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Written on 30 December 2017; published on 1 January 2018

    • Shapeshifting in Service to Self: Black Magic and Soul Devolution
    • On Obsessing the Body of an Animal
    • Skinchanging
    • Shape Shifting

Dear Ones,


Quite a bit exists, in myth and legend, about the power of shifting from a human to an animal form. When the shift is of consciousness alone, this is called ‘obsessing an animal’ or ‘skinchanging’. From what I have read, the danger in exercising this power is that it may result in the ‘devolution’ of our individualized, human Soul, back into the collective Soul of the animal group so obsessed.


The issue of shapeshifting … of changing the physical human form to that of an animal … seems to me quite different. This is an issue of conjuring … of white magic or black magic … and merely a temporary rearrangement of the atoms of our physical being.

The effect on the shapeshifter seems to me to depend on the underlying motive. If the intention is to aid and uplift the Soul of another human being, and the shift is very temporary, then perhaps there is no bad effect on one’s own Soul.

Shapeshifting in Service to Self: Black Magic and Soul Devolution

If the intention is ‘service to self’, as described in “The Law of One: Ra Material” … https://www.lawofone.info/ … then shapeshifting falls under the category of black magic. Black magic is always detrimental to a Soul’s evolution, because it turns the Soul away from the path to God, who loves, without exception or limitation, all His creatures, and expresses that love through upliftment, through the long aeons of Soul evolution, to understanding of that Divine Love.

If the shift is permanent, for whatever reason, then how can that aid our own Soul evolution? We were gifted this human body to express the magnificence of free will aligned with the Will, Heart, and Mind of God, were we not?

Since all humans have evolved, through a slow and thorough process, up from the mineral realms of very limited consciousness, through the animal collective Soul consciousness, with perhaps side trips to the Nature Spirit kingdom or amongst the Jinn, and inflowings of consciousness down from the more advanced beingness of our star brethren, there exists in all of us an understandable fascination with the myths of animal obsession, skinchanging, and shapeshifing. I have included below some reading on these topics that I found interesting.


On Obsessing the Body of an Animal

Image: A woman with an animal pelt on her head, an owl flying overhead, and a wolf at her side …  https://www.crystalinks.com/july13johndeequote2.jpg ..

There is a description of what happens when a person, living or dead, obsesses the body of an animal here …

Citation: “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” by Arthur E. Powell, 1965, “Chapter XV: The After-Death Life: Special Cases,” p 140, last paragraph, beginning “Sometimes an entity …” through p 142, first full paragraph, ending “…on Re-birth.” 


Image: “2D Art: Bran Stark, Game Of Thrones,: by Tei Iku … a young boy flying, a raven flying, and a wolf howling … http://78.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m29mqdewuk1qzkrfxo7_1280.jpg ..

Here is a web page on skinchanging ,,,

Link: “Skinchanger” …. http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Skinchanger ..

Shape Shifting

Image: “The Sacred Three” by Susan Seddon Boulet, a woman’s face and profile, and the profile of a shaman, and the head of a lion … http://awakentoyourdeeperself.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Screen-Shot-2016-07-27-at-2.54.44-PM.png ..

Below is a link to Crystalinks on shapeshifting, which I feel may be shamanic in origin. I am not certain that Crystalinks’ assertion that there is no harm in shapeshifting is, in fact, true. I recognize our human historic link with shamanic myths, but I question their relevance in an Ascension context.

Shapeshifting seems to me to have originated in a very understandable quest by primitive man for power over the natural world. This is a notion of ‘Service to Self’ as expressed in “The Law of One: Ra Material” … https://www.lawofone.info/ … that has been replaced, on ascended Earth, by the concept of ‘Service to Others’ as expressed in “The Law of One: Ra Material.”

Link: “Shapeshifters ~ Shimmers” … https://www.crystalinks.com/shapeshifters.html ..

A great deal more on Shapeshifting can be found in Wikipedia …

Link: “Shapeshifting,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shapeshifting ..

Image: Beauty and the Beast, by Anne Anderson …  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd/Anne_Anderson05.jpg ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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