Community Health: Our Children and Crime in the Cities . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 2 February 2016

Dear Ones,

I would like to propose a possible solution to crime in our large cities. I see a trend for young people to be overly dependent on electronics … as others have observed, to live life ‘virtually’ instead of relating to their peers, family, and community as physical people, face to face.

This has led them to devalue interpersonal relationships, to feel that their interactions with people on the physical plane are just ‘a computer game’, as it were.

Their lives are like a dream of physical reality. It is this dreaming that leads them to drug use as early as preschool. Clairly, one can see the hovering about of drug peddlers near elementary schools. They are there, waiting for the children to get out of school for the day … waiting to sell them drugs from the seat of their car parked at the curb.

They are hiring third graders to sell drugs to first and second graders in playgrounds and parks.

Why do the children buy these drugs? I think it may be because of the electronics … the handhelds and so on … that cause them to live a ‘virtual’ existence … a dreamy existence half way between 3D (the physical world) and 4D (the astral realm). It’s but a small step from a handheld to drug use. Drugs are just a deeper kind of dreaminess.

So now, in the large cities of Earth, the first and second graders are becoming addicted to drugs. How will they pay for them? By robbing their parents, or by breaking into cars after school, or as they get older, by ‘graduating to the bigtime’ and robbing homes.

Also they pay with the only coin that they have, and that is the use of their own bodies by the drug dealers. And so, our children are in danger, in this way or else through intravenous drugs use, of getting STDs, even HIV or hepatitis.

When cars and homes are robbed by the young, they are looking for the thing they hold dear, the cause of their virtual explorations, and that is electronics. And also, jewelry and cash.

We of the older generations are concerned that the young have ‘gone virtual’. Yet we do not know what to do about it. Here is my thought on this …

What if we were to cease to use electronics? If we did, we could set an example of family life for the young. We could become more interactive with our children, our grandchildren, and community. And in addition, there would be nothing in our homes or cars to steal (provided we do not keep electronics, cash or jewelry there).

If there is nothing to steal, then the children will not be able to buy drugs. If we get involved with their lives and do activities with them, instead of just watching TV, then that will also help the situation.

Also, I feel, it would be good for those with very young children to offer them advice about the risks of drug use, and about STDs. Preschool would not be too early an age, I feel.

I welcome your thoughts on this topic.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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