Purgatory: Astral Subplane 4N . by Alice B. Clagett

    • Fourth Subplane Negative
    • On Body Elementals
    • Scapegoating That Occurs When a Group’s Spiritual Teacher Is Not Your Spiritual Teacher
    • Alice’s Incarnational Stories: A Child in India
    • On an Attitude of Religious Tolerance
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

This is about astral subplane 4 negative, known in the Christian faiths as ‘purgatory’. In that realm, patriarchal domination, group concensus, social opprobrium, judgments and vengeance rule folks’ thought forms, and so they have no free will. Also: body elementals that are grouchy; a reincarnation story; curses and vengeance vs religious tolerance and forgiveness; and adopting a lighthearted approach to societal opprobrium, scapegoating, and bloodletting.

There is a lightly edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Fourth Subplane Negative

I have a notion, now, about what the middle astral planes are like … around level 4, around there. I think that area is where people’s astral form is fairly well solidified, and well formed. It looks like people are when you look at them in the real, 3D world … the physical world … except that they are astral.

And I think one of the characteristics of that part of the astral realm is that, for one thing, men tend to lord it over women; it is a patriarchal domination kind of area, in 4N (fourth level negative). And the other thing is that judgments abound: People are always judging other people. And other people feel bad about being judged. [laughs] So people have a lot of opinions about other people, and how they should live their lives. And everybody is afraid to depart from the consensus of their group about how they should be!

I call this a purgatory world. In fact, when people make love, in that area … fourth subplane negative) … instead of saying something positive about it, the men are saying: Purgatory, purgatory, purgatory! [laughs]

I asked one of them once, from a great distance: Why are you saying ‘purgatory’ when you are enjoying yourself? 

And he said: I never thought about it; that’s just the way I learned to do it.

Purgatory, I guess, is like that: It is when we depend upon other people for ideas about things, and we do not find the enjoyment in things that can be greatly enjoyed. So I am saying goodbye to fourth subplane negative!

On Body Elementals

Well, so, when I concluded talking about that purgatory story, I heard, from a long way, the nature spirit … the body elemental (BE) that is charged with that thought. And it was embarrassed! I did not know that body elementals could get embarrassed; but it was upset with me for saying that. And it wanted to clarify that it only thought that thought “purgatory” when it could not conclude with its business.

So then I said: Well, would it be ok, then, at the very conclusion, to say a word like “Hallelujah,” or some kind of word like that … some kind of happy word?

And it was in such a temper it just stalked away and groused off. [laughs]

Maybe it will think about it. BEs do not have very big mental processes; they usually have but one function to carry out. Sometimes I think of them as ‘bees’, because some body elementals have that quality of stinging us, or goading us into action, or doing something that we do not like … in which case, if you interfere, it is kind of like stepping into a hornet’s nest … into a swarm of bees. [laughs]

But most of them are not like that; most of them are very helpful. They only get out of tune or out of temper when we program them with some kind of information that is not natural to them, you know? Because love and Light is their quality, just like it is ours. That is enough of that.

Scapegoating That Occurs When a Group’s Spiritual Teacher Is Not Your Spiritual Teacher

This is further to the discussion of the fourth level of the astral plane negative: We were talking a little about judgment and the opinion of the group, that you have to hold the same opinions as they do, and behave in the same way as they do, and how these are hallmarks of that level of the astral plane … the kind of place where free will just does not exist, you know?

I thought I would give an example about that, which is a rather extreme example. This has to do with, when someone else has a spiritual teacher that is not your spiritual teacher.

You know how folks on Earth congregate round particular spiritual teachers? … like, for instance, Christ is esteemed by many as the most important spiritual teacher on Earth. And among many other people, the Buddha is. And in addition to these two, great teachers, there are many other great teachers at all levels, that have their adherents.

So there are all kinds of spiritual groups that have their adherents. And one of the worst insults that you can do to a spiritual group, is to tell them that you do not like their spiritual teacher. And this can take all kinds of subtle forms … but what it results in, is massive, group condemnation.

They will rise, as one, and turn against you, the single individual who does not like their teacher, who means very much to them, in terms of spiritual leadership, and a way to live by, and all that. It is ‘the be all and the end all’ in some cases, you know?

And as if that were not enough, lots of times some aspect … some shadow aspect of that spiritual teacher, or that guru, or that ascended master, or that great teacher who is on the astral realm, will attack you personally! What a fix to be in! What a place, in the astral realm, to find yourself in! Do you not think?

Actually, I find myself in that position, right now. And I have tried all kinds of ways of getting out of it. I am just stuck in fourth subplane negative, right now.

And what I feel, is that the students of this teacher, that I feel is not my teacher … Christ is my teacher! … I am willing to say it: Christ is my teacher! … But there are a lot of other good teachers out there, and there are an awful lot of groups that are willing to pillory you, and condemn you, if you do not believe in their teacher.

Go figure! Because all the teachers are heading towards the Light, and heading up, and planning on God consciousness, and like that, You would think they would form an alliance; I hope they formed an alliance … but even if they have formed an alliance, this thing about social contracts and scapegoating and bloodletting, and all this stuff, is still happening on Earth, for the groups that feel that somebody else is not a member of their group … and most particularly, not an adherent of their spiritual teacher. Hum!

It comes in the form of trick questions; like, just now, I was talking on the psychic plane. I was trying not to; I was heading home; I was getting kind of tired. I had been out in nature all day long. I was heading home, and somebody asked me, on the psychic plane, kind of a trick question. It was about their spiritual teacher. And they asked about a past lifetime in which I had known that spiritual teacher, and something bad had happened. They asked me what had happened.

And when I explained what had happened, they became extremely furious … full of unconscious curses about how I had dissed their guru.

First of all: It was their question. I should have been astute enough to ask them to talk to their own spiritual teacher, or pursue that person’s teachings.

. . . . .

Alice’s Incarnational Stories: A Child in India

I will tell you what happened in that other lifetime …

It was a century or so ago; I was a child in India. It was kind of a good story in the long run. [Everybody is taking their boats home from the lake right now; and they have to go uphill to get there, so it is a little bit noisy. You will pardon me. The Sun is going to be setting pretty soon.] So anyway, this thing happened to me. I am kind of in a quandary. About that lifetime, what happened was …

I was a child of two or three; I had just learned to walk. I was in India. And I was with my mom at a market in India. You know, the markets in India … they are not like markets in the United States. It is an open air market, and there is a lot of commotion and confusion.

A sadhu walked by. To me, he was an older person; but probably, I guess, maybe in his thirties. And he had the typical sadhu appearance …

Image: “Sadhus Walking on Kathmandu Durbar Square,” taken by Peter Akkermans, Konica Minolta Digital Camera, Nepal, May 2007, from Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sadhus_Kathmandu.jpg … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

Image: “Sadhus Walking on Kathmandu Durbar Square,” taken by Peter Akkermans, Konica Minolta Digital Camera, Nepal, May 2007; transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Usr: Quadell, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

… and I was intrigued by his spiritual air. Even at the age of two or three, I had had an interest in spirituality, you know? So just … magically … I started following him. And while I was following him … probably I was not even aware of it … I lost my mother in the crowd.

I found myself in completely strange surroundings. And he turned; and he saw me following him. And he saw the look in my eyes, that I wanted to be a spiritual student of his. And he threw me down into a gutter.

There I was, completely lost! And you know, life is not of much value in India … or at least, back then it was not. I was very fortunate! I was crying in the gutter, and a woman found me, who raised me up as if I were her own child. I was extremely fortunate in that.

In my latter years … after I had had a husband, and children … and raised my children, and taken care of my husband … there was time, at the end of my life, for me to practice kirtan. There were years in which I was able to practice kirtan every day, and sing with the other ladies in the temple. It was pretty cool. It was a very cool experience!

But the thing is, the sadhu was the same person as the spiritual teacher to which this other person referred. Now, what are you going to do? You know? For me, that kind of person is not the kind of person for me. For the next person, it might be just their cup of tea.

On an Attitude of Religious Tolerance

But I think we, as spiritual people, during this process when everybody’s thoughts are becoming transparent to everybody else … I think we need to stand back, and be very copacetic with all the other spiritual groups’ religious beliefs … and their spiritual teachers, their ascended masters, their gurus, and like that.

If we are Christian, let us not laugh at people who are Buddhist; Buddhism is their sincere belief. If we are people who have had bad experiences, in past lifetimes, with spiritual teachers that are much revered by groups today, then let us give them the space to do what they wish.

And let us be careful not to be criticizing them, in any way: For this is their choice, towards the higher consciousness. And most particularly, let us not curse other people, simply because they are not on our spiritual path. Let us not harbor vengeance, or hardness of heart, or desire to get even with them for not believing what we believe.

Otherwise, as the Ascension process continues, we will create for ourselves this terrible level of hell … or I should say, purgatory … because there in the middle [points to mid-chest] that place is where we are not free to express our true selves, because of the opinion of other people.

There is something about forgiveness … It just immediately lifts up the heart, and lifts up the Soul to a higher level of the astral plane. And it is not an easy thing to do. I mean, in my case there are people that have been pursuing me on the astral plane for years, for this reason.

And I used to take it very seriously: Witchcraft? No, I do not think so! You know? … Curses? No, I do not think so! All these charms and things, and manipulation of the second chakra, to get me to be a different way? I do not think so! I Am I … like that.

Today, it got to be pretty excruciating, again, you know? … pretty excruciating. So finally I thought: Why not just laugh and let it go? … Make a little fun … Make it a light-hearted situation.

And if that does not work … because most likely, it is not the spiritual teachers that are involved; most likely it is the group consensus. It is the social contract of the group that is causing this. And if the purpose of the group … I mean, this is just a little bit sneaky, ok? … If the purpose of the group is to be in consensus, each with the other, because everyone is concerned about everybody else’s opinion, then a little, light-hearted making fun of the people might have them go away.

And so, I tried a little of that. I did not want to be too heavy duty; but like a little child: Oh my gosh, how silly you are being! This is so silly! I can’t believe it! … like that.

–from Link: “Purgatory: Astral Subplane 4N,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 16 August 2015; published on 22 April 2016 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5a7 ..

. . . . .


If I think of anything else … because I know there are more of you going through this, right now … I will let you know. I know we do not know much of what is going on during this process. I am sure we are going to be taken care of. I am sure it is going to be ok. It is a little bit of a bumpy road today, but I am sure it will be just fine.

Love you all lots. Take care of yourselves. Stick to your spiritual guns. It is all right; it is ok to be yourself. Love you lots. Take care.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Filmed on 16 August 2015; published on 22 April 2016; transcribed on 10 February 2019; revised on 26 February 2023
The incarnational story was revised and excerpted to “My Memories of Other Incarnations.”


Image: “Aster and Chaparral,” by Alice B. Clagett, 17 August 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0 International, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” https://awakeningwithplanetearth.com ..

Image: “Aster and Chaparral,” by Alice B. Clagett, 17 August 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0 International, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” https://awakeningwithplanetearth.com ..  


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