Issues of Violence and Betrayal to Do with Crossdressing . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 17 April 2018; published on 29 April 2018

Dear Ones,

This video is about issues of violence and betrayal to do with crossdressing … dressing ‘in drag’, as it is sometimes called, and also to do with transgender surgery. There is an edited Summary after the video …



This video is about men who are dressing as women … ‘crossdressing’, as they say …

There are two things I would like to discuss. One is that, even though men may be crossdressing, they still have the drives of men. The drives of men are very different from the drives of women, in various ways, some of which have to do with territorial aggression. Men are far more territorially aggressive than women. They are more ‘outgoing’. They have a drive to expand outward from their current geographic position. And also with regard to the battle of the sexes, men who take on the role of being a woman are much more aggressively antagonistic to other women, as potential competitors, than are women born female … although there are women born female who are ruthlessly aggressive in that regard.

The second thing has to do with violence … the tendency towards violence. As you may know, there is a big difference between the percentages of men who act out through violent actions, and the percentages for women who do that.

I feel it may be that men who crossdress, or assume the role of women, will still tend to act out … in terms of violent actions … to a greater extent than women.

Men and women who are born to the genders they portray in the wold may take it for granted that crossdressing men are like women born female. But then a crossdressing man may act in a different way; he may act more like a man, with regard to violence. For instance, he may rape a woman in a woman’s restroom in a public place. 

Over the years, I have been in women’s restrooms in many public places, and I have never seen a woman rape another woman in a public restroom. I do recall seeing a young woman with short hair in a public restroom many years ago. She was exiting the restroom as I entered. She looked me straight in the eye; it was very clear that her intention was to rape me.

As she was leaving and I was entering, and there were other women in the restroom, she had no opportunity to undertake that action; yet I remember her intent to this day because I had never run into it before in a women’s restroom; I found it to be incongruous and completely out of place. There must have been something wrong, I thought … something was deeply wrong with her. She was behaving like a man and not like a woman.

Similarly, women and men who are born to the genders they portray in the world may be inclined, through social conditioning and prior experience, to treat crossdressing men as if they were as docile as women born female. Then they may find that crossdressing men act more like men than women.

I can say from my own ‘near miss’ described above that there are two anticipatable outcomes when this occurs: 

As mentioned above, there will be an opportunity, in the instance of antisocial people who are crossdressed, to prey upon other people, who thought that they had the gentler drives of women.

Then on the part of the victims, as the gender taboo is breached there will be a sense of shock, of bewilderment, and then a state of high alarm, a feeling of anger, and of being betrayed.

I have read in Wikipedia about the issue of transgender murders …

Link: “List of people killed for being transgender,” in Wikipedia … ..

From this it is clear that people around the world have been murdering transgender people at a percentage presumably much higher than the general population.

I wonder if there is any relationship between negative emotions to do with discovery of taboo breach, and the issue of transgender murders that I read about in Wikipedia,

Those are just my thoughts on it. I am sure there are many other factors. I would like to know more about it; I hope we find out more, soon.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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