Healing of Past Lifetime Soul Wounding at the Dentist’s . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 1 August 2018; published on 25 September 2018

Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Today I had an interesting experience at the dentist’s. I needed an onlay, and there was some drilling to do first. I have a really good dentist. So I was not worried. The procedure is, to first use a numbing agent on the gum, and then there is an injection to prevent pain during drilling. And then it goes on; but those are the important parts right now.

I have been through this a few times, but nothing like what happened today has ever happened before … The numbing agent was put on, for a few minutes, and nothing unusual happened. Then the injection … which did not hurt … but I began to have the strangest feeling, like a torpor and kind of a dull ache creeping down from the injection site at the back of my top right jaw. First I felt a twinge of pain in my neck, just below the back part of the right side of my jaw. It was a very dull pain … 2, on a scale of 10. And then I felt a very slight aching proceeding down the right side of my neck, very slowly.

And it seemed like I could hear nerve cells talking to me. They were saying: I have to hold on! I don’t want to go! Like that!

… and I got worried that maybe there was something about the numbing injection that was killing the nerve cells, because nerve cells cannot regenerate as well as other kinds of cells … Although, I am pretty sure, what with the work of the people in the Lightworker, Wayshower, and Pathfinder community, that there will be new technologies coming in, to allow nerve cells to regenerate. I am pretty sure about that.

Right now, according to Western medical lore, it is difficult for nerve cells to regenerate. So when I heard them upset, and crying out, like little children … just a couple of them … they were crying out that they were afraid they were ‘going under’ … I was worried that the pathway of nerves that apparently goes down along the right side of the neck might be dying, or maybe thought it was dying … or that the body elemental that was in charge of that might be having heart palpitations, you know? … Might actually have become sedated, like the cells there, out of empathy?

Could it perhaps be that the nature of the body cells is Awareness, and that they instinctively dread sedation and anesthesia, as diminution of their affinity with God and with His creation? That our body elementals, and our astral selves, like our body cells, are in tune with the quality of Awareness, or Self-Realization, or Illumination, as well … and perhaps far more so than our mental and physical selves might be?

To continue with the story, I kept waiting. And this leaden feeling, with a very slight, dull pain, in the right side of my neck, continued on down to the base of the right side of my neck.

And then after a while, it skipped down to a little half-moon shaped place under my right forearm, on the chest side (not the arm side). And it ached there for a little while.

And then the dentist came in. He was really good. And all was well: He did a perfect job.

When he drilled the old filling out, I felt like my Soul said: Oh, good! That’s done!

And I felt a certain knowing … that ‘knowing with a certain surety’ … a certain intuition, that it had been a trouble with the filling in the back of my top right jaw … to do with an event in a past lifetime, or in a concurrent incarnation … that had caused plantar fasciitis in my left heel, and a feeling of stiffness in the left side of my body. Is that not something?

How those two things can be related, I do not know. I cannot come up with a theory to cover it, but I can tell you the data: Those are the data, mysterious as they may be.

It has been a while now … it has been a half hour or more. And I have to say that, whatever little beings were upset before … whether they were body cells, or body elementals, or maybe even my astral being (which is very feeling-oriented) … whatever it was, that was the trouble, is now gone.

So it was temporary. I still have feeling in the right side of my neck. I cannot feel much in the right side of my jaw, because of the concentration of anesthetic, right now, but it has improved; it has gotten better. And I have the utmost confidence that, as in all prior circumstances that are similar, it will all work out fine.

That is it: A mystery!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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