Acting Out by Followers When a Group Leader Makes a Subconscious Suggestion . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 7 March 2016; published on 14 March 2016; transcribed on 5 June 2016; revised on 22 May 2020
Previously titled: Acting Out by Followers on a Group Leader’s Subconscious Suggestion


Dear Ones,

This is a video about groups and grouping and the eight chakra bow-tie (the group glom effect).


When a person is first rising to clairaudient awareness, their conversations on the astral plane are mainly emotional, with not much mental matter in them. At that time of arising, the person is creating unconscious, emotional clair ‘stories’ or ‘skits’. Often these skits express emotions that are repressed because of societal expectations.

Conversations on physical plane … such as on the phone or in person … have a mixture of astral and emotional influences. These are the conversations of which we are aware; the sort of conversation we could most likely recap or summarize if the need arises.

When I rose to awareness on both the astral and the physical plane, it became clear to me that there is a great void or chasm between the astral stories … the daydreams or nighttime dreams of humankind … and the physical human conversations taking place in the world, on the phone or in person. The chasm is, in fact, shocking to me.

There are, it seems, great hidden wells or reservoirs, deep pits or threads or sacks of negative emotional energies such as fear and anger and hatred, dread and sorrow, despair and unfulfilled longing,  in the unconscious thought cloud of the world. My feeling is, this is because many people on Earth today have an ’emotional disconnect’. In other words, their feelings are repressed, and not expressed in their everyday conversations.


As groups arise to consciousness of the astral plane, it seems to be the norm that the followers first become clairaudient. What they begin to hear are the subliminal suggestions of the leader of a group. These subliminal suggestions spring forth from the leader’s Soul wounding … the shadow of his personality.

Groups are based on the subconscious assumption that the followers will do as the leader says. Consequently, all these many years of the Age of Darkness that just now ended, the followers of groups have subconsciously followed the subliminal suggestions of their leaders.

In this short transitional stage of Ascension, as followers begin to arise to consciousness on the astral plane, they are becoming aware of their leader’s shadow-world suggestions, which previously simply ‘flowed through’ from his or her subconscious mind to theirs.

Last year, some of the Ascension teachers offered the advice that it would be best to steer clear of groups for the time being. However, this advice did not reach many ears, and those that it reached often chose to set it aside. Even now, some of the Ascension teachers are ‘grouping’ together still. I feel that is because grouping is a very difficult thing to avoid in the third dimension.

So now, as the Incoming Light stirs up the Soul wounding … the shadow side of each of us … group leaders’ daydreams, for instance regarding the feral drives and the primate pack instincts … which are perceived by the followers as subliminal suggestions … can become more agitated, just at the time that the rising-up group followers are beginning to consciously clair-hear their leaders’ shadowside suggestions.

These subconscious suggestions, when they reach the followers, constitute what I have previously referred to as the ‘eighth chakra bow-tie’ … Our eighth chakra has the metaprogram that controls our own astral play. The knot is tied there by our own decision to align with the subconscious suggestions of the group leader.


Another name for this knotting effect is ‘the group glom effect’. One might visualize an umbrella …


Image: “Umbrella Open Opened Handle Rain,” from Pixabay … … C0 Public Domain … Free for commercial use … No attribution required

Image: “Umbrella Open Opened Handle Rain,” from Pixabay … … C0 Public Domain … Free for commercial use … No attribution required

Imagine that the central rod of the umbrella is the group leader. This includes the handle at the bottom of the umbrella (the ‘moniker’ or ‘handle’ of the group) as well as the spiked peak at the very apex of the umbrella (that which has top position in the apparatus). So, the leader is central to the group, and the group goes by his or her moniker or handle, and the leader is the person who is ‘on top’ of everyone else.

Now imagine that the little spikes at the ends of each of the spines of the umbrella are the followers …


Image: “Yellow Umbrella Open Bright Parasol,” from Pixabay, … C0 Public Domain … Free for commercial use … No attribution required

Image: “Yellow Umbrella Open Bright Parasol,” from Pixabay, … C0 Public Domain … Free for commercial use … No attribution required

On the underside of the umbrella … the side that nobody usually sees … are the struts that keep it structurally strong. These are like the subconscious assumptions of a group, for example, the giving away of the power of each follower to the group leader. Or they might be visualized as the subliminal suggestions of the leader of the group, that keep the group acting ‘as one’.


Image: “Umbrella Closed Handle Rain,” from Pixabay, …  CC0 Public Domain … Free for commercial use … No attribution required

Image: “Umbrella Closed Handle Rain,” from Pixabay, …  CC0 Public Domain … Free for commercial use … No attribution required

When the umbrella is closed, the leader is not making subliminal suggestions. The ‘glom effect’ of the hidden struts is latent, but not actually being experienced by followers.

When the umbrella is open, then we might figure it is raining … the leader feels that the group needs to be ‘protected from the elements’ … which are typically outgroup individuals or other groups. The subconscious suggestions are in place, the umbrella is open, defending the group from the rain, and the ‘glom effect’ is occurring.


Essentially, then, when we participate in groups, our free will is tangled or tied up by our loyalty to another human being … the group leader. If this human being is not in alignment with God’s mind, God’s heart, and God’s will, if the leader has a shadow side not yet resolved in the Light through God’s blessing, then the followers will also necessarily stray from alignment with Divine. In such a situation, the followers are in danger of carrying out the Soul-wounded suggestions of the leaders, either on the astral plane or on the physical plane. In instances where followers ‘act out’ in previously unaccountable ways, this may be the cause.

Then comes the moment when a follower realizes that the suggestions of the leader have been subconscious, and that it is the follower who must be held accountable for this, in some instances violent, acting out behavior. Then the follower may experience a sense of betrayal by the leader.

This is not in fact so. The follower has not been betrayed by the leader. Rather, it is the follower who has set aside his or her own free will, during the long Age of Darkness, in order to experience the Duality Play. And so, the acting out that transpires in a group setting in this transitional phase of Ascension must be held in a way that empowers each actor in the Play. We are, each of us, responsible for our actions in the world. We are, each of us, responsible for that which may be termed ‘acting out’ as well.

On the other hand, the timeline in which we act out is only one of many timelines and dimensions simultaneously being played out by our Eternal Soul. At any moment, we can jump from the ‘acting out’ timeline to one where the actions have been more in line with societal expectations. (For this, see the blog category ‘timelines’.)

This is not to say that we ought to act out … in a perhaps violent manner … on either the physical or the astral plane. Nor is it to say that we may feel free to do so, just because the karmic consequences can be avoided or delayed by timeline jumping. But rather, I say that, should we be caught unawares in this transitional phase, then it is possible, through God’s blessing, to overcome this karmic burden by optimizing our timelines.


Typically, after the awakening of followers, next will come the awakening of the group leader to his or her shadow side. At that point I believe it may be possible for groups to function safely together on New Earth … as long as everyone is aware of what were previously unconscious thought processes, and as long as free will and self-empowerment are normed by the group.

My feeling is that the general rule for all people in groups right now might be: Don’t do anything criminal, because social repercussions can be severe. In particular, do not kill anyone, and do not commit suicide. We all exist on many timelines and in many dimensions, and so life or death are not as important as we think. Nevertheless, why waste this precious incarnation into physical form?

Let us stand back with our higher consciousness, and consider: What would Christ do in this situation? Or, What would Moses do in this situation?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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