins and Pine Point Campground to the south of the cabins. There is a gate to the north of Croll Cabins, which when closed would make this stretch of road seldom traveled.
  • Also, the 852 spur that begins at the North Canyon Campground on the eastern shore.
  • Going past Elk Point Lodge on Route 501, then left on a 501 spur road, one arrives at the Pine River Campground roundabout. The foot and horse trail that goes from there north, into the Weminuche Wilderness along the northern side of Pine River, I also take to be too dangerous for lone hiking, not so much because of the wildlife, as because of a possible shooting incident, possibly not by accident.
  • Here is a map of Vallecito Lake showing some of these places … https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/20/be/86/20be860258f68fa4e5e6db4eb20de1f2.jpg ..

How a Person May Drop His Mask When He Touches Another Person 

Speaking now from a 3D perspective, from the realm of physical reality: The insanity behind the mask is sometimes momentarily lifted when a person touches another person. Here is an example: If a man were to lightly place his arm across the shoulder of another man; if at the same time the first man’s features and body muscles were relaxed, then one might gather that he was at ease in the presence of men.

Here is another 3D example, from the realm of physical reality: Imagine that a man is sitting on a chair, and a beautiful young woman (not his wife) is sitting near him, on the floor, in a gathering of people. Suppose he were to grasp this beautiful woman’s hair and pull her head towards his sexual organs … Suppose this gesture were to be enacted on various occasions before a group of people? (In other words, suppose it were habitual.) If at that moment of grasping her hair and pulling her head toward him, his facial expression were to change from the ‘mask of sanity’ to the brute instinct of feral aggression, the ‘ape and tiger’ of which Alfred, Lord Tennyson, wrote, then we might gather that his sex drive would find expression in fellatio, and also perhaps in sadomasochism towards women. And that, in his writings … should he write … he would express being ill at ease toward women, the underlying notion perhaps being that they meant to control him.


Here is another 3D example, from the realm of physical reality: If a man were to sit in a chair before a gathering of people, and have a beautiful young woman (not his wife) sit on the floor in front of him, her head at the level of his genitals, her legs spread wide … if she were to sing him a song of romantic love before the gathering … then we might gather that he thought women were beneath him (‘lower’ than him), and that he ideated them as their sexual organs rather than the complete person; further, that he had no notion of the debasement proposed by this scenario. Nor would she, should she perform this skit of her own will.

Let us take a look at this relief of Lilith, which reminds me of a different woman, the wife of the second couple described in the astral story above. Coincidentally, it also appeared along with the earliest promotional material for this book …

Citation: “Mission to Earth A Lightworkers Guide to Self Mastery,” by Anna Merkaba [no publication year listed] …

… which I discuss in another blog …

Link: “Philosophical Question 3: Does Attaining Neutral Mind Absolve Immoral Acts?” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 23 April 2017 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-79o ..


Image: “Burney Relief, Babylon (1800–1750 BCE). Some scholars (e.g. Emil Kraeling) identified the figure in the relief with Lilith, based on a misreading of an outdated translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh.[20] Modern research has identified the figure as one of the main goddesses of the Mesopotamian pantheons, most probably Ishtar or Ereshkigal.[21]” –from Wikimedia … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Burney_Relief_Babylon_-1800-1750.JPG .. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.

Image: “Burney Relief, Babylon (1800–1750 BCE). Some scholars (e.g. Emil Kraeling) identified the figure in the relief with Lilith, based on a misreading of an outdated translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh.[20] Modern research has identified the figure as one of the main goddesses of the Mesopotamian pantheons, most probably Ishtar or Ereshkigal.[21]” –from Wikimedia … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Burney_Relief_Babylon_-1800-1750.JPG .. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.

Note that the sexual organs are nearly in the center of the relief; the eye is drawn to them, just as it would be drawn to the sexual organs of a woman seated on the floor, legs spread wide, in front of a man seated on a chair (a tableau I once observed).


Here is more on Lilith: “The character is generally thought to derive in part from a historically far earlier class of female demons (lilītu) in Mesopotamian religion, found in cuneiform texts of Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, and Babylonia … In Hebrew-language texts, the term lilith or lilit (translated as’night creatures’, ‘night monster’, ‘night hag’, or ‘screech owl’) first occurs in a list of animals in Isaiah 34:14 … in the 13th-century writings of Rabbi Isaac ben Jacob ha-Cohen, Lilith left Adam after she refused to become subservient to him and then would not return to the Garden of Eden after she had coupled with the archangel Samael. The resulting Lilith legend continues to serve as source material in modern Western culture, literature, occultism, fantasy, and horror.” –from Link: “Lilith” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lilith … This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.

So this is a sculpture of a she-demon, who cannot be controlled by a man. It may also be interpreted as the demon of desire, the blame for which a man may project on a woman. From which I gather that the subconscious symbol ‘Lilith’ conveys that …

  • The sexual woman may be a subconscious symbol of evil;
  • That she is difficult to control, and deserves to be punished; and
  • That sadomasochism towards women may be a feature of this man’s sex life.

From this, one might extrapolate as follows: The serial killer might resonate to the notion of the subconscious symbol ‘Lilith’. Thus, if he were queried about his life story, he might respond with stories such as this …

  • He had an important mission to accomplish, to save Earth, but a woman told him he was unprepared for this mission. (that is, he feels low self-esteem because of women’s opinions of him)
  • His mother felt he was not a human being; when he looked at her, she was afraid of him (that is, he was able to control her)
  • His female teacher attempted to ‘heal’ him, but he could tell she had, in reality, drained him of vital essence. (that is, she could not be trusted to ‘mother’ him … her love was like poison)
  • His wife or followers must go nowhere without him. She or they must speak only when spoken to. She or they must agree with all he says. I saw a documentary video on Charles Manson recently, which indicated he had this point of view toward his followers … Video: “Charles Manson – Dianne Sawyer Documentary,” by Jack London, 24 February 2013 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4qZB2ytq10 starting at 16.40 (that is, he must have complete control of his wife or followers). I recommend viewing the video, from which I learned quite a lot.

For more on the Lilith legend, see Link: “The Lilith Mental Filter,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 30 May 2016, revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5lz ..


“Many [serial killers] are fascinated with fire setting …” –from Link: “Serial Killer,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_killer … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

  • Would such a person set fire to the family home at an early age? [For more on an astral story about this see my blog category: catastrophic childhood experiences ]
  • Would he exhibit pyrokinesis, among other psychic abilities associated with repressed rage?


It is possible that the parents of serial killers are unable to form an attachment with them, and so they are unable to attach to the natal family. For instance, Charles Manson’s father left his mother before he was born. Charles was unable to form an attachment with his mother, because his mother was not willing. It is also possible that serial killers are unable to form attachments from birth, due to some genetic quality. Or both may be the case: There may be a genetic predisposing factor, and also a family behavioral disorder.

Here are the relevant Wikipedia passages …

“Family, or lack thereof, is the most prominent part of a child’s development because it is what the child can identify with on a regular basis … ‘The serial killer is no different from any other individual who is instigated to seek approval from parents, sexual partners, or others.’ … This need for approval is what influences children to attempt to develop social relationships with their family and peers, but if they are rejected or neglected, they are unable to do so. This results in the lowering of their self-esteem and helps develop their fantasy world, in which they are in control According to the Hickey’s Trauma Control Model the development of a serial killer is based on an early trauma followed by facilitators (e.g., alcohol, drugs, pornography, or other factors that constitute a facilitator, depending on individual circumstances) and disposition (an inability to attach being one common factor) …

“Family interaction also plays an important role in a child’s growth and development. ‘The quality of their attachments to parents and other members of the family is critical to how these children relate to and value other members of society.’ … Wilson and Seaman (1990) conducted a study on incarcerated serial killers, and what they felt was the most influential factor that contributed to their homicidal activity … Almost all of the serial killers in the study had experienced some sort of environmental problems during their childhood, such as a broken home caused by divorce, or a lack of discipline in the home. It was common for the serial killers to come from a family that had experienced divorce, separation, or the lack of a parent. Furthermore, nearly half of the serial killers had experienced some type of physical or sexual abuse, and even more had experienced emotional neglect …” –from Link: “Serial Killer,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_killer … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

Innate Ability to Hypnotize

Suppose a person were to be born with the feeling that he was different from everyone else. Suppose he were born with the innate power of mind control, or hypnosis, and was, at birth, successful in mind controlling his mother. Might she not consider him an alien entity, or demonically possessed? Might she then draw back from him, and refuse to form an attachment with him? This would be another way of looking at the statement that serial killers “… were often abused—emotionally, physically and/or sexually—by a family member …” –from Link: “Serial Killer,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_killer … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

It could be, then, not the mothers’ fault that such a child would be held ‘at arm’s length’.

As time went on, might the serial killer’s peers in school also be put off by his innate powers of hypnosis? Might they feel that he was demonically possessed, and refuse to associate with him? This would throw a different light on the statement that serial killers “… were frequently bullied or socially isolated as children or adolescents … For example, Henry Lee Lucas was ridiculed as a child and later cited the mass rejection by his peers as a cause for his hatred of everyone.” –from Link: “Serial Killer,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_killer … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

From this new perspective, there might be reason for his schoolmates to treat this child differently.

Would this innate hypnotic ability, then, lead the serial killer to a great hunger, or thirst, for approval by other people? Because of their condemnation of him, might it not lead him, through a sense of self-preservation, to downgrade their status from person to object? To feel that he must continue to mind-control them, because they were untrustworthy, and capable of turning on him at whim?


Image: Mug shot of serial killer, cannibal, and necrophile Ottis Toole …  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_killer#/media/File:Ottis_Toole.jpg … I note in particular the lack of wrinkles in the forehead, as if no thought were taking place in the frontal lobe (which is critical to solving problems, planning actions, and to organizing thoughts). 

“Studies have suggested that serial killers generally have an average or low-average IQ, although they are often described, and perceived, as possessing IQs in the above-average range … A sample of 202 IQs of serial killers had a median IQ of 89 …” –from Link: “Serial Killer,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_killer … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

Why would this be? Might it be that the serial killer is ‘dipping into’ the minds of other people, and using their intelligence to bolster his own subaverage IQ?

Astral ‘Skinny Dipping’

In occult terms, this ‘dipping into’ is sometimes termed ‘skinny dipping’ … dipping into a person’s aura so as to speak with their voice on the astral plane. This would be a natural for a person who assumes that his ego has no boundaries … that he will mind-control everyone in the world, as he may have done with his natal family, and everyone he has known since birth.

He might ‘skinny dip,’ assume the voice of another person, and speak to others of his mind-controlled coterie with the authority of the skinny dipped person, for instance. In this way, by serially skinny dipping, he might maneuver all the players in his clair world into position, each against the others, each ‘for’ him.

Code of Silence for Followers

We might also anticipate, in the real world, that he might enjoin his followers never to speak unless he asks them to speak, and to say only what he desires them to say. It might follow that he would enjoin his followers not to speak at all on the psychic plane. This would leave the psychic field clear for him to enact the parts of all his followers as regarded clair hearing or clair visioning.

Further, by preventing personal relationships from taking place on the physical plane, it might make it easier for him to sacrifice any member of his group, at his convenience, without upsetting his other followers as much as might have been the case had they become friends with each other.


Suppose such a person, born with the ability to hypnotize, perhaps (from a metaphysical stance) possessed by a demon, and harboring repressed rage because of social shunning and lack of success in the realm of romance, should, at puberty, or soon thereafter … say,  at the age of 14 or 15 … be introduced to the world of metaphysics, and specifically, texts on development of psychic powers, and then to develop an impressive number of psychic abilities, including pyrokinesis, psychokinesis, telekinesis, and levitation (which, according to occult theory, is accomplished with the help of demon allies), in addition to the innate ability to mind control.

What then? If he were to develop a following, what would happen? They would be mind controlled, would they not? And due to the repressed rage of the serial killer, they would be subject to terrifying acts of pyrokinesis, psychokinesis, and telekinesis when his conscious mind relaxed, as for instance …

  • when he used drugs or
  • when he was drowsy or asleep.


What else might set free a deep reservoir of repressed rage? One such actuator might be inability to control a woman, provided his subconscious mind set forth such a woman as the Lilith subconscious symbol.

Actions of Followers Toward a ‘Lilith’ Who Cannot Be Mind-Controlled

The mind-controlled followers of the serial killer would express this rage …

  • perhaps through acting out in the real world, or
  • perhaps through vivid daydreams, astral stories, or night dreams.

They might attempt …

  • to isolate the woman who symbolized Lilith from other people so that she might be more easily mind-controlled by the serial killer;
  • to imprison or control her; or
  • to kill her.

Sexual Rage in a Serial Killer When a ‘Lilith’ Is Perceived to Be Nearby

The serial killer’s rage might be increased by his inability to perform the sex act so long as this uncontrollable woman (elsewhere termed his ‘bad part’) encroaches on his territory, whether this be conceived as geographical territory, or simply within the realm of his mind-control authority.

In other words, in his mind, he is made impotent by the Lilith’s lack of subservience to him. How can he express himself sexually, through sadomasochism, if she is not behaving masochistically?

This theory is easily proven or disproven, by asking the question: When the Lilith is perceived to be at a distance, does he then solicit sex? And: Is this sexual solicitation made of a woman?

Probably not, as the noncompliance of the Lilith, over time, might create an overwhelming feeling of impotence in the presence of women….

Would it not be, then, that the serial killer might seek sexual relief, as soon as the Lilith is at a distance, from a man, with whom he might feel more at ease to express himself in this vulnerable way?

A Vivid Vision: Genital Mutilation of Men When the Lilith Is Perceived to Be Nearby

Here is another question: In an interval when the Lilith is perceived to be near, and threatening, and the serial killer is experiencing psychological and physical impotence, might he be impelled to mind control two other men in this shocking scenario that I viewed on the astral plane …

Both are invited to a sexual rendezvous. One is mind controlled into restraining the other, by holding his arms behind his back. The serial killer whips out a knife, sharpened, in avid anticipation the evening before, severs the head of the second man’s penis, and swallows it. In shock, the mutilated man faints. The serial killer tells the restraining man, through mind control: Prop him up against the wall.

My thoughts on this scenario …

  • In the deep subconscious mind, the serial killer might feel that eating another man’s penis would return him, the serial killer, to a state of sexual potency. Such might happen were the serial killer to be experiencing male menopause, for instance.
  • His life-long ability to mind-control, together with the notion that everyone must be controlled, that no one can be depended on (since he has never been able to attach to anyone), makes the above scenario … as unusual as it is from the perspective of normal behavior) … an expectable outcome, a given, for the serial killer.
  • Positioning of the mutilated, fainted man in an upright position against a wall would result in greater blood flow out of him, what is called, in the slaughter of hogs, ‘bleeding them out’. From this might be gathered, that the mutilated man is perceived as an animal, not a person, even though he might be a follower of the serial killer.


These, then, are my new thoughts on the old topic of the serial killer, based on information Wikipedia has compiled on the topic, which I have attempted to compare to the astral stories on the topic.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: Heart Vampire 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 13 December 2020; revised … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-jMJ ..


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Syncretic Theory on the Antisocial Personality and the ‘Elementary’ (Black Soul or Dark Soul) . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 9 November 2016; published on 12 November 2016; transcribed and revised on 4 March 2019
Old title: The Antisocial Personality and the Dark Soul
Subconscious metaphor: Blown to bits
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Dear Ones,

This video presents a syncretic theory on the class of beings termed the Antisocial Personality (ASP) of Psychology, and the Elementary (aka ‘Black Soul’ or ‘Dark Soul’) of the School of Theosophy.

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