Con Operations with a Facelift . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 22 October 2017; later that day I added the text in green font.

  • THE ‘CULL’
    • Computer Cloning, Email Hacking, Identity Theft
    • Interception of the Public Mails
    • Law Enforcement
    • Lawyers and Judges
    • Other Ways of ‘Muzzling’ Law Enforcement, Lawyers and Judges
    • Social Services
    • Thuggees: Whether Roaming or at Home?
    • A Caveat for the Law-Abiding

Dear Ones,


Here’s a ‘just suppose’ about con artists in America today. Let’s say, the imprisonment of crime boss Lucky Luciano (1) in the 1900s led criminals in America to undertake a ‘facelift’ … so that they would fit in better with mainstream America.

And, just supposing, this facelift was highly successful, to the point where, today, you can’t tell a mafia person from your next door neighbor.


OK, now … apparently, a couple of things that crime families (2) in America do … judging from the CIA Factbook (3) is distribution of illegal drugs and money laundering.


The lead-in to a con is called the ‘bait and switch’ … some of the techniques are ‘the cull’, ‘nuzzle and muzzle’, or ‘woo and sue’, or ‘off the mark’. Here are a few scenarios:

There iss a con group that engages in group sex with the boss. Everyone in the operation, whether man or woman, woos the boss.


When a mark or ‘pigeon’ is pegged, the boss, not knowing their sexual orientation, assigns one man and one woman, separately, to try and bait the mark into a sexual liaison. If the liaison is successful, then the ‘bait’ has been taken.

The ‘switch’ is to implicate the mark or ‘pigeon’ in an illicit activity.


If this cannot be accomplished, then lies and innuendo are used to ‘cull’ the mark from friends and relatives. These lies might work both ways: The con group might lie to friends and relatives about the mark. Or it might lie to the mark about friends and relatives.

Computer Cloning, Email Hacking, Identity Theft

Other ways of pursuing the ‘cull’ are cloning the computers, hacking the emails, and stealing the identities of marks or patsies.

Interception of the Public Mails

In recent times, the con operation with a facelift might place a ringer or faker as a mailperson in a post office, or private postal center … such as those in Office Depot, the UPS and Fedex shipment centers, private mailbox locations … and so on. 

In the modern con operation, there might be a ringer in every major mail or shipment center in a town. The ringer would be a member of the con operation who poses as an honest employees for the purpose of intercepting, removing, copying, altering, or delaying the mail of a mark, a law enforcement officer, a lawyer or judge, a town official, and so on, so as to further the scam then in progress.

I feel these postal ringers might also be placed by con operations so as to ship illicit items … such as drugs, poisons, weapons, body parts, even dead bodies … through the U.S. mails.

A weird notion, but one that I feel would be worthwhile looking into, so as to determine whether or not it might have some truth to it.


The con op brings law enforcement, lawyers and judges into its group sex activities. This is the ‘nuzzle’.

Law Enforcement

They may pose as a bordello or house of ill repute for law enforcement, but in fact be simply using this ‘cover’ as a con. Their real work might be drug distribution, money laundering, and so on. Their intent, her is to ‘nuzzle’ law enforcement so as to ‘muzzle them’ … to prevent them from interfering with the real work of the con group.

Lawyers and Judges

For lawyers and judges, they may pose as a wild and happy free sex club. In rural areas of the United States, where Christianity is a stronghold, knowledge of this sexual license might ostracize lawyers and judges from polite society; it might imperil their jobs and their status in the community. Thus, the nuzzling of lawyers and judges is for the purpose of blackmail during possible future legal proceedings.

Other Ways of ‘Muzzling’ Law Enforcement, Lawyers and Judges

There are other ways of muzzling law enforcement, lawyers and judges:

  • The wife of a law enforcement officer, lawyer or judge may be introduced to drugs or romanced by a member of the con operation, thus compromising her husband.
  • A child may be stolen, and its mother killed, and the child purported by a female member of the group to be the offspring of a law enforcement officer, lawyer or judge.


One member of the con group may woo the fall guy or mark, and then sue for alimony, or for hush money.

Or the group may lie in concert to the effect that one of their members has had a sexual relationship with the fall guy or mark, with the intention of gaining an alimony or hush money suit.


Or the fall guy or mark may be murdered, and the group may devise fraudulent marriage papers, intended to entitle a member of the group to the dead mark’s monies or property.

Social Services

To take advantage of Social Services, the con group can lie as one, indicating that the mark or patsy… who is often a single, wealthy woman … is a mentally ill, penniless sex worker, and needs to be locked up.

The con group will have members who are masseuses and nurses, whether male or female. These can gain access to hospitals and mental institutions, for the purpose of drugging or murdering a patsy.


For each person targeted by the new Con Op with a Facelift, the group will appear to be something other than what it truly is. This is based on each person’s window on reality … and especially, their interactions with the con group. For instance:

  • The mark may feel this is a chance to get ‘in with the in crowd’ … to be popular, or admired, or accepted by a group of people who appear to be enthusiastically accepting of him or her. Too late finding out their true purpose …
  • A law enforcement officer might think they are a rough sex bordello … No harm done. Simply consensual sex among adults. Sex of the sort that can’t be obtained at home.
  • A lawyer or judge might think they have joined a wild an crazy sex club: Sin with no price tag. Just for fun.
  • A Social Services person may feel it’s doing what is right for the mark that he or she incarcerates. Just the right thing for the poor, hapless individual … who is ‘not our sort of people’. Not one of us. A criminal sort who lives a life unto herself or himself. Not realizing that the criminals are, in fact, those who petition for the mark’s incarceration.


When people say that they are ‘above right and wrong’ or that ‘right and wrong have no meaning for them’ … What does that mean?

Thuggees: Whether Roaming or at Home?

Does it mean that they are enlightened? Or does it mean that they are the modern version of thuggees (4)?

  • Instead of travelling around, looking for travellers to murder and rob, like the thuggee cults of India,
  • might they be a new version of thuggees who lure marks and patsies to their locale, murder and fleece them, and lie in unison about their goings on?

A Caveat for the Law-Abiding

I feel that we all … we normal, law-abiding folks in America … need to be up to snuff and savvy about these sorts of goings on, so that we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from these very sophisticated shenanigans.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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