Recognizing and Rising Above the Unconscious Mind . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 19 September 2015; published on 21 September 2015; transcribed on 10 January 2019

    • Lack of Clear Concept of One’s Own Personality
    • Childlike Misuse of Personal Pronouns
    • Childlike Curses
    • Evaluating Astral Stories
    • Unconscious Mind: Blurring and Glomming of Consciousness
    • Glom Effect: Noospheric Energy Flow, and Gender Merging
    • Unconscious (Underwater, Sleeping) Mind … And Rising to Consciousness
    • Rising to Consciousness
    • The Masculine Wound … The Primal Drive to Rape and Kill … Neutral, Peaceful Mind
    • Faces in Rock. or Hidden in Nature
      • Faces Hidden in Rock
      • Faces Hidden in Nature

Dear Ones,

This video offers clair insights into the workings of the unconscious mind. Beneath the video is a greatly edited Summary, with additional sections and changes in green font.



This is Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have a few clarifying comments to make on the Collective Unconscious Mind of humanity … or what I used to call the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World.

Lack of Clear Concept of One’s Own Personality

One difficulty in analyzing astral stories that are taking place in people’s unconscious or subconscious minds is that, at that level of awareness … in those deep levels of awareness (or I should say ‘unawareness’, perhaps) … people do not relate to themselves as personality. They do not know the difference between their personality and that of someone else. So they can very easily slip into the persona of another human being, and to imagining that they are that … and not really know the difference.

And also, what, at a higher level of awareness would be known as different personalities, can blend together, in the subconscious and unconscious thought streams, in such a way that they do not really distinguish between each other.

Childlike Misuse of Personal Pronouns

Another characteristic of the subconscious and unconscious planes is the use of the ‘objective case’ of pronouns for the people of other genders. For instance, I might hear, on the astral plane: Her said this  …  or  …  Him said that.  Mostly I hear Her said this  … or  …  did that …  or like that  …  referring to me; as if the consciousness has receded to a time of infancy, when the personal pronouns were not yet mastered. Interesting, huh?

Childlike Curses

Another idiosyncrasy of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World right now … as far as men are concerned … has to do with the use of the world ‘Rotterdam’ as a childish substitute for a curse. And the interesting history of this word, is that one of the very first people to rise on this wave of consciousness, was very precocious. And he found out about that word, and used it as a way to escape from his guardians’ admonition that he should never use a curse word. And so, instead of using a curse word, he used the word ‘Rotterdam’.

There is something that I need to explain about that word ‘Rotterdam’: It has a Dark energy meaning. And that meaning is: Kill the mother … A ‘dam’ is a female horse; a mother horse, or else a mother dog. So the first thing is, at a very deep, unconscious level, it reduces women to the animal nature … and adds to that the significance of the alternate spelling ‘damn’. So there you have the subconscious meaning: Damn the women who bear children; they are only animals. 

And the prefix ‘Rotter-” adds emphasis to that. It means Rot their bodies  …  or  …  Rot them, kill them, and damn them to hell.  And so it has a very unfortunate, dark meaning to it.

Now this is a very socially unacceptable feeling, that is expressed in this hidden way by this word ‘Rotterdam’, which, interestingly enough, comes up in the subconscious flow of thought of this person, almost with every sentence … as if it were a fondness that the person has for that word.

Just reading into that, a lesson for all humankind as we all become more clair … more clairvoyant and more clairaudient … When we hear some word with great symbolic import, repeated over and over again, we can be sure that it is coming up like that, so that it will come to the attention of the personality, the ego, involved, and so that it can clear the Soul wounding that has taken place.

In this case, the Soul wounding happened when the child was very, very young … too young to be able to deal with it. It involved the child’s mother, and so the child had no one to depend on, after that, to talk to about this. So this word ‘Rotterdam’, in this instance, has to do with the lack of motherly love to see the child consistently through this great incident of Soul wounding in early youth.

I am sure that was not intended by that young person. That just needs to be replaced with some more positive energy right now; because what has happened is, one of these first people to rise up, had a following of energy … a glom effect … that was humongous, and that encompasses more and more people who are men every day, as they rise up to consciousness. And they are all using that word.

And so it just happens, for this wave of Ascension, that that word indicates that a person is still in an unconscious state of awareness, or has temporarily sunk down to an unconscious state of awareness. So if you are listening … if you are clairaudient … that is a clue to you that you are encountering the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World.

Evaluating Astral Stories

And so, at that level of awareness, an astral story may be taking place in the name of a particular person … A person may call himself by a particular name, and not actually be that person. That person may be someone that the Higher Consciousness of that speaking voice admires, or dislikes … or mostly, admires or pals around with.

So I may form an opinion, in my conscious mind, that this person is who he says he is. But quite likely … and very often … it is not the case. It is just a murky, confusing situation down there.

Unconscious Mind: Blurring and Glomming of Consciousness

I have seen artists depict the unconscious realm as facial features of people, distorted, and merging with the facial features of other people. And that is kind of how I hear it too … The way that I hear it, on the astral plane, is the way that some artists depict it.

One such image … Link: “Many Faces of One,” by Ilana Katz … is currently unavailable online. It had on it many faces, one of what appeared to be a lowering clown; one of a person sticking out his tongue; two people with their faces glommed together at the chin; and faces of other people. It looked like these faces might be floating above a wood floor. 

More watercolors by and information on Ilana Katz are here … ..

Then there is this artwork …

Image: “Faces in My Vegetable,” by Anna Porter … ..

More information on this painting and on Anna Porter and is here … Link: “Faces in My Vegetable” by Anna Porter … ..

I noticed as well that fun-house mirror images convey the effect of glomming of people’s subconscious minds, as the heads of several people standing near each other can seem to merge together in the mirror image.

Glom Effect: Noospheric Energy Flow, and Gender Merging

The Collective Unconscious, or what I used to call the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World, It is all mergy and un-“I”-ish, and it tends to take, say, all male people on Earth as one person.

A lot of unconscious male voices may be glomming together, but each of those voices believes that it is the only one talking. It is the ‘I’ … and the only ‘I’ in the whole Universe that is male. You know?

And it may hear a female voice … or many female voices … glomming and talking back, and call it ‘her’ … ‘Her’ is talking … like that. [laughs] … But you know, that is how it is down there, in the subconscious mind. 

And yet, that ‘her’ may think that she is the only person talking, that is female … and yet be glomming with gadzillion other female voices, at that level.

I found an abstract painting that symbolizes for me the movement of the energies of the unconscious noospheric energies, and how they merge and glom together, and how one succeeds the next …

Image: “Many Faces in the Mix” by John Revitte … ..

Unconscious (Underwater, Sleeping) Mind

I found a video that I like very much. The video represents the deep subconscious mind, and comes from one of the Hobbit movies. Note the brief glimpse of the spirits under water in the Dead Marshes, from the movie “Lord of the Rings” … 

Video: “The Lord of the Rings – The Dead Marshes (HD),” by TheLotrTV, 26 January 2014 … ..

Rising to Consciousness

As an ascending person, I sometimes astrally sense contrapuntal noospheric arguments, as it were, that snag my own unconscious mind … the notion, for instance, that a man is pursuing me with violent fantasies and possible violent intentions. Such energy threads are pretty easy to deal with, out here in the country, I guess because there are less people per square inch, and the noospheric energy is thinner … or so I surmise! [laughs]. But in the big cities, they can glom together, and become quite a stream of energy.

My feeling is that my job, as a person that is becoming more aware … rising in consciousness and in Light … my job, when these noospheric stories start, that have to do with the deep, deep unconscious mind of other people … my job is to rise above them, and to become very aware of them, and to be neutral about them.

This image by Benjamin Craig, represents very well, I feel, the rising to consciousness from this sleeping state, almost like an underwater state of suspended animation …

Image: Booooooom” by Benjamin Craig … “Painting of a young man emerging from water,” by Benjamin Craig, at I Heart My Art … … DESCRIPTION: The face of a young man shown three times. At the bottom of the image, the face is submerged under water and the eyes closed. In the middle of the image, the face is emerging from the surface of the water and the eyes and mouth are opening. Near the top of the photo the face is out of the water, the eyes are gazing up towards the sky, and the mouth is open, as if breathing in air. There are red flower petals floating on the water. A big brown snake is swimming through the water on the left side and top of the image; its head is near top right, and its red eyes are open. The snake might represent the fear death, or fear of exposing subconscious, repressed thoughts and emotions, or the kundalini energy of awakening.

You can find more on Benjamin Craig artist here …

Link: BOOOOOOOM: Benjamin Craig, 12 October 2013 … ..

And so … especially if it has to do with primal drives such as fear of death or the desire to kill, and sexual desire, and will to power in the world … when the flow of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World has to do with these things, and maybe all of them all together represent a widely geographically dispersed sexual fantasy of violence that I have been sensing, off and on, through what is known as ‘gut brain’ telepathy … the first thing to do, as an ascending person, is to know that these noospheric primal drive disturbances are happening.

The next thing is to bring the ego into it … to know that I, the ego, am something different from that undercurrent of energy that I am sensing. It is someone else’s attacking energy; one person, or a number of people, are telepathically attacking, perhaps, with the assumption that they are the only ego in the world, and that they are the only ego that deserves to be in the world. We do have a subconscious level of awareness that is just that.

My job is to rise into an understanding of individualization … individual ego … even though my primal drives are under threat of attack … And then, to divorce myself from the astral energy that is happening, and to become one with other energies that are peaceful in my environment … such as my electromagnetic field (my ‘aura’). Or I might concentrate on kinesthetic awareness, or concentrate on sounds around me, or become one with the Sunlight (which is a wonderful feeling).

And in that way, my attention is entrained away from the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World, and into my own physical process, and my awareness in the third dimension.

The Masculine Wound … The Primal Drive to Rape and Kill … Neutral, Peaceful Mind

In the next blog, which is a companion blog, I am going to be talking some about one of the daydreams that the masculine Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World has been falling into …

Link: “Personal Recollections: Rising to Awareness in the City of the Angels,” by Alice B. Clagett, Filmed on 19 September 2015, ..

Meantime, here are a few thoughts on that topic: The Ascension Glossary speaks of the “Masculine Wound” …

Link: “Masculine Wound,” in “Ascension Glossary” … ..

If I were a man working on the Masculine Wound, I would be arising to awareness, right now, of the primal drive to rape and kill, and to take over the world … those primal drives that are more masculine in nature …

And I would be striving mightily to individuate my own awareness from that stream of primal energy in the world today. That is my clue regarding a possible mission for men, right now, in clearing the masculine wound: To individuate, and to separate, and to become the neutral mind, and the peaceful mind … and to allow these energies, that flow through the first three chakras … the lower chakras … of all men on Earth, to simply flow; and to be; without objecting to them; without identifying with them; just simply to be at ease with the energetic of the Masculine Wound that you are now rising to awareness to sense.

Faces in Rock. or Hidden in Nature

Sometimes people find faces hidden in rocks, or in other natural features. This is a little like viewing the merging and glomming aspects of the ‘gut brains’ of many people that take place in the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World. The rocks, or other natural features, represent the Cloud, and the faces represent the contributions of individual ‘gut brains’ to the Cloud as a whole.

Thus I feel that looking for faces in rocks or other natural features may help sharpen the intuition regarding how to hold our perception of gut brain telepathic events.

Faces Hidden in Rock. You may find a few faces in these cliffs …


Image: “Rock face 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Rock face 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Rock face 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Rock face 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0


Image: “Rock face 3,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Rock face 3,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

The next photo is a closeup of a ‘face in rock’ at the top of the above photo …


Image: “Rock face 4,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Rock face 4,” by Alice B. Clagett, 19 September 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Faces Hidden in Nature. Here is another exercise that may help sharpen intuitive understanding of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World; it is to find the 13 hidden faces in this landscape painting …

Link: “13 Hidden Faces Illusion,” by James Dean, 13 October 2006 … ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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