Malware That Kills! . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 13 September 2017

  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    • I’m Killing Myself for My Own Sake
    • I’ll Kill You So that You’ll Feel Better
    • I’m Killing Myself for Your Own Sake
    • On Finding a Balance Between Service to Self and Service to Others

Here’s a video on three different kinds of malware, to do with suicide and murder. A Summary follows the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I’m here to talk just a moment about …

  • the ‘I’m killing myself for my own sake’ malware,
  • the ‘I’m killing you for your own sake’ malware,
  • and the ‘I’m killing myself for your own sake’ malware.

So there are three separate things.

I’m Killing Myself for My Own Sake

First:  I’m killing myself for my own sake.  This happens when we’re addicted to something  that’s potentially eventually lethal … such as alcoholism, or recreational drug use, or eating too much chocolate … Things like that.

The work is with the subconscious mind … with the gut brain and so forth. What it’s thinking is, that if I do this habit, then I’ll feel better. I’ll be happy.

And the eventual result is poor health and death.

So it becomes established … like a precept in the subconscious mind … that I’m killing myself so that I’ll feel better.  That’s the first one.

I’ll Kill You So that You’ll Feel Better

The second one is: “I’ll kill you so that you’ll feel better.”

It’s an easy step for people who have a deadly habit as an addiction, to move to that scenario with regard to their treatment of other people.

They already have the assumption that “I’m killing myself for my own sake.” And they just move into the second precept … sometimes in a maternal or paternal way, or in a brotherly or sisterly way … They move into this notion that they’ll do something for someone else that will kill them … and that that will be good for them.

When in fact, the subagenda, in the subconscious mind, is that they are killing that person because it’s good for them personally.

But that’s an unacceptable conclusion, because the conscious agenda is that they are doing something that will kill somebody … maybe even hiring a killer … or hiring a bunch of people to end that person’s life … or doing it themselves …

Whatever the mode of killing is, the notion behind it is that they are doing it for that person’s own good, and the reason for that mistaken notion, is the original, ‘deadly habit’ malware. [laughs lightheartedly]

I’m Killing Myself for Your Own Sake

So, there’s one other thing right now, and that has to do with ‘I’m killing myself for your own good’.

This is the martyr complex that they talk about in psychology and psychiatry. And it happens a lot in instances of co-dependency. In instances where one person has a deadly habit, and then somebody else loves them, and supports them, and tries to lift them up and make them feel good, and has sympathy for them, despite the fact that they have this deadly habit.

And this co-dependent behavior that the second person has, is intended for their own good, and is injurious to the physical and emotional and mental health of the co-dependent individual.

On Finding a Balance Between Service to Self and Service to Others

It’s also true, in the Christian tradition, that people who are spiritual have a tendency to overdo ‘service to others’. That happens, too, in the meditation ashrams around … that might be Hindu or whatever.

People fall ‘head over heels’ into the tradition of selfless service. And they fail to take into consideration their own needs and wants, and the joy of spirit that they need, in order to perform selfless service in a way that’s truly of benefit to humankind.

So, in the psychological texts, they say:

  • To look to the benefit of other people, but also to our own benefit.
  • To look to the joy of humankind, but also to the joy of our own Soul.
  • To balance those two needs: The needs of others, and the needs of ourselves, in order to live a fruitful, happy, and well-balanced life.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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