Report on Health Effects of a Copper Fabric ‘Bath’ . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 29 August 2021


Dear Ones,

I purchased a 78 inch by 43 inch length of the Amradield Store copper fabric from to see what would happen if I placed it over myself as I lay on my back.

  • The first time I used it, I felt a happy ‘thrill’ in the electromagnetic field of the frontal vortex of my heart chakra, as if my heart were welcoming the presence of the copper.
  • Then I noticed a cleansing or clearing of the EMF fields of each of my personal chakras.
  • Then I experienced a surprising amount of mucus coming up from my lungs and down from my sinuses and emptying into my gastrointestinal tract. The mucus continued to clear for about 30 minutes; after that I took the copper fabric off and carefully (as it seems fragile to me) folded it up.

A week later I tried this copper fabric ‘bath’ once again. This time there was the same feeling of EMF regeneration, but no mucus clearing, and I felt that the process was ended after 10 minutes, so I took the copper fabric off then.

I recall I went to an energy healer who was then here in Los Angeles back in the early 2000s. He had good astral vision, I feel, and he said he could see mucus here and there indicating disease or maybe ‘dis-ease’ in his patients’ bodies. He would use his psychic ability to send the mucus (maybe on the astral plane?) away.

I am guessing, then, that removal of excess physical mucus from the body would be a good thing. As well, after my mild bout with COVID in early March 2020 and two COVID vaccinations a year later, I have in recent months been experiencing more than the usual amount of mucus in my lungs and sinuses, but of course, less so after the copper fabric ‘baths’.

My own idea about this excess mucus is that it may have to do with the pneumonia aspect of COVID; that it may take a long time for the lungs to get completely back to normal after pneumonia, and that regular exercise, relatively mucus-free diet, and 7 hours’ rest a night might help prevent ‘long COVID’ symptoms.

As well, my experience with copper fabric has proven helpful for me. I realize this is but anecdotal evidence. I would be very interested in my readers’ experience with copper fabric, if you would like to comment about it. The comment forms are at the bottom of every post.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett,
I Am of the Stars

I have posted this to Pragmatic Prophecy as well.


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