Journal Entry: Dark Fluid versus Dark Matter . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 22 January 2018; published on 13 March 2018

    • Sidebar: Does Dark Matter Exist?
    • Cosmological Implications
    • Theology to Psychology to Instantaneous Physical Healing
    • Predestination versus Free Will
    • On the Presence of God in Our Lives
    • On the Stances and Interactions of the Governments of Gaia
    • Quantum Research: The Leap from the Causal Realm to the Fifth Dimension
    • Planet Nibiru and New Life on New Earth

Dear Ones,

Here is a Journal entry inspired by an abstract of a physics paper on dark fluid versus dark matter. It is in outline form. My hope is that it will raise questions that spark the imagination …

22 January 2018

In re fears of dark planet Nibiru and concerns about dark matter … which I peg to the illusion of Duality … I gather from SuspiciousObservers that there has been some wrassling around about whether dark matter really exists.

Sidebar: Does Dark Matter Exist?

Link: Abstract of “Darkness Without Dark Matter and Energy — Generalized Unimodular Gravity” by O.Barvinsky and A.Yu.Kamenshchik, Physics Letters B, Vol. 774, 10 November 2017, pages 59-63 … … CC BY 4.0

Abstract: “We suggest a Lorentz non-invariant generalization of the unimodular gravity theory, which is classically equivalent to general relativity with a locally inert (devoid of local degrees of freedom) perfect fluid having an equation of state with a constant parameter w. For the range of w near −1 this dark fluid can play the role of dark energy, while for w=0 this dark dust admits spatial inhomogeneities and can be interpreted as dark matter. We discuss possible implications of this model in the cosmological initial conditions problem. In particular, this is the extension of known microcanonical density matrix predictions for the initial quantum state of the closed cosmology to the case of spatially open Universe, based on the imitation of the spatial curvature by the dark fluid density. We also briefly discuss quantization of this model necessarily involving the method of gauge systems with reducible constraints and the effect of this method on the treatment of recently! suggested mechanism of vacuum energy sequestering.”


So now there is a model utilizing dark fluid, and chucking out dark matter and dark energy. Flow.

Cosmological Implications

On the cosmological plane, I see a side-by-side to do with my blog category: Advaita – nonduality – duality    

Theology to Psychology to Instantaneous Physical Healing

In the theological realm, I see the ‘dark matter’ concept reducing from the cosmological conflict …

See my blog categories: Angelic Realm …  Demonic realm  …  Fallen angels  … and …  Satan – Satanism

… to the inner psychological conflict, my blog category: Shadow of our personality – dweller on the threshold  … and …  Dark body

… keeping in mind that the ‘Shadow of our personality’ and the “Dark body’ are but fluctuations or flow or relative Dark in our Body of Light.

This model, then, admits of instantaneous physical healing.

Predestination versus Free Will

Again in the realm of theology, I see relevance to the debate between the concepts of predestination and free will …

See my blog category: Free will – will power

On the Presence of God in Our Lives

Also in the realm of theology, this equates to the debate about God indwelling and transcendent, about theological canon and the mystical experience.

See my blog categories: Mysticism … and … Advaita – nonduality – duality … and the various subcategories under the general category:  Religions of the world

On the Stances and Interactions of the Governments of Gaia

On the governmental plane, we have the dispute about Defense versus humanitarian outreach.

See my blog category: War and peace – imprisonment and freedom

Quantum Research: The Leap from the Causal Realm to the Fifth Dimension

In quantum research, we have a turning from the causal plane to fractal dispersal. This frees the tangles in the Dark Network through freely mixing Dark and Light.

See my blog category: Causality – synchronicity

Planet Nibiru and New Life on New Earth

To me, Planet Nibiru represents the culmination of the Duality play mental filter.

This thought of cataclysm of the world we know as Reality with the shadow realm we know as being beyond a door behind which evil lurks … as is so eloquently stated in “The Great Invocation” of Djwhal Khul, channeled here …

Video: “The Great Invocation” . by Djwhal Khul . Channeled by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 19 November 2014, published on 3 July 2019 … ..

And here are the words to the prayer … Link: “The Great Invocation,” by Djwhal Khul, through Alice Bailey, in Theosophy Wiki … ..

This prayer represents the rising to multidimensional Awareness of the left brain, and especially of the male population of Earth.

What we have in this new physical model is the beginning of an approach to a logical way of conceiving the One Light from which the Universe flows, the fluid flutter of Darkness and Light upon the lens of the human eye, and the Soul’s reaction to the ebb and flow of the Dark.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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