On Honoring the Wishes of the Terminally Ill . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 8 February 2019
Previously titled: Notice: On Honoring the Wishes of the Terminally Ill

Dear Ones,

The impetus for this story was an astral story that was circulating through the noosphere while I was living in Colorado in 2015. Whether this story had to do with Colorado, or whether it might have had to do with movies or television shows that were being viewed at that time, I do not know.

The astral story had to do with a middle-aged woman and a male accomplice who were euthanizing elderly men with memory problems in a rest home, or maybe in various rest homes. In this hypothetical story, family members of these elderly men were presented with a cost analysis comparing the cost of caring for the men in the rest home for a few more years, compared to the cost of euthanasia.

As the astral story went, the first 12 old men were euthanized at a cost of $20,000 each, paid to the male accomplice and accomplished by the middle-aged woman, whose profession had to do with health care, or was tangential to health care.

The following year, which would have been 2016, according to the astral story, there was less demand for euthanasia in the geographic area where they worked, so the price was lowered to $12,000 per act of euthanasia, and 8 more elderly men were euthanized.

After that, there was no more demand for euthanasia of elderly men in that geographic locale … My hypothesis about this is that there was no more ‘product’ … no more elderly men with memory problems in the area; or maybe that the families of the remaining elderly men cared too much for them to agree to euthanasia.

My personal stance towards euthanasia is that it ought not be done, under any circumstances. My feeling is that everyone has an optimal ‘death date’ … or maybe several optimal ‘death dates’ prearranged through agreement of their Soul and their guardian angels, in alignment with God’s will.

I feel it would be best to leave that date and time to God, and not intervene, thinking that our own will is more important than that of God. I feel that, when families agree to euthanasia, this is more often for their own comfort and relief, than on behalf of the family member who is being euthanized.

As my mother said to me in my youth, young people sometimes say that they would like to put an end to their lives if they become very old … but, she would add, the older they get, the more fiercely they hold on to their hope of tomorrow, no matter whether it might be a year, a month, a week, or just one day. And then she would smile understandingly.

From that I gathered it is good to understand things from the point of view of the people who are going through the ordeal of dying, and do our best to help them achieve their hopes and dreams regarding their final days.

Because the astral stories I was hearing in 2015 ran counter to my own feelings on the subject of honoring the elderly, I sought spiritual counsel regarding this topic of euthanasia while I was visiting in Colorado.

The person I spoke with said that euthanasia of the elderly is seldom legally prosecuted. His tone of voice made me feel that he felt this was morally wrong, and I feel it to be wrong as well. I hope that the consciousness of people, globally, will soon rise to the point of honoring the wishes of the terminally ill, insofar as they are able.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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