Black Magic and Reverse Black Magic . by Alice B. Clagett *

    • Psychic Terrorism Against ISIS

Dear Ones,


This song hints at how, in the fourth dimension, the sexual urge of a black magic ‘victim’ can be used to bind their minds down to the Satan world …

Video: “Arlen / Mercer / Sarah Vaughan: ‘That Old Black Magic’,” by davidhertzberg, 31 March 2013 … ..

People whose sexual drive is naturally low, as well as those who have carefully nurtured and brought up their desire elementals to right action in the world, cannot be bound down in this way. Further, those whose sexual organs are purified with feelings of love, Light and joy can never be so bound down.


When the fourth dimension was created, a strong undercurrent of Satanic energy was introduced to Earth. According to Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist texts, this is the energy of another kind of being that inhabited Earth, the class of astral negative beings referred to as demons and devils. (1) Though I have read elsewhere that there are many more sorts of astral negative beings.

Be that as it may, even today, in these days of Ascension, there are astral negative beings that retain toeholds in the ‘bubble’ atmosphere of the large cities, because of the insalubrious nature of life in these nature-spirit-unfriendly environments. Since there is no geography in 4D, no distances to be traversed, these beings can reach out from the city bubbles … to which they are, effectively, confined in these days of glorious Incoming Light.


Though they are confined, they can instantaneously ‘reach out and touch someone’ …  anyone, anywhere on Earth … with the subliminal command ‘my mind to your mind’, or the like. Before we go farther in this tall yarn that is the Duality experiment, let me remind you of the counter to the command ‘my mind to your mind‘ … Just say, ‘Your mind to the mind of God.’ And then, after aligning black magicker with God, relax your own heart, and your chest muscles … Feel faith and trust in God. Know that whatever spells the black magicker makes, are now synchronous events with your own Soul evolution.

If you feel sensations in your body and electromagnetic field (EMF) as the black magicker says his spells, know that for him or her, they are witchcraft. But for you, synchronously, they are healing events taking place in your own axiatonal lines of Light, through which the feeder lines of Light of the Universe transmit love and Light and joy to your own hologram. In this alignment with God, this physically expressed feeling of faith and hope, lies your own ability to reverse black magic.


Interestingly, one of the techniques the black magickers use is Reversal. For instance, they will use a ‘Black Mass’ parody of the Catholic Mass … retooled, as it were … with prayers to Satan or curses against God … the idea being to counter an energy of faith and trust with a reverse energy.

In the same way, the act of astral mind control by a black magicker or black magicker group is an act of Reversal. Mind control reverses our free will, indeed our very existence as mirrors of Divine love and Light, occluding these truths with delusions of pain, sorrow, suffering, fear, hatred, and so on.

Just around 9 p.m. last night I was awakened by an incredible mind control gambit involving a group of people being led by a mind control man. They were out for blood … ho hum … the ordinary for the black magic set. Control the world, mind by mind. The leader, with that ‘my mind to your mind’ line, was actually moving his consciousness into the brains of his adherents, one by one. Then, on the astral plane, it would sound like one of them talking, but would actually be him talking through their bodies.

I thought: Well here is a chance for his followers to do an experiment, if they are not too deeply into that ‘voodoo me’ night of the living dead thing!

So, on the clair plane, I suggested they urge their leader to speak out loud, simultaneously with a member of the group, only on a different topic …

So then his wife, or possibly his paramour, started clair talking, but he stopped.

No, no, I said! Let both talk at the same time, but with different thoughts! So then the leader started talking again, but his wife stopped.

No, no, I said! He got aggravated … thinking, How can I control each of them, get into their brains, and still be in my own? Silly woman! Cannot be done! He tried the mind meld with another member of the group … started talking through them … but once more stopped clair talking through his own brain.

Acid test results: Not one member of the group, at that moment, had a mind of their own. And a corollary: Apparently, black magic is confined to person-to-person mini-noospheric (brain) thought transfer. It is not like the process of prayer, where we can visualize the entire Earth imbued with the feeling of love, Light and joy. On the contrary, black magic depends on manipulation of individual ego, individual primal urges. In that sense, it is cumbersome, antiquated, and short-sighted.

O my gosh, during that clair session yesterday evening, I fielded just a gadzillion curses from this mind-controlled group and its mind-controlling leader. Yet through faith and hope … the axiatonal healing technique described above … each curse was turned to a beautiful Incoming Light event in my own hologram. And so, it became an amazing Light upgrade celebration for me.



Image: “A painting from the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, from Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5 … DESCRIPTION: There are three frames: The first shows a holy man, and a woman accompanied by an angel. The second shows a holy man, and a woman accompanied by a devil; her angel is standing to one side with a worried expression, In the third frame there are people on a road, and a cart pulled by two white cows. there are devils cavorting about in the air. The inscription for the third frame adjures folks to avoid magicians and healers, who are said to be servants of the devils.

Image: “A painting from the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, from Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5 …

DESCRIPTION: There are three frames: The first shows a holy man, and a woman accompanied by an angel. The second shows a holy man, and a woman accompanied by a devil; her angel is standing to one side with a worried expression, In the third frame there are people on a road, and a cart pulled by two white cows. there are devils cavorting about in the air. The inscription for the third frame adjures folks to avoid magicians and healers, who are said to be servants of the devils.

I cannot blame folks for falling to the black magic routines of the Satan world. After all, we intrepid Souls signed on for the Duality experiment. And that experiment could not take place without the presence of astral negative entities who pull the wool over our eyes through black magic. It is these entities who hoodwinked last night’s group leader into using mind control on his group.

Where did he get that Black Magic Book? The folks he got it from were themselves hoodwinked into the work of the Satan realm.

Where did they get the Book from? Those folks were also hoodwinked by the Satan realm.

And so, who is to blame for any of this? We all came to Earth. We all agreed to let out a portion of our minds to the Dark, to the unconscious, to fear of the Unknown, to the power-over astral crowd. And now, we humans are all rediscovering the Light … uncovering the Unknown in us … knowing it for what it is: A spark of the Divine, not the territory of the Satanic (ho hum!) overlord of Earth….


Another thing that black magickers do is called Redirection. This requires several of them, in coalition, working toward the downfall of another person’s Soul. For instance, the leader of a black magic group might be enacting clair skits on death, destruction, despair, fear, anger, and so on. Another person in the group might be simultaneously saying: May he/she [intending the victim] hear [and then a clair picture of a person the victim knows].

This concerted effort results in the leader’s skit sounding like it is coming from a person the ‘victim’ knows … maybe a family member, a friend, a work acquaintance, and so on.


The purpose of redirection is to create in the ‘victim’ feelings of hatred, fear, despair, and so on, without reaping the karmic result. The ‘victim’ takes the redirected astral scenario to be true, and so vents his or her negative emotion on the redirect group … This black magic notion of karmic dodge underscores the egoic underpinnings of black magic practice.

The corollaries of black magic proceed from the notion that there is no God overseeing the play of lila. Instead, the black magic practitioner works for the aggrandizement of his or her own ego: I’m in it for me and me alone! Let me run roughshod over everyone! I want it! Who cares what everybody else wants! … Sammy Davis Jr states this egoic standpoint engagingly in the song “I gotta be me” …

Video: “Sammy David Jr. – I’ve Gotta Be Me – With On-Screen Lyrics,” by Charly, 11 March 2016, ..

In overlooking the Divine plan, the redirecting black magicker neglects to take into account the karmic catchup that occurs after death. He or she most likely has not considered the concepts of after-death astral hellworlds, or reincarnation, or Soul purpose. Instead, the black magicker concentrates on the short-term gain, the slice of the material pie, the instinct to overpower, the ‘master plan’ to control us puny earthlings.

I call it the Mini-Overlord Satanic Subroutine. Gosh, how intriguing the notion of getting caught in this subroutine, and then facing a mythical Lord of Death (2) after passing on! What an O. Henry short story ending that would be!


The way to redirect astral acts of Redirection is to name the originators of the skit. If you know their names, name them on the astral plane. There will often be several layers of naming. For instance, a person named Dwane [this is a made-up name] in real life, who might be right-hand-man to an occult leader, might refer, one layer back, to a person named Dwane in another occult group. A person named Clyde [another made-up name] in one occult group might refer back to a person named Clyde in another occult group. And back again to another Clyde. In this way, through the incantation of Names, Satanic gloms occur, reassemble, and recur all over Earth.


There is a precept in the Satan world that naming a true name nulls a person’s or group’s black magic energy. Maybe the precept is true, or maybe it is just conceived to be true; but for sure, I can say, through personal discovery on the astral plane, that finding the true name of a black magic person or group immediately nulls their spells.

It is not that easy to name true names, though. How to go about it? First, it is important to know that both 3D and 4D are sustained by the networks of Dark and Light. The glom is everywhere, both of the Dark and of the Light, during this Winter Solstice 2015.



Image: “Her shadow cast upon the ground,” by Alice B. Clagett, 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0 International, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” ..

Image: “Her shadow cast upon the ground,” by Alice B. Clagett, 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0 International, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” ..  

All humans, when they place their Awareness in these dimensions, are involved in the play of Light and Dark. Their Souls pursue the path of Light. Their shadows (as the psychological term goes) … their Soul wounding, their samskaras, their morphogenetic field distortions, their karmic miasmic patterning, their lost inner children … pursue the path of the Dark.

Our very best friends have a path of Dark and a path of Light, co-existing and intertwining, in the third and fourth dimensions. Why is this so? Why do we meet betrayal after betrayal in these dimensions?

God has arranged these amazingly complicated, incredibly intense skits for our own Soul learning. So that we children of Divine may learn discrimination, right action, alignment with the Divine Will rather than with the little will of man.

And so, the true name in the Satanic skit we are viewing on the astral plane may be the name of our best friend, or our most respected mentor. Or someone they know or look up to or do business with … even on up to the highest names in the spiritual hierarchy of humanity today. Yes, that is the nature of the third and fourth dimensions.

This past week, because of the influx of Winter Solstice Light, true name after true name in the Dark Tangles I have been hearing for years are being disclosed. What fun! I wake up in the morning, and I know the true name. I then call the name on the astral plane, and the energy dissolves in Love. It reminds me of that old Alka-Seltzer commercial …

Video: “Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz (1976),” by navigide, 4 May 2014 … ..


I have just a little to say about what is called in astral black magic parlance ‘the war effort’. For instance, what I have heard black magic groups say over and over again on the astral plane: “We support the war effort.” What does this mean?

Apparently this is not, as I originally assumed, about ISIS. Rather, in the Satan realm, the term refers to something that is the opposite of our government’s War on Drugs. In 4D, the term ‘the war effort’ means the war to enslave humanity’s higher consciousness through hard drug (3) use.

Psychic Terrorism Against ISIS. The ISIS media coverage is apparently intended, by the Dark, as a dodge to cover up the real issue … In fact, last year I heard the Satan crowd, in one of the North American large cities, mind controlling and attempting to incite small groups of fervent Muslims in the Middle East to acts of violence. For me, this was an appalling clair experience. However, there is a lot to be learned from it … the most important thing being, it did not work; and three more things as well …

  • First, apparently, black magic finds fuel for burning mainly in the large cities right now. This is because of the concentration of crime, drugs, and poor living conditions there (and the lack of nature spirits, who are the natural astral enemies of astral negative entities).
  • Second, clearly the astral realm has no geography, or black magic spells could not reach from North America to the Middle East, all in a trice.
  • Third, people who feel faith in God must be on constant guard against egoic black magic incursions. Let us never succumb to the laws of cause and effect. Let us never fall to the concept that the ends justify the means, a la the dictators of history. Let us never be compelled to the emotions of hatred or revenge. Rather, let us exist in the synchrony of love and Light.

What an astral dodge is this! Hatred and sleepytime dreams … ISIS and hard drugs … If we fall for it, down we will go to the Underworld, to the very densest regions of the molten core of Earth. At least, the Dark Ones would finagle it thus, but for the dazzling healing effect of the Incoming Light of Winter Solstice 2015.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Written and published on 28 November 2015; revised on 12 March 2023


Image: “Pythagoras Emerging from the Underworld,” a painting by Salvator Rosa, from Wikimedia … public domain

Image: “Pythagoras Emerging from the Underworld,” a painting by Salvator Rosa, from Wikimedia … public domain


(1) The notion that there exists an ‘enemy of the system’ is found in many religions. This is a being who challenges the way things are, or the supreme ruler … a being who calls the supreme being a hypocrite, and who causes mankind not to be subservient to that being. These religions may call the world ‘Satan’. 

Of course, many cultures do not have a central being that is evil. Yet in various places, and by various paths, the notion of such a being has developed. In Christianity we have the being called Satan or the Devil. In Islam there is Iblis or Shaitan. In Buddhism there is the ‘bringer of death’, Mara. All these beings represent materialism rather than Spirit. Or you might say, they ask us to embrace life in the ‘real world’, the fourth dimension, and they reject ‘wishful thinking’ about the higher dimensions. From the viewpoint of philosophical naturalism, Satan is the beneficent protagonist of the play of Maya, of Illusion. [This is the point of view of the black magicker. –Alice] — adapted from Link: “Satan and the Devil in World Religions,” by Vexen Crabtree, 2014 … ..

(2) Lord of Death … Link: “Yama,” in Wikipedia … ..

(3) “Hard drugs are drugs that lead to physical addiction. Many countries do not allow people to make, sell or use some of them, other than for medical purposes. Examples of such drugs are opiates (heroin, hydrocodone (Vicodin), morphine), methamphetamine (meth), cocaine, alcohol, GHB, and nicotine.” –from Link: “Hard and Soft Drugs,” Wikipedia … … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported and GFDL ..


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