Faith during Times of Change . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 18 September 2013; published on 20 September 2013; transcribed on 31 July 2018
Location: Pastorius Reservoir State Wildlife Area, La Plata County, Colorado

    • Pastorius Reservoir
    • Colorado Monsoon
    • On Saving People
    • Faith
    • Dark Attacks: 4D Negative Energy
    • A Broadcast by Jim Self and Barbara Clow
    • Syria and Public Opinion
    • The Awakening of All Humankind
    • Massacres in News and Mass Clearing of Fear of Death
    • Transforming Emotions While Watching the News
    • Being All That You Can Be!

Dear Ones,

Here is a video on faith during times of change. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

Pastorius Reservoir

Here I am at Pastorius Reservoir in the early afternoon. I have to get moving pretty fast, and get back; but this is a beautiful spot. This is a location I love. If I am quiet for just a moment, you can probably hear the wind blowing. I will be quiet. [sound of wind, and of cottonwood tree leaves rustling] … Can you hear it? I am going to walk on, now, and find a spot in the shade where we can chat.

Here I am, in the middle shade, under a beautiful juniper … No, wait, what is this? … Ok, I give up. I am not sure what kind of tree this is. But there are little juniper trees around; there is one behind me.

Colorado Monsoon

It has been a tumultuous time, the last few days. And there was a huge rain here … a giant rain. The roof started leaking. The cat got scared, and went and hid behind the toilet in the bathroom, and I could not even find her for a while. That happened at night.

And then the internet went out, and the phones went on the fritz. It was interesting … My car would go; that was good. And the electricity was on. But aside from that … [laughs]

So I kind of wanted things t be the way they used to be, you know? I would like to have the internet, and for my computer to be working right. I would like my friends to be able to call me, no problem. So I was feeling, well, ‘put out’, in an emotional sort of way.

And then some other things happened in the fourth dimension.

On Saving People

I have been discovering, lately, that it is no longer necessary for this human being here to be saving people in the world. And I have been working with that, because it really frees up my energy to be where I am, and to fully realize who I am.


It just really require the faith to know that the Divine is taking care of each one of us, and that each one of us is Divine. You know?

Dark Attacks: 4D Negative Energy

The situation in the world today is just a little bit complicated, because there is still roaming around an energy that does not feel Divine to me … not at all Divine. Sometimes I feel like this energy is attacking me, and sometimes I feel like it is attacking other people.

But the truth of the matter is, this roaming around, negative energy is not really attacking anybody. You know? It is giving us all an opportunity to recognize who we really are … by contrast, if you know what I mean.

A Broadcast by Jim Self and Barbara Clow

I was listening to a broadcast by Jim Self and Barbara Clow (1) last night. It was the first time I have heard one of their broadcasts. They were talking about things that I usually do not consider; about the news today, and that kind of thing.

[I shift from foot to foot, and the mottled shade on my face makes it look dark in places, and light in other places.] … Look! My face is Dark and Light! Ouu!

Syria and Public Opinion

One of the things they said is that, what with these stupendously awful headlines we have been seeing about Syria, and the imminence of war, there was a poll that showed that the American people were overwhelmingly against war in Syria. Right? I read that in the news too.

The Awakening of All Humankind

And they said they thought that was the wave of the future; that the politicians would be finding that the general people in the population are against those acts of aggression. They are against the violence. They are against all that stuff. And that is because people are waking up. People do not have to look at a video, or search online, or be a member of an oracle group, or any of those things, to wake up.

People who are doing regular work in the world; maybe they are working in a supermarket;  maybe they are in the gas station; maybe they do not have any sense at all of how the energy is changing, but they are still benefiting from it. The whole world is waking up. We do not really have to do anything, because the Divine is doing it for us.

Massacres in News and Mass Clearing of Fear of Death

And the last thing that Jim Self and Barbara Clow had to say … Well, they had a lot to say, but the other thing that really interests me, is these stories that you see online about the massacres, and that kind of thing. They keep popping up, right? … stories of extreme violence.

And they said the reason those stories are happening is that, when people see them online, or read them in the newspaper, all their own feelings of fear of death come to the surface, and have a chance to escape from Earth.

Transforming Emotions While Watching the News

And in fact, Barbara Clow was saying that she looks at the news for half an hour every day. And the feeling that she feels, when she looks at the news, she consciously transforms it, because it is the feeling that a whole bunch of people are feeling, all over the world, when they see that news. You know? Mass clearing of humankind!

Being All That You Can Be!

I hope you have a wonderful day. And I hope you have a chance to be all that you can be … the greatest spiritual, energetic person in the history of mankind … That is you! And that is everybody else!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “Adjusting to the New Reality: Anticipating the 4th Pluto/Uranus Square,” 17 September 2013, by Jim Self and Barbara Clow … ..


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