Saga of the Backboard – Law of Karma – Telepathic ‘Attack’ . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 6 March 2014; published on 26 February 2018

    • The Saga of the Backboard, Out in the Country, Back Home
    • The Law of Karma and the Boomerang Effect
    • The Notion of ‘I’ and ‘Other’ in re Hostile Telepathic Volleys
    • Cause and Effect Within the Personal Hologram
    • On Yelling Back at Telepathic Threat Energies
    • On Being the Neutral Witness to the Telepathic Fray

Dear Ones,

Here’s a video the Saga of the Backboard, the law of karma, our holograms (5th dimension), the world of duality (3rd and 4th dimensions), telepathic attack, causal reality, being the neutral witness, detecting and resolving energy distortions, and clearing the aura.

There’s a Summary below the video …



Dear Ones,

There was something I meant to mention to you a while back, but it has taken me a while to talk about it. I call it the saga of the backboard. It’s a very short saga, so I’ll tell you all about it.

The Saga of the Backboard, Out in the Country, Back Home

When I was young, I used to practice my tennis swing against a backboard. On the side of the court, there was a plywood wall. You could aim your tennis ball at the plywood wall … the backboard … and then it would come back to you. And so, you could keep playing, as if you were playing with a partner, right? Which was handy,because I lived out in the country, and there weren’t a lot of partners out there.

The Law of Karma and the Boomerang Effect

So, I got to thinking about the Law of Karma … cause and effect … that we find ourselves subject to when we’re in the third and fourth dimensions, and heading toward the fifth. So the deal is this:

We think a thought. And it’s like hitting a tennis ball against a backboard. The ball bounces back at us, from the edge of our hologram. Now, if we think an emotion-laden thought, especially directed at somebody else, it’s like hitting that ball really hard. And so it bounces back at us really hard.

The Notion of ‘I’ and ‘Other’ in re Hostile Telepathic Volleys

When we’re living in 3D, we think that there’s a world of ‘I and other’ … me and somebody else … me and lots of other people. And we think that we’re at the effect of these other people.

So, we might get incoming, unfriendly telepathic thoughts, right? Or we might be triggered by some emotional-mental stimulus to our auric field, from somebody else. And we think: Gosh, that person is out to get us! Or we think: That person is doing something to us! Right? [laughs] And so, we think something back at them, right?

Especially, we’re tagged by something in the resonance of their telepathic message, and that tags into something in our energy field. And we have a shotgun response from our gut, right? Typically. And so we think something back at them.

Cause and Effect Within the Personal Hologram

So, what really happens? Are they affected by our thought? Maybe … If their own gut responds to something about the energy signature of what we sent. But if their gut is clear … or relatively clear … what’s happening to us? Ok?

It’s like a chain of cause and effect is set up within our own hologram where we think something … We got a pinch from somebody. We think something back at them … It hits the edge of our hologram, and bounces back. We think: My God, they’re after us! [laughs]

And we think back something furious! And that bounces back even faster and harder, and hits us. Right? And it spins along like that, until it reaches breathtaking proportions … I’ll tell you a personal story about it …

On Yelling Back at Telepathic Threat Energies

Last week I thought: Gee, I’m being a wuss with regard to these telepathic threat energies that seem to be coming into my auric field for the last two weeks. Right? Maybe I should fight back! … Instead of just letting it go straight up to the Divine, or straight through my heart to the Divine … straight up, or straight through … I thought: Gee, maybe I should be doing something about this!

So I tried yelling, and getting angry, and cussing and carrying on. I tried it for about 2 hours one day. And then that night, I woke up, in the middle of the night. And there was this infernal racket in my own aura … inside of my own hologram!

The stuff that I had been yelling all day was ratcheting back and forth like an eternal motion machine! Thank goodness, it was gone the next morning. I’ll never do that again! [laughs] I really learned my lesson.

On Being the Neutral Witness to the Telepathic Fray

So the thing to do, I feel, is to be as neutral as possible … To be the neutral witness … to feel, in our own hearts, these distortions that are coming up through our aura. And just notice them, and let the heart deal with it, you know? Let the Divine deal with it. Because, Lord knows, we don’t have those skills. [laughs] … At least I don’t!

And so, that’s the story of the backboard. [waves goodbye] [Short video clip: Pepper tree leaves waving in the wind]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Here’s a video about the tennis backboard:

Video: “Tennis wall is a powerful tool,” by Slajspl, 4 May 2013, ..


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