Activations to Heal the Light Body by Timeline Jumping . by the Hathors through Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 15 December 2014

Activation of Light

    • The Power of Transformation
    • To Optimize Your Timelines or Those of Earth
    • To Slow Down Your Timelines
    • For Earthly Teamwork
    • For Upliftment of Souls on the Astral Plane
    • For Optimization of Soul Purpose

Dear Ones,

I was perambulatin’ round the issue of healing Body of Light distortions last night. Down through the ages, folks have faced this issue in many different ways. Some call it healing Soul wounding, others call it clearing the aura, untangling the etheric template, healing the inner child, healing childhood trauma, clearing the karmic lines, or overcoming samskaras.

Last night I was wondering why, when I clear my aura through any one of a number of tried and true clearing techniques, the Body of Light distortions quite frequently remanifest again and again.

Through the Hathors, I had a moment of great illumination. I remembered how, with each decision we make in time and space, alternate timelines spin off, each manifesting one of our potential choices of the moment. (1) Each of these timelines is a part of our own personal multidimensional experience. Since the origin of our Soul, which is eternal. So the number of our dimensions is theoretically quite, quite vast. Taken all together, these dimensions represent both our vast multidimensional being and our personal sphere of infinite possibilities. (2) Using our intention and our awareness, we can jump to any one of these timelines whenever we wish. (3)

Lightbody distortions originate at a certain time on the timeline in which we currently place our awareness, or else in a different timeline. In the course of our Soul’s evolution, as timelines continue to diverge, moment to moment, distortions of light tend to aggregate and further distort.

Those of us who are old Souls … and if you are reading this blog, no doubt you are among them … have accumulated many distortions of the Body of Light. Seen visually, this would be a vast network of interconnecting distortions of True Light. To clear these distortions we must clear the original instance of distortion, which may have occurred billions of years ago, and we must also clear every succeeding instance of the distortion, each ‘iteration.’

There is no way to approach this process with the logical mind. We must turn to our Cosmic Mind instead. Alpha Centauri, through which sentient beings of light and love have dealt with this issue so long that no one knows how long that might be, are the past masters at the art of Cosmic Mind. What we need do is ask our own higher self, whose axiatonal lines connect with all that is, to reach out to our star brethren on Alpha Centauri. I found Judy Satori’s … Mastery of Mind CDs quite helpful in the process, although it looks like that is currently unavailable (in 2018).

When we feel ourselves to be in the space of cosmic connection … you might say,  in our Laniakea ‘chat room’, we can easily reach out to our star brethren.


So let’s do that … let’s reach out to the Hathors, who are wonderful with joy, love and timelines, and closer to us humans in cosmic age. Let’s imagine we are connected to all our dimensions, through our own Cosmic Mind, and through the multidimensional Laniakea, right Now. In the understanding that all things are possible, feel the Body of Light distortion you wish to clear, and say:

Spirit to Team!
Track to timeline!
For the All, and through Free Will!
I Am in Service to Others!

Now what does this mean?
Spirit to Team: My own Soul asks to get in touch with my Hathor team members
Track to timeline: Track this Body of Light distortion to the first instance where it appeared in my multidimensional Universe. Jump to that timeline.
Transmute: Transmute this light distortion to pure light and love
Iterations: Continue this process through all subsequent alternate timelines in which this distortion manifests
For the All: For all beings everywhere and everywhen
Through Free Will: According to the Law of Free Will
Service to Others: This is the ‘Law of One’ love and light category (diametrically opposed to the ‘Service to Self’ category of beings)

‘Devils’ and ‘demons’ are Soul wounding from various of our timelines existing in the now. They are not beings ‘other than’ us.

‘Soulmates’ are Souls with whom we have many light distortions in common (that is to say, ‘in opposite’, from an electromagnetic standpoint). These energetically opposing light distortions create timeline gloms (4). So in the fractal universe, through sometimes quite a few dimensions, there are many instances of left-right mirror imaging of light distortions between Soulmates. Each glom having to do with Soul wounding on both sides. Either Soulmate can clear his own distortions through the technique described above.


Spirit to Team!
Optimize Soul Mission for the All and through Free Will!

Optimize and synchronize all timelines for the sake of Soul Mission!
I Am in Service to Others!


Though we have many timelines, our Soul awareness may exist in only one or a few of these right now. On which timeline had I best place my awareness? For this, I say:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize timeline awareness for the sake of Soul Mission!
For the All, and through Free Will!
I Am in Service to Others!

Here are additional techniques mentioned in past and included here for the sake of completeness:

The Power of Transformation. To transform a negative emotion or physical pain to Love, concentrate your awareness on the emotion or pain, and then twain your awareness to your heart chakra’s spin, or to your physical heart. Keep bilocating till the transformation takes place.

To Optimize Your Timelines or those of Earth. Imagine yourself as pure spirit. Imagine your Ascension Team, celestial team, guardian spirits, or guardian angels all around you. Say:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize timelines!
For the All, and through Free Will!
 [ie, according to the law of free will] I Am in Service to Others!

Then just sit and enjoy the shift for a little while. (Note, teams are only authorized to optimize world timelines for the good of all beings. Those who would like to try optimizing for their own timelines as opposed to the good of the All, be aware of the instant boomerang effect. Owiee! It’s an excellent learning experience … instantaneous feedback.)

[This section was first stated as ‘timeline’, in the singular. Then an acquaintance suggested, through telepathy, why not optimize all your ‘timelines’, or all the timelines of Earth, simultaneously. We then tried this shift to the plural. The effect was amazing! My deepest thanks for this idea!]

To Slow Down Your Timelines. Optimizing timelines is a form of timeline acceleration (see above). Sometimes it can make the learning experiences pile up very fast. Maybe too fast. For instance, I noticed recently a feeling of constriction above my head. My subconscious interpreted this as a hand pushing down on top of my head, a feeling of mind control, of fear that someone was preventing me from ascending. So then I asked Peggy Black … … about it. To my total amazement, she explained this was only my own fear of opening up to broader incoming energies. The moment she said this, I felt the denseness above my head dissipate, and a very strong field of light bathing my head.

On many occasions, Peggy Black has explained that if we feel things are moving too fast, we can slow down our ascension experience simply by asking our teams and guides to take an uncomfortable experience away. Or to store a download till we are sleeping. Or until another convenient time. So, we might say:

Spirit to Team!
Decelerate timelines till evening!
For the All, and through Free Will!
I Am in Service to Others!

Or whatever time suits.

[This section was first stated as ‘timeline’, in the singular. Then an acquaintance suggested, through telepathy, if you want to slow down, why not slow down all your ‘timelines’, or all the timelines of Earth, at the same time. My deepest thanks for this idea!]

For Earthly Teamwork. Imagine yourself as pure spirit. Imagine your Ascension Team, celestial team, guardian spirits, or guardian angels all around you. Say:

Spirit to Team!
Team to Teams!
May we complete this joint Soul mission!
or the All, and through Free Will!
I Am in Service to Others!

[Note that your Soul may have many missions while here on Earth.]

For Upliftment of Souls on the Astral Plane

Spirit to Spirit,
Team to Team!
Ask if this spirit would like to turn to its Team [or turn to the Light].
For the All, and through Free Will!
I Am in Service to Others!

(I got the concept of ‘Spirit to Spirit’ from Jeffrey Allen, )

For Optimization of Soul Purpose

Spirit to Team!
Optimize Soul purpose in runes of purest white and gold!
Remove forever all runes of red or black!
For the All, and through Free Will!
I Am in Service to Others!

(This part is a modification of Daniella Breen’s work — see her on Youtube or )


Bottom line in all the above: All it takes for us to step into our true magnificence of Body of Light and Soul, is knowing that we can do it. We can develop our Cosmic Mind. We can jump to whatever personal timeline we wish. We can clear our Body of Light distortions. This being a Free Will planet, our star brethren, the Ascended Masters, the angelic realms, and those beings in even greater states of Self-realization are patiently waiting for us to realize what we truly are. To reach out to them, and to Source. To All that Is.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

PS: My very greatest gratitude to Daniella Breen, for leading me in the direction of these discoveries. Daniella is a very bright star in the Universe.

For more information see … Link: “Compendium: Timelines and Multitemporality,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 2 February 2019 … ..


(1) ALTERNATE TIMELINES … in this video, the third theory, beginning at 2.50, is about alternate timelines. See also, the String Theory video beneath it …

Video: “The True Science of Parallel Universes,” by minutephysics, 2 April 2013 … ..


Video: “String Theory in less than two minutes,” by werothegreat, 29 March 2008, ..

The above video is about ‘string theory’. String theory might be thought of as the smallest microcomponents of a star supercluster such as Laniakea, our bodies’ axiatonal lines being somewhere between the two. (5) The notion that a string in string theory is like music, or waves of sound, is interesting. In multidimensional parlance, the energy of Desire might be considered the ‘plucking power’ of the string … that which determines whether only one note sounds, or whether the string produces harmonics (i.e., multidimes). Further, sound being only a small part of the range of light, is considered in multidimensional theory to be a tool to adjust light. Light, not sound, is considered to be the creator of physical reality.


(2) For more on this, see Link: “The Sphere of All Possibilities” by Tom Kenyon … ..

(3) See also Citation: “Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity Paperback,” a book by Cynthia Sue Larson, 15 October 2013.

(4) This is about ‘gloming’ among Light bodies on a transient basis: Link: “Magnetic Repulsion and Telepathic Avoidance,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 15 August 2014; revised on 20 May 2020 … ..

(5) See also Link: “Galactic Magnetic Lines – Laniakea – Earth Footprint – Our Hologram,” by Alice B. Clagett … ..


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