Clearing Gaia . the Priestess Role . Sisterhood . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 10 April 2015; published on 13 April 2015; revised


Dear Ones,

This is about clearing through concepts of control and power over. A call to my sisters, fellow oracles, prophetesses, priestesses of the Mystery Schools: Let us forgive. Let us serve the Light, witness the Light, transform the Light, seek the Light …

There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I am out in the desert today, for the weekend. I have to tell you that the Light here is absolutely gorgeous. It is absolutely beautiful … the Light of Ascension pouring down!

And it is so quiet and beautiful! It is so wonderful for my Soul to be here, out in the desert! I just could not even put it into words. It is like I am sipping, and delighting in, Light all day long.

This is in stark contrast to the experience I had yesterday evening. Yesterday evening I had a panic attack; and as is sometimes the case, I put off taking the Klonopin (a brand name for clonazepam, an inexpensive anti-anxiety prescription medicine. The reason why I hesitate is that it has become clear in the online medical literature that there are notable side effects of withdrawal, especially, apparently, withdrawal from long-term use … including some side effects that may persist for a long time, even if withdrawal is very gradual.)

When I have a panic attack, I start to experience reality in a different kind of way. You know, all these mental filters are clearing Earth, and all these stories are passing through the human psyche, and in that way transforming and clearing the Earth field. And in fact, since we are out on the edge of the Galaxy, we are clearing, for the Galaxy, all of these very dense stories.

The story that was going on last night had to do with domination and control. This issue has come up before, But last night it came up extremely strongly. And the feeling that I had was one of utter helplessness. Try as I might to feel my Heart, the panic that I was feeling was so great that … until I took that step to take the tiny piece of Klonopin … I felt at the effect of the mental scene that was floating by.

You know, that step that we take to help ourselves … to do something to change the situation … is apparently pretty essential.

But anyway, it seems that … I am going to try to put this into words: We are the co-creators of the New Reality. But humankind is clearing all these astral stories. And a lot of people, it seems … groups of people … are still very attached to these stories. And so for those of us that are clearing past them: They are hanging on, and presenting these stories to us, on the telepathic realm.

And so, for instance, the theme of Control: my Lord! The thing about the third chakra is, it allows us a chance to create our own world … To get out there, and present ourselves to the world.

But the negative aspecting … the distortion of the Light that has fallen down upon the Earth, yea these many years … is the notion that we have the right to control someone else’s thinking, or person.

So the thing to do, I think, with regard to the third chakra … the navel point, the Will Power … is to always keep in mind that this is a Free Will Planet, and that we have the right to co-create the New Reality … But not the right to force anyone else to have our own point of view. You know?

I think there is a complicated dynamic going on there, to do with the fight or flight response: So many people are, themselves, in a state of mild anxiety over the gently increasing Incoming Light … And so, I just think that some people express this anxiety by fighting, and others, by running away. You know? … by fleeing. But it seems that quite a few … specifically men … express anxiety through fighting.

Now we have the history of War to clear … The history of domination of the world economy, and politics, and leadership, and finance, and all that, by men for such a long time. I think it is very difficult for men, right now, to let that go.

And in expressing their feeling of being threatened … for women like me, who simply say: I Am I … I Am I Am … I Am That.  

And we do not say: I will bow to you … Your wish is my command.

We do not say the things that are expected of us, you know? All we say is that we stand alone … And that we channel the Incoming Light from the heavens, to the Earth. And we allow the misqualified energies of Earth to come through our physical forms, and to be transformed by the Light of of Love.

And that is my job right now. That is my only job. And it does not fit any other job descriptions. It does not fit wifely subservience. And it does not fit the wage slave, or the sexual slave, or the woman who hands her money to her husband.

All of these many things that are prevalent in our society today, are just not in sync with the thought of being a Lightbearer, and a Priestess of the Mystery School … an Oracle, a Prophetess, a SiStar, a Sister of the Light.

These things are what we women are beginning to pick up, as our role in the world. And it is threatening to the old order.

So, as to these events of panic attacks, caused by what feels to be greatly antagonistic energy from people who demand a patriarchal domination point of view: This morning I say, here in the desert … in the beautiful Light, I say …

  • Let us let all that go.
  • Let us let all of that energy go by.
  • Let us establish, in our Hearts, the one great goal of serving the Light … of witnessing the Light … of transforming the Light.
  • Let us seek the Light.
  • Let us seek the places where the Light is the greatest.
  • Let us seek the foods where the Light shines forth as it enters our physical forms.
  • Let us seek the thoughts that bring us to the very highest Light in our minds.
  • And let us forgive … because there is so much to forgive here!

There is just an incredible amount of suffering passing through, and leaving Earth right now … An incredible amount of harm that has been done to the weak and the fearful … An incredible amount of anger and insecurity and desire to hold onto that which cannot be grasped.

Just as the Light comes down on Earth, every day, during the the day; so too, at night, the Light becomes less. And in the morning, it waxes again.

These are the ways of Earth. These are the understandings: That the Light will come when the Light comes. And that the Darkness is here when the Darkness is here. But that, in these times, when the Light is growing ever stronger, and the Darkness ever less,

Dear Sisters in the Light, I wish you happy days … Light-filled days … Days of Love and Peace. Together may we all stand, for this great planetary transformation.

I love you all. God keep you in peace.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

I am, I am


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