Mass Media Part 2: Glamorization of Crime . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 28 March 2017

    • How TV Shows and Movies Can Glamorize Crime as a Way of Life
    • How Mass Media Popularize Serial Killing and Antisocial Behavior
    • The Controllers and the Various Notions about the Lords of Karma
    • On Helping the Mass Media Actualize Its Considerable Power to Help Co-Create the New Reality
    • TV Comedies that Cultivate a Cruel Sense of Humor
    • Misinformed Movie Representations of the Ascension Process as a Frightening Experience

Dear Ones,

This video is about mass media and popularization of crime, serial killing, and antisocial behavior, and how we can help the media actualize its power to help co-create New Life on New Earth.



How TV Shows and Movies Can Glamorize Crime as a Way of Life

I think that there is a TV show that airs or used to air, called “The Sopranos” …

Link: “The Sopranos,” Wikipedia … ..

… that I read, the other day, had to do with crime families or American mafia. And so, just off the cuff, I would say that themes like that might mistakenly endear a crime family, or the American mafia, to the American public.

So then, if push came to shove, and there were a roundup, then the thought might be that public endearment might mitigate the social consequence, the legal consequence.

How Mass Media Popularize Serial Killing and Antisocial Behavior

So that is just one example. Then we have various shows, apparently, about assassination, and I think perhaps that show about the family that are bounty hunters? …

Link: “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” Wikipedia … ..

Those kinds of shows tend to popularize serial killing. And serial killing is something that is done by the antisocial personality in the world today, many of whom escape recognition by being super careful, and very intelligent … very resourceful; sometimes, they say, possibly in positions of power. Other times just escaping public notice.

And so, stories that glamorize serial killing as, say, a mercenary soldier, guerrilla warfare person, assassin, or bounty hunters hunting down people and possibly killing their target … those kinds of stories might lead the public to look more softly upon people who are captured, and who have actually been performing these actions.

The Controllers and the Various Notions about the Lords of Karma

In addition, there was either a singing group, or a popular movie or TV show called “Lords of Karma.” I am not sure what the show was about. But on the astral plane, ‘Lords of Karma’ is a term that was used in years past … a few years back … as a ‘power over’ or mind-control maneuver by people who had thought that they were what the Ascensioneers called ‘Controllers’ prior to the 2012 Ascension of Earth.

And what these Controllers were, was people with extraordinary telepathic gifts, during a time when most people did not have those gifts. Now we have universal clair abilities, available for all humankind, and so forth.

And so, in those days, people with a negatively inclined third-eye point, or throat chakra, or navel chakra, were able to accomplish various what-you-might-call astral mass media maneuvers to tailor the population to their own purpose; to their own wealth-gaining, power-gaining motives.

And so, in those days, the people known as Controllers, just before the turning of the Shift … were deciding, about 10 years in advance, what to do if and when the Shift occurred. And one of the things that they hoped to do, was to side with the Ascensioneers, and pass as Ascensioneers and Lightworkers, and in this way to ease their way into what they thought might be a power structure in the New Life on New Earth.

And so, under those terms, they called themselves the Lords of Karma …

Link: “Astral Lords of Karma,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 20 February 2020 … ..

… which, interestingly enough, turned out to be the name of a singing group …

Link: “Joe Satriani – Lords of Karma, live 2005,” by Julo343, 20 October 2009 … ..

… and a computer adventure game …

Link: “Lords of Karma,” in Wikipedia … … for the computer adventure game.

… as well. For some years after the Shift, these astral Lords of Karma were influencing the Lightworkers and the Ascensioneers on the astral plane with their considerable mind control abilities, and ability to harm other people through black magic and so forth, which is now abated … now pretty much gone.

And so these false Lords of Karma convinced a number of people, through constant mental programming at night, that they were ‘in charge of’ the whole process of Ascension, and that they had an ‘in’ with the Beings of Light, the Angelic Realm, and so forth, and that all the power of those higher regions and realms had to flow through them to the other people all over Earth.

That was the way it had been devised by people in space ships ‘out there.’ Like that. Which is, as I understand it, not the way that it is. As I understand it, that was another ‘sideways’ maneuver to gain popular support, and also to retain power for as long as possible.

On Helping the Mass Media Actualize Its Considerable Power to Help Co-Create the New Reality

It is interesting, do you not think? I think at this time that we as humankind, as the tribe of the Sun, as the Hu (a word for ‘humankind’) …

  • We need to just consult our own hearts, each individually.
  • We need to have our own clear voice … the freedom to speak … whether we be man or woman
  • And from that perspective, we need to look at what is going on in the mass media, and to decide what it is that we want to view.

And the ratings will have the answer. The ratings will have the answer for everyone. And that is true for other things that are on mass media right now, that are less devastating for the human psyche.

TV Comedies that Cultivate a Cruel Sense of Humor

For instance, on the comedies, what the young people are picking up, from a very early age, is tearing down other people, making snide remarks, being unkind, and, with our thoughts, limiting the possibility of other people attaining success and abundance and having good relationships.

Being cruel to other people is considered humor. And for a person whose heart chakra is functioning appropriately, it is more like torture. It is like a disease … It is like a heart disease, on the astral plane, to hear these mass-media-inspired in-group digs and remarks, and injuries that are inflicted on the astral body of other people, because of conditioning of the distortion of light sense of humor that is pretty much widespread on the mass media right now.

Misinformed Movie Representations of the Ascension Process as a Frightening Experience

I will add one other observation that I made just from looking at movie posters as I go down the street, and reading about movies. And that has to do with a take on the Ascension process that is very prevalent in the mass media on the movies at the theaters,

  • and has to do with being ‘paralyzed with fear’ about this Ascension process.
  • Or very angry, and going berserk over this process.
  • Or knowing that it is the end of the world, or that anything goes, and that there is no hope … that kind of thing.
  • Or thinking that there are people in spaceships from ‘hostile, alien planets’ or galaxies that are coming down to Earth, and that we have to save Earth from them. Like that.

And this is pure and simple, absolute misinformation. It is the exact opposite of what is happening.

I know it represents the subconscious fears that people have about the process, and the fears of the very body cells. But can we not see more inspiring movies, that have to do with the closer truth of the reality that is unfolding right now here on Earth? …

  • Which is absolutely joyful.
  • Absolutely peaceful and harmonious.
  • And very much in favor of complete health for everybody on Earth,
  • And plenty of everything for everybody, without taking anything away from anybody.

The truth of the thing is so, what you might call ‘devastatingly wonderful’ that people have a hard time accepting it. And instead, these scenarios of Apocalypse seem to be going around in the movies. The exact opposite of what is actually happening.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Five Families,” in Wikipedia … ..

Link: “American Mafia,” in Wikipedia … ..


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