Carrington Event Next Week? . by Alice B. Clagett

Image: “Aurora Borealis [adapted by brightening],” by Frederic Edwin Church, 1865, in English Wikipedia … … public domain … COMMENT: Some say this is a depiction of a Carrington Event that took place in 1859.

Image: “Aurora Borealis,” by Frederic Edwin Church, 1865, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain … 

DESCRIPTION: There is speculation that the artist was inspired by the 1865 Carrington Event to create this painting.


Dear Ones,

Here is a video on whether there might be a Carrington event this week. There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones. This is Alice, I Am of the Stars.

The solar ultraviolet hotspot that accounted for last week’s huge solar flare on the far side of the Sun is just cresting the northeastern rim of the Sun. The hotspot can be seen on the top lefthand side of the NASA images of the Sun for today, 19 February 2022.

In a couple more days, and for a few days thereafter, any new solar flares by this hotspot … sunspot AR 2936 [renumbered AR2954 on 21 February 2022?] … will be Earth-directed. There is a chance of a Carrington event, I suppose, as the explosion on the far side of the Sun last week was a lollapalooza. If it was a Carrington, though, that does not make it more or less likely that it would produce a Carrington after the sunspot is facing Earth. At least, that is what I recall from my reading on probability theory.

I remember, many long years ago, going to Las Vegas on my honeymoon with my ex-husband, who passed on in recent years, God rest his Soul. I had never been to a gambling establishment before. I had heard it is a common misperception amongst gamblers that one or two big wins create a ‘winning streak’. Because of that misunderstanding of probability theory, a gambler might, I had heard, keep on playing till his or her pockets were empty. I remember I set myself a $20 gambling budget for the Las Vegas visit. I lost the $20, which was right precious to me back then, but at least I did not lose my shirt, at least insofar as this saying applied to my pocketbook.

The probability theory teaching that one or two similar events do not create a ‘winning streak’ (or a ‘losing streak’) applies to Carrington events as well. If a Carrington event occurred last week, then that does not make it all that likely one will occur this week, when the sunspot is Earth-directed. It is possible the sunspot ‘spent its cash’ with that one big flare on the far side of the Sun.

Judging from the past few centuries of solar observations … which apparently, until about 1975, were ‘catch-as-catch-can’ and spotty … the chance of a Carrington event is right rare, so my guess is, that likely will not happen this coming week … though I am sure the possibility is uppermost in the minds of astrogeophysicists right now. If you would like to read more about this, surf to my blog category: Carrington events – killer solar flares ..

It seems to me more likely that the sunspot will produce a flurry of these Earth-directed geostorms in the coming week. Flurries of geostorms on Earth can be much more discombobulating to those of us Lightworkers, pathfinders, wayshowers, and healers who are EMF-sensitive than are single geostorms.

Please stay on alert to these possible symptoms: Anxiety, panic attacks, cognitive dissonance, and mental turmoil. Check with Space Weather … https:/ … regularly starting about Wednesday, 22 February 2022 PT, for alerts on possible geostorms and to find out when they might impact Earth’s magnetosphere.

During geostorms, and especially during geostorm flurries, it is important for Lightworkers to avoid driving, and especially to avoid freeway driving, because of mechanical failures due to unpredictable effects of the Incoming Light on car batteries, electric parts, and electronic parts. In addition, there is, I feel, an increased possibility of driver error during geostorm flurries. Of special concern is erratic driving behavior of motorists that the Lightworker might encounter on the road because these other motorists may be, for the first time, experiencing geostorm-related cognitive dissonance or ‘mind mud’, as it is termed.

It is also possible you may experience failure of electronic devices such as handhelds, cell phones, and computers; knowing that in advance may be helpful. I recall, during the last solar cycle, when I was unfamiliar with these phenomena, that I felt strong anxiety when both my phones failed. Then I bought a cell phone at the drugstore, and it would not even turn on. Then I asked a clerk to help me with it, and it turned on for her just like that. Then I took it in my hand, and it stopped working again.

For more on the above, see my blog categories: Anxiety – fear – panic attacks – cognitive dissonance – mental turmoil … Artificial EMF fields – electronic devices – electrical devicesMind mud – mind slides … Ascension cautions … and finally … Ascension symptoms …

Back then, in the last solar cycle, I mistakenly settled … along with others of the Lightworkers … on a conspiracy theory about ‘Team Dark’. Then some time later, after the mind mud cleared, it occurred to me that the dynamic spurts of ‘protonfall’ during geostorm flurries were causing electrical anomalies in devices and in my own nervous system, as well as anomalies in electronic equipment. That theory has less of a taint of fear to it, and more of a scientific feel, so I am sticking by it even today.

From that I get that, in the current Solar Maximum, as more and more people receive the early (and very significant) Light downloads that help them remember their Lightworker heritage, they may begin to experience the sense of Dark Attacks that Lightworkers were reporting online about 11 years ago.

In addition to the Descent of the Dark, there is the Descent of the Light. If, during the current Solar cycle, we place our Awareness on the latter … on the Descent of the Light … rather than the former … the Descent of the Dark … then I am hoping it will be easier for each of us to receive our Ascension gifts and to rise to ever-new levels of the Ascension process unscathed by fears or worries about the Dark.

For more on this, please see my blog categories: Ascension Ascension benefits – Ascension levels … Ascension gifts … Dark Attacks … Incoming light – grace – leveling up … Descent of Light and grace … and finally … Descent of the Dark .. 

Be safe, be well, and be careful until sunspot AR 2936 is one day past the Sun’s northwestern limb (which is on the top righthand side of the NASA images of the Sun).

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Written and published on 19 February 2022
Location: Los Angeles, California


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September of 2017 saw a geostorm flurry described here … Link: “A Powerful Sequence of Flares Started September 2017,” by Goddard Media Studios, 6 September 2017 … … It may take a few minutes for the video to load.

Part of that flurry was an X-9.3 flare, which apparently came within a hair’s breadth of impacting Earth, and likely would have been a ‘killer X-flare’ or ‘Carrington event’ had it done so. For my take on that at the time, see … Link: “Yesterday’s Killer X-Flare Fortunately Mostly Not Earth-Directed,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 11 September 2017 at 7:30 pm PDT; revised … ..

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