Showing Off Our Superpowers . Mastery of Mind . Social Memory Complexes of the Star Races . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 27 September 2014; republished on 20 June 2017; revised

  • Sidebar: Social Memory Complexes of the Star Races
    • On ‘Grokking’ Other Beings
    • Ra Experience (Hathor; Siriun)
    • Alpha Centaurian Experiences
      • Gift of an EMF Shield
      • On the Alpha Centaurian Social Memory Complex
    • “Aethos” Meditation by Tom Kenyon

Dear Ones,


Here we are coming into Mastery of Mind through the Heart…. I am doing a little waffle step on this …

Heart? Yeah, maybe!
Mind? ok, why not

and so on. Meantime, I have noticed on the telepathic plane that others’ minds are remembering old powers, and feeling their oats… Fortunately a benevolent Universe will not let us actually hurt other folks, though we may frighten them, or be frightened by them, as these powers begin to manifest.


As we clear through the subconscious, we will regain more old turf, returning more fully to cosmic mind. At that point, though, our subconscious will not be tempting us to ‘show off’ like Gary Mitchell did in this episode of Star Trek …

Video: “Star Trek-Trailer TOS-season 1 episode 1-where no man has gone before,” by  Wildsauhunter, 9 January 2009… .. COMMENT: Gary gains the psychic power of psychokinesis (telekinesis) and uses his power unwisely.

So what happened to Gary in that episode, anyway? Here are Captain Kirk and Spock, mulling it over …

Video: “Star Trek – Where No Man Has Gone Before,” by CBS, 3 September 2008 … ..

Guess they finally decided to leave Gary on the planet, but things went from bad to worse, apparently. It all ended up with a fight to the death, and Kirk was the winner …

Video: “William Shatner Shirtless Star Trek 01 Where No Man Has Gone Before,” by Zainin999, 11 August 2012 … ..


Well, I would like to remember the Greatness of my True Self, but I do not want to get into this kind of predicament. Right now I have a couple of aspirations. One is to master my mind, to develop my cosmic mind. For this, I am asking the Alpha Centaurians for help. I like them a lot — so different from the Hathors, so far beyond what this mental mind of mine knows. I aspire to that wisdom they have so carefully nurtured as a social memory complex.

For more from Ra (The Law of One) on meaning of the term ‘social memory complex’, see Link: “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” Social memory complex search … ..

Sidebar: Social Memory Complexes of the Star Races

On ‘Grokking’ Other Beings

I recall from my childhood he standout takeaway I had on reading the book “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert A. Heinlein …

 Link: “Stranger in a Strange Land,” in Wikipedia … ..

That takeaway was the novel word ‘grok’, which meant to understand something in its fullness through one’s empathic abilities. Back then I sensed how liberating it might be to learn to ‘grok’, and began to hone that skill as a help in leading my life.

Ra Experience (Hathor; Siriun)

In recent years I have found it is really mind-expanding to attempt to ‘grok’ … to understand in a visceral, holistic way … the archetypal memory of another star race. I remember my first attempt, with Ra-En, a fourth dimensional social memory complex, as described here …

Link: “Ra-En: First Contact with a Star Civilization,” by Alice B. Clagett, written on 26 September 2013; updated on 24 November 2018 … ..

A Conversation with Alpha Centauri

In recent experiences with those of Alpha Centauri, I have found the thought processes to be so refined, so far beyond me, that I cannot grasp them as words. Apparently they can ‘talk down’ to us though.

Gift of an EMF Shield. A couple of days ago, I placed my Awareness about a foot above my head (at the ninth chakra) and asked for an emotional stabilization technique, and was gifted with an electromagnetic field (EMF) shield that they used in the very early days of their racial history to minimize what we call the ‘Dark network” and visualize as negative astral beings.

Those of Alpha Centauri, however, perceive  the Dark network as unnecessary fluctuations in a being’s EMF. In other words, not as separate, negative ‘entities’ sporting about one’s energy field; rather, as a discrete, stand-alone, energy stabilization issue; that being our own stabilization of our personal electromagnetic field.

The Alpha Centauri meditation I did a few days ago felt like this …

Image: “Diamond LIght” … … DESCRIPTION: Two spheres of light against a dark and starry sky. Diamonds rain down from the higher sphere to the lower. Celia Fenn calls it the Diamond Light. See …LInk: “Starchild Global with Celia Fenn” … ..

On the Alpha Centaurian Social Memory Complex. To be truthful, I have developed quite a fondness for the Alpha Centaurians. As I recall, they are one of the oldest star races in this Universe. Maybe the oldest. Anyway, they have been around for countless aeons. Their direction as a social memory complex is the path of Wisdom, and their learning is so beyond us that I have unusual difficulty translating my lingo to something to which their social memory complex can relate.

By comparison, the Hathor social memory complex is ‘a walk in the park’.

Just to give you an example, when I say to them: I really like you.

.. they say: What is ‘like’?

Uh oh … So then I tried: I meant to say, “I feel in awe of you.”

To which they say: What is ‘awe’?

So now I am getting the drift that they are so very far past emotions that they are puzzled by the concept. And our current human social memory complex is driven by subconsciously imprinted emotions. Very big disconnect here.

So I tried this: In human terms, ‘awe’ means a temporary state of emotional body stability caused by unexpected, perceived resonance with another being’s EMF.

That is how we arrived at the issue of emotional body flux and the need for an electromagnetic field (EMF) shield …



“Aethos” Meditation by Tom Kenyon

I would like to develop the ability to resonate with the song of the Universe, the beautiful song of the Stars. So, believe I will take up once again listening to Tom Kenyon’s “Aethos” mp3.

In case it is of interest, here are Tom Kenyon and the Hathors describing at length the Aethos …

Link: “The Aethos and Non-Dual States of Reality: A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon” … ..

Here are his Aethos meditations, channeled through a 10th dimensional Hathor … as I understand it, 10D to a Hathor is like Christ to a Christian … and available as mp3s ..

Link: “Aethos,: by Tom Kenyon … ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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