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Filmed on 10 February 2017; published on 14 February 2017


Dear Ones,

This is a video about ways to hold the mental imagery that accompanies Light upgrades. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I was watching a film called “The Last Avatar,” a film by Jay Weidner, produced by Sharron Rose, starring Alexander Polinsky, Adey and Neale Donald Walsch … feel this film to be related to Ascension skills.

It has been quite an interesting experience for me to watch this film over and over again. That is the cause of this video: I do suggest purchasing or viewing this film. It think it is a good Ascension aid to see how other people are seeing this process, and to think about that.

This film describes a transformational experience that occurs to a young man; what I would call an ‘upgrade’. The Incoming Light is bringing about these upgrades of understanding or Awareness, which are downloaded from the ‘user manual’ of the Soul field. The downloads descend to our physical and subtle bodies, our incarnate form, so that we can make greater use of the Soul field while in physical form. That is just my way of saying it.

But his visualization or ideation of what occurs during that process is what interests me in particular. I hope to be able to convey this correctly. You see, here we are, in a very deep, dak, dense realm of predator-prey relationships.

The way the movie visualizes this upgrade process is of interest to me. Some years ago, in 2011, I wrote a paper in which I termed that relationship the ‘aggressor-victim paradigm‘ … or the ‘victim-aggressor paradigm’ (which means the same thing).

Link: “Releasement of the Darkest Secrets of the Subconscious Mind,” by Alice B. Clagett. published on 1 May 2016, updated … …

This blog category also has to do with my blog category: Patriarchal domination mental filter / victim-aggressor / V— D—

If you imagine that the premise of life on Earth during the Age of Darkness has been that one being must sacrifice its life in order for another being to stay alive.

One might imagine, for instance, life on the African savanna, and the predator-prey relationship between the lions and gazelles there.

Similarly, in the succession of generations here on Earth, one generation must pass on to make way for the new generation.

In the Christian religion, there is a more transformational view of this. It has to do with Christ sacrificing his life, in love, for the heightened Awareness … the Christ consciousness … of all the people that are willing to learn from his example.

Christ had a way of stating the aggressor-victim paradigm, the predator-prey relationship, through the lens of love; of the fifth dimension; of Christed or Buddhic consciousness.

That transformational vision he had was a way to uplift us all into an understanding that the predator-prey relationship … as real as it may seem in the third and the fourth dimensions … is not the truth of the matter. The truth of the matter is that these false visions of the way things are, were created to teach our Souls what the true vision is. The true vision has to do with love, and Light, and joy.

That is the greatness of the teaching of Christ and the Buddha. The Buddha, though, taught more of peace, despite the display of animal brutality, of war and death, and so forth.

In the movie “The Last Avatar,” a young man was going through a changeup or upgrade in his hologram. He visualized that there were Controllers … mean, nasty men who were controlling the whole world; who could mind control people and get them to commit suicide, and like that; they had people who were working as assassins for them, and all that.

To continue with the movie: This young man had a transformational experience of greater Awareness. Then he found a way to tell the world about it, so that they could act on it if they wanted to (through fractal dispersal of the upgrade, to use my terminology).

His experience, while he was transmitting this information, was that there were mercenaries in camouflage outfits outside the building, getting ready to kidnap him and take him to a Controller.

(I will not tell you the end of the movie, or the main part of the movie; there were all kinds of interesting things going on in the movie. This is just one, tiny aspect/)

This is a frequent occurrence as upgrade occurs: We think that there are people ‘out there’ in the world who are trying to kill us, or hurt us, or subdue us, or prevent us from knowing or learning these new things to do with our upgrade.

But in fact, what is happening is that the mental mind is throwing up a mental filter based on past learning; based on past insufficient understanding of the way things were.

Renowned clairvoyant Lisa Gawlas has more to say about this phenomenon. See …

Link: “Living, Being Multidimensional and the Full Moon Eclipse!” by Lisa Gawlas, 9 February 2017 … … the first 5 paragraphs.

As she terms it, the mind has an automatic mechanism in it that assigns meaning derived through known, past events to novel events that are occurring.

In other words, the job of the mental mind is to come up with hypotheses that suddenly become ‘true’, so as to explain something that is going on that may be totally new.

So the upgrade is to an understanding we did not know about or have before, but are now experiencing in that higher dimension; but down here, in this predator-prey dimension, it seems that we are being preyed upon, simply because something new has happened, that triggers those responses.

So the minute we realize that Solar Events are happening, that Light is coming in, that something astrogeophysically unusual is happening, and the astral chatter is getting very intense, the thing to do is to not fall into these predator-prey mental filters, but instead, to have faith, to have hope, to trust and understand that what is happening is really a good thing.

In that way, when we get the upgrade, then we will be immediately able to place our Awareness in the higher dimension or timeline that is being downloaded.

If we do not then what will happen is, we will get the download, but we will not be aware of it. We will still be running through the paranoia of the third and fourth dimensions. We will still be going through that in our minds, and we will not quite grasp the optimum timeline and dimension at that time. Not till a little later on, most likely.

So the thing to do, is to not get stuck in the physicality of it … the very real physical notion that there are real threats and danger down here.

What is happening is for the good. It is for the highest. It is for the best. And any kind of mental scenario such as guerrilla warriors coming in, or paratroopers, or ‘death bearing drones’ is just the scary movie our mental minds are concocting to explain what’s happening.

Until recently, Hollywood was featuring all that scary movie stuff all the time! Now, though, there are great changes taking place.

For instance, there is has over 7000 inspirational films.

Then there are Hallmark Movies Now … which offers many great movies based on love.

These new entertainment options represent the new paradigm coming in … the one that is heralded by all kinds of scary movies in the mind, and accompanied by the release of Soul wounding from many other incarnations. So, it seems real, and suddenly it is gone.

So, as they say: Keep your eye on the ‘bouncing ball’! Do not pay any attention to the peripheral vision right now, as the new Light is coming in very intensely

All is well. All is just as it should be. All is love and Light and joy, for sure.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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