Clair Hearing and Clair Feeling: Women’s Voices and Hearts . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 29 August 2016; published on 2 September 2016

    • The Silenced Voice of Women
    • The Two-Part Spell to Bind Down Women
      • Visualizations of the Spell
    • How to Counter the Spell
      • Running
      • Kundalini Yoga
      • Optimizing Timelines
    • ‘Slide-in’: A Black Magician Slipped In, on the Heels of a Healing Session During Which I Fell Asleep
      • Soundtrack
    • Ideas about Gender That Are Clearing from Earth
    • Sisterhood
    • Sacred Sexuality as a Reconfiguration of the Human Electromagnetic Field: The One Becomes Duality, or The One Becomes the Many
    • On Black Magic
    • Photos by Alice

Dear Ones,

Here are a few observations from the clair plane. As you will see, the astral realm reflects what we see around us in the world today regarding limitations placed on women’s voice being heard in the world, and on their freedom to feel their hearts.

There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I wanted to talk a little about a sorcery event that happened to me yesterday (I was the victim) … just in case it is happening to you as well.

It could be a well-known sorcery amongst the black magicians. The purpose of it is patriarchal domination (which is the way the world has been tending in the last bit of this long, Dark Age that just passed. And that is towards domination of the world by men; and of women not having, truly, any say in the astral realm.

The Silenced Voice of Women
There is a power-over social convention in place on the astral plane that has men subconsciously telling women what to clair speak, and women instantly complying.

Over and over again, since 2012, I have noticed married couples and significantly paired couples, on the clair astral-hearing plane, subconsciously talking together. It is always the man in the situation telling the woman what to say. Invariably, the woman in these situations has no private voice of her own … no voice at all, in the fourth dimension.

This is something that is changing now, as women become aware of the fact that they have ceded their free will to the man in their relationships … finally coming out of a kind of a trance state where the man does everything and tells them to do everything.

To me it was pretty scary, because I do believe in free will. I believe this is a free will planet, and I believe that all beings here have the right to free will. And so, here I have been observing, for some years now, that about half of the human beings on Earth … all the women … apparently have no voice whatsoever in the emotional realm.

That is changing right now. And what is coming in, during September, I feel … although it may not be completed in September … has to do with total opening of the heart chakra, and energization of the human electromagnetic field; and that one of the results that will occur is that men and women will know how, finally, to relate to each other from a purely unconditional love perspective.

This means not only that they will join together both in friendship and in more intimate relationships, with the total energy of their hearts, and that they will be able to withdraw that energy and balance back their hearts, into the singular electromagnetic field configuration whenever they want to.

So two can be one, or each can be one, completely at free will. which is what is being worked on right now. I have to say that the energetics are spectacular, in this buildup towards the September events that will be occurring, and the Light waves that will be coming in.

Getting back to what happened yesterday: There are some people … men … that I have been encountering on the astral plane for some years now … that have a set series of beliefs regarding women.

In the past I have tried to track these energy threads down. Sometimes I think they may be spiritual adepts from India or from the West … and they also may be certain Buddhists … who believe that the highest incarnation of a human being is to be a man … to be in male form … and that the greatest expression of that incarnation is to be a man who has always incarnated on Earth in male form.

This leaves me out; my incarnations are about half and half. And those of most people are about half and half. And so the group of people I mentioned above look back … they have the power to look back at my past incarnations … and they toss me out, as inferior to them. [sighs]

I do feel … in coming to the realm of Duality from the far star systems … that our choice to have as broad a range of experience as possible, is probably a very wise choice … because then we know what it is to be the oppressor, the aggressor, the male … and we know what it is to be oppressed, the victim, the woman … so that we become more wise in the realm of Duality. We begin to make choices so that we will be neither the aggressor nor the victim … so that we will be able to stand in unconditional love, even in this harsh realm.

My point of view is very different from theirs, in this regard. I do feel that their opinion that men are superior to women interferes with their spiritual attainment, because it prevents them from treating women as if they were human beings.

The Two-Part Spell to Bind Down Women
A two-part spell of using nature spirits (faeries) to stitch a woman’s heart closed, and a repeated phrase, ‘Lift your tailbone up,’ that causes a woman to cease grounding.

Lately there has been expression of this energy thread, which has been morphing and changing … I cannot identify the people. That is the thing. It is kind of frustrating … although I know God reveals all when the time comes.

It came up again, and has come up many times in past. There is a black magic spell; it has to do with using the powers of the natural world to your own egoic ends … to protect yourself. Of course, protection is good, but the thing is, I feel, we want protection without hurting other people.

I am for the All, and I am for free will for all beings everywhere: Free will for all, happiness for all, and so forth. We cannot have those principles without respecting all life. And we cannot respect all life unless we allow all beings to be happy. And the thing that causes us to be happy, and to feel joy in the world, is a widely open heart chakra.

I am giving you background information on my point of view about this, because the spell involves … Have you ever seen those pictures of Gulliver’s travels, where Gulliver is a giant, regular-sized guy, and there all these tiny little people that are throwing ropes over and around his lying-down form, and have pegged him to the ground? Right?

Visualizations of the Spell. Here is an image of Gulliver bound down to the ground by the Lilliputians, as described in the video. The fine ropes across the chest are somewhat evocative of the gossamer threads I felt stitched across the front of my heart chakra …

Image: Gulliver bound down … … LEGEND: “He found that his arms and legs were tightly fastened to the ground.”

The ropes look like spiderwebs, really, on Gulliver, because compared to these tiny little people in the Lilliputian realm he is really huge, even though he is just a regular-sized person. And it is like this; that is what this black magic spell is like. It reminds me of the story of the cobweb faeries that spin cobwebs by moonlight …

Image: Faerie spinning cobweb in moonlight … ..

It is as if the nature spirits … while a woman is sleeping … are being employed to stitch little tiny, gossamer ropes all over her heart chakra, to stop it from expanding. That is the first part of it; it is like a net of stitchery … which may be thought forms that are holding the heart closed and preventing it from spreading energy all over the electromagnetic field. A very bad spell!

And the second part of that spell is ‘lifting the tail bone up’ … it is lifting the body off the Earth up off of the Earth; it is pulling the astral form up, out of the physical body. And that is done by repeated commands to the subconscious, the Lower Mental Body of the person in question … a woman; pulling her up, ‘pulling her tailbone up’, they say. That prevents the complete fullness of the astral body … those atoms … from interpenetrating the physical.

So it ungrounds a woman, and it closes down her heart. That is the two-part spell. And that is the spell that I woke up in yesterday afternoon, after a nap.

How to Counter the Spell

Immediately on noticing that, you have several options …

Running. You can go for a run, on the physical plane. That opens up your heart and breaks these spells.

Kundalini Yoga. If you are not able to run, you can do kundalini yoga, such as Sat Kriya, which I have mentioned in prior blogs. That courses the energy up, and clears all of the chakras …

Video: “The Single Practice That Does it All: Sat Kriya with Simrit,” by Simrit, 14 November 2013 … ..

Optimizing Timelines. The other thing that can be done is simply to optimize the timelines. This is the simplest thing. A lot of people just do not believe that it is true, and so they do not try it. But it is immediately effective; you say: Spirit to Team! Optimize Timelines, for the All, through Free Will! Do that with great determination, with joy … jubilation … and everything just goes away. All those bad spells go away.

‘Slide-In’: Black Magician Slipped In, on the Heels of a Healing Session During Which I Fell Asleep

The other thing that I found is this …


I woke up; I had fallen asleep purportedly under a healing session with a man who is a great healer. I could feel all my chakras being rebalanced, and like that. So I thought: Fine. It’s safe to take a nap. When I woke up, I found all this Lilliputian thing was going on. And it seemed to me that a black magician had stepped in to change my energy field after the healer had stepped out. Most unfortunate!

The other thing I heard was this person … this imitation person. I said: Why did you do this? Why did you try to shut down my heart? Why did you try to unground me?

He said: We want to bind you down to the Earth.

And I thought: This can’t be good! [laughs] And I said: Why is that? Why did you try to do that?

And he said: We found out that your Soul purpose is to destroy the Soul purpose of all human beings on Earth.

And I thought: Say what? Repeat that? [laughs] Just in case, I said: Spirit to Team! Optimize Soul purpose! For the All, through Free Will! [laughs]

If you find yourself in that bind … of being judged very harshly, as a person who is the anti-Christ, or the anti-humankind person, or like that, just do whatever it takes, with your Team, to make an adjustment in that realm.

We cannot make other people believe that we are human, as women. We cannot make the men believe that. But we ourselves can keep our hearts open, no matter what they are thinking.

Ideas About Gender That Are Clearing from Earth
Discussion of the spiritual belief that men are superior to women, and that all-male incarnations are superior to mixed male-female incarnations.

The good thing is, now in September … and in the months to follow … it seems to me, it appears to me through intuition, that what will be changing are these attitudes of men …

  • We want to bind you down to the Earth!
  • We found out that your Soul purpose is to destroy the Soul purpose of all human beings on Earth! (For this, say: Spirit to Team! Optimize Soul purpose! For the All, through Free Will!)
  • Women are evil (legend of Lilith)
  • Women are inferior, and drag men down through unbridled sexuality
  • Women are objects, not people; they are something for men to manipulate in their game of joyful competition with each other.


Coming up right after that, another thing that will be changing is women’s notion that other women are competition for them. After this clearing happens for them, they can join together in joyful celebration of sisterhood. That is going to be great.

So, welcome to the fireworks! You all take care. Love you lots! [End of video]

Sacred Sexuality as a Reconfiguration of the Human Electromagnetic Field: The One Becomes Duality, or The One Becomes the Many

Men and women are coming into the ability to relate together with their whole hearts and entire electromagnetic fields, and then rebalance back into their individual EMFs at will. This newfound knowingness of the reconfigurability of the  human EMF, of being able to switch from the I Am That state to the We Are That state, is the a little like learning to exist as the first (s) and second (p) electron orbital states, as shown in this image …

Image of Electron Orbitals: s is blue, p is red, and d (not discussed in this blog) is green …  … DESCRIPTION: s is a blue sphere. p are double spheres, stuck together. d are four spheres stuck together in a shape that is overall square; or else two spheres with by a donut-shaped ring horizontally between them.

For the p configuration, though one state appears to be two, it is really just the one, thinking itself two. In the same way, we humans can think ourselves two, and this bumps up our energy state. (I can only imagine how God feels, while thinking Himself the All and the Many.)

On Black Magic

Note that the ‘black magic’ observed on the astral plane represents the ‘logic’ of the subconscious mind. In other words, it is the manner in which the collective subconscious co-creates reality. The difficulty here, which is clearing up as the Awakening proceeds, is that the workings of the collective subconscious … being, as it is, beneath the level of conscious Awareness … can be controlled by beings, either human or non-human, who are aware of the rules of ‘black magic’.

In these days of the Awakening, simply becoming aware of the rules of black magic … for instance, by clair hearing or clair seeing them in action … brings us up above the surface of the waters of the collective subconscious.

The image “Booooooom” by Benjamin Craig, represents very well, I feel, the rising above the waters of the collective subconscious …

Image: Booooooom” by Benjamin Craig …“Painting of a young man emerging from water,” by Benjamin Craig, at I Heart My Art … … DESCRIPTION: The face of a young man shown three times. At the bottom of the image, the face is submerged under water and the eyes closed. In the middle of the image, the face is emerging from the surface of the water and the eyes and mouth are opening. Near the top of the photo the face is out of the water, the eyes are gazing up towards the sky, and the mouth is open, as if breathing in air. There are red flower petals floating on the water. A big brown snake is swimming through the water on the left side and top of the image; its head is near top right, and its red eyes are open. The snake h might represent the fear death, or fear of exposing subconscious, repressed thoughts and emotions, or the kundalini energy of awakening.

You can find more on Benjamin Craig artist here …

Link: BOOOOOOOM: Benjamin Craig, 12 October 2013 … ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Photos by Alice

Image: “Santa Monica Mountains 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 29 August 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Santa Monica Mountains 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 29 August 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Santa Monica Mountains 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 29 August 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Santa Monica Mountains 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 29 August 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0

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