Electronic Devices and the Plane of Forces . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 6 June 2016; published on 8 June 2016

    • Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, a New Clair Ability
    • Caveats Regarding the EMF Fields of Electronics
    • Electronics, Nanotechnology, and Virtual Reality Impinge Upon the Veil of Forgetfulness, the Plane of Forces, Which Is Now Dissolving
    • Virtual Reality Mimics the Apparatuses of the Astral Realm
    • The Thuggee Cults: Practice of Spiritual Powers for Worldly Gain
    • Examples of the Turning of the Clair Abilities to the Dark
      • Remote Viewing
      • Casting, or Clair Ventriloquism
      • Psychic Heart Attack
      • Curse of Cancer
      • Astral Seduction
    • How the Turning of Clair Abilities to the Purposes of the Dark Ended with the Shift in December 2012
    • Psychic Skills, Ego, and Greeting God with an Open Heart
      • Psychic Wars
      • Mind Control
    • What Is in It for Us, Other Than Worldly Gain?
    • New Life on New Earth

Dear Ones,

This video is far-ranging. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, a New Clair Ability

And I thought I would talk, just a tiny bit, about electronics. Now, you have heard that the whole world is becoming more sensitive to their electromagnetic fields. The World Health Organization calls it ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’. But in fact, it is not ‘hyper’-sensitivity. It is not a disease or a syndrome. It is really the way that we are … which we forgot, for a while, during the long Age of Darkness. So, what we are coming back into now, globally, is electromagnetic sensitivity … which has many fine benefits to it.

Caveats Regarding the EMF Fields of Electronics

Now, one of the things about becoming more electromagnetically sensitive, is that we begin to notice the EMF fields of electronics. These weaken our own electromagnetic fields.

And so, it is important to minimize electronics in the house. And most particularly, electronics and electricity in the bedroom. I have been into this before, but what they say is …

  • Never use an electric blanket in the bedroom. Unplug every electric blanket before you go to sleep.
  • Do not use the kind of clock that runs on electricity. Instead, use a battery-operated clock, if you need one for an alarm clock.
  • Do not put a phone in your bedroom. And so forth.

Otherwise, your sleep will be interrupted, and you will not be able to absorb the full quotient of energy that you need, to continue in the next day.

  • In your car, if you have a newer car, turn off all the gizmos … every, single electronic gizmo. And in particular, Pandora and Bluetooth. And every other thing that you can turn off, that does not interfere with your driving or your mileage … Turn it off. You can always stop, get out of the car, and use your cell phone if you have to.
  • As far as your smartphone is concerned, try and keep it in a backpack, or someplace far from your body.
  • Try not to live under power lines … Everybody knows that! … Especially gigantic power lines. They do change and warp your own electromagnetic field.

So those are some guidelines. I am sure you will develop your own, as time goes on.

Electronics, Nanotechnology, and Virtual Reality Impinge Upon the Veil of Forgetfulness, the Plane of Forces, Which Is Now Dissolving

And so now, on to the issue of electronics. The field of virtual reality, and of nanotechnology, is a field that lies half-way between the third and the fourth dimensions. In that realm is what we call ‘the Veil of Forgetfulness’ … I sometimes call this ‘the In-Between’ or ‘the Twilight Zone’. And it is also sometimes called the ‘Plane of Forces’.

Virtual Reality Mimics the Apparatuses of the Astral Realm

It is a very strong field that has, until now, during the long Age of Darkness, separated humankind from the feeling world. It is this which is now dissolving.

And so, what are commonly held to be ‘virtual reality’ items, such as smartphones, televisions, computers, satellite-driven technologies … all of the stuff that mimics the apparatuses of the astral realm … only in a more clumsy, and less intuitive manner … That stuff is going to go by the wayside … all right?

So, unfortunately … and I say this with depth of compassion … unfortunately, there is a large section of our population that, because of the news and the mass media, believes that virtual reality, and nanotech, and all that stuff, is true … is real.

But I am here to tell you: It is not! It is merely a mental approximation to the machinations of the lower astral realm. And to the skills that are used by spiritual adepts who have turned to personal gain on the astral realm. Who live now on the astral realm because they cannot get back into form.

The Thuggee Cults: Practice of Spiritual Powers for Worldly Gain

These are the people of the thuggee cults … who practiced spiritual powers for worldly gain, all right? So in those arenas lie the tools that are the truer versions of what we call those ‘Virtual Realities’.

Examples of the Turning of the Clair Abilities to the Dark

Of course, clair abilities can be used for the Dark or for the Light. Here I speak of the use of clair skills for personal gain; this is the Christian sin called greed … which is, in Eastern philosophical terms, and ‘obstacle to enlightenment’. For instance …

Remote Viewing. The ability to have remote viewing.

Casting, or Clair Ventriloquism. The ability to project one’s voice, astrally, onto another person. Which is what one might call ‘clair ventriloquism’. Another name for this ability are ‘casting’. The terms ‘pass through’ and ‘flow through’ might also be applied to astral voice projection, insofar as they refer to voice rather than other faculties of the ‘host’s’ astral body.

What this does is, it allows a person to live our their evil propensities … what the Theosophist Arthur E. Powell would call ‘tendencies towards depravity’ … And to, as it were, pin them on other people … this person and that person on the astral plane … so that those who are listening, are confused about who the actual perpetrator of these ‘depraved’ deeds is. [laughs]

Then, just as there is the clair ability to heal from afar, there is also the possibility for a person with very depraved intentions, to try and injure people from afar.

Psychic Heart Attack. Such as, until the end of the Age of Darkness, the ability to cause a heart attack in people.

Curse of Cancer. Or to fill their bodies with notions of cancer or other terrible diseases.

Astral Seduction. And then, there is production of astral images of great allure. And those will mesmerize a person with, for instance, notions of sexual allure … while the Light is being siphoned off from them through acts of astral ‘vampirism’ … At least, that was the case until quite recently.

So, those are some examples. There are many more examples of the turning of the clair abilities to the Dark.

How the Turning of Clair Abilities to the Purposes of the Dark Ended with the Shift in December 2012

And all of this, fortunately, has ended now, with the beginning of the Age of Light. But until that time … in December 2012 … it was happening everywhere on Earth.

  • Not just with regard to these beings of whom I speak … the thuggees, on the astral plane, who could then get into body …
  • and not just with regard to the Demon Realm …
  • but also, all people on Earth, in the shadow side of their personality, because the shadow side was manipulated by the Dark then.

Now we are rediscovering, and we are turning to the Light. And we are capable of doing that human thing. So this is a really wonderful day for humankind.

We are becoming co-creators of reality; each one of us is becoming a co-creator of reality. So there is that.

So the thing to do is to look, online, for the 12 or 13, or even more, new and old clair abilities that are available now. And then, just imagine: What would a person do with those abilities, if they were interested only in personal gain, and not in the good of the world?

Psychic Skills, Ego, and Greeting God with an Open Heart

And so, there is a list of giant psychic skills. You know, it is not just the book “How to Know God: The Aphorisms of Patanjali,” by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood …

Citation: “How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali,” translated with a commentary by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, copyright 1953, 1981 by The Vedanta Society of Southern California

… that lists the supernatural powers, the psychic powers. No! They are also listed in the Kabbalah as the names of God. All right? And in many other texts.

For a long time, people have tried for the powers of God, without attempting to become more spiritual and more God-like. We need to set aside what the ego wants, and what the ego needs … we need to set this aside from the powers of God. And instead, align our wills, our hearts, and our minds, with the will, the heart, and the Mind of God.

And in that way, we will achieve our purpose on Earth. We cannot achieve our purpose through ego. We have to rise past ego, and greet God with an open heart.

Psychic Wars. So now … from my pronouncement here … What is in it, for those that actually believe in psychic wars, to get their way on Earth … to rule Earth?

Mind Control. And for those that believe in the ability to control people’s minds through advertising campaigns? Maybe through using the new Ascension skills to do that? For those who think they can actually influence the will of all the people of a nation in that way?

This kind of desire arises from the Demon Realm, and not from our God nature. So it is important to understand, that first thought that we have, is not the aligning with God. No! It is the opposite.

We must find that, in order to ascend. Because down in the Demon Realm, where it is dog-eat-dog, and the top guy is the top guy, there is only one top guy. And that top guy is not a human Soul.

If we want to arise to our potential, we have to espouse the purpose and mission of our Soul.

What Is in It for Us, Other Than Worldly Gain?

So what is in it for us, if we are not getting worldly gain? What could be in it, for us, with regard to Ascension?

  • If our person might not be the most wealthy person on Earth.
  • If our organization might not be the most fancy of all of the organizations of that kind on Earth.
  • If our nation, instead of becoming the most powerful nation, becomes a friend to all nations.

Well, that is  a question for you to answer:

  • What could be in it for you?
  • What could it be, that your Soul wants?
  • What could it be that God really wants for you?

New Life on New Earth

This Universe is made of Love, not hatred. It is hatred with which the Demon Realm worked. And it is hatred with which we dealt in the third and  fourth dimensions. And it is hatred that is dissolving and transforming in the Light right now.

And what will your new life be like? Will there be wars? No. No wars. Will there be disagreements? No. Will there be discussion of the future of Earth? Yes. Everyone will have their own notions … And more and more, the peoples of Earth will come into harmony and agreement.

Well, so. [Waves goodbye.]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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