Bilocation and Transmutation . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 2 May 2013; revised


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Dear Ones,


The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday. I got tired after lunch, and took a little nap in the car before going into the Post Office. As I napped, there was another attempt at mind control. These have been so frequent lately that’s it’s more or less la-dee-da, but as usual, I woke up, got the picture, and got a little ‘het up’ over it.


Then I went to the Post Office, and the Coop, and on the way home heard on the radio about a woman whose son had been shot down on the street. She said to her minister that it would be ok, because she knew for sure her son was still in God’s hands.

This news instigated a train of thought on my part. One thought led to another, and suddenly I found myself actually in this situation … falling down keening over the body of my dead son. Trying to come to terms with this. I looked up and saw a young man who was the killer, looking down at me with no hint of compassion or caring. I looked forward, into the future, and saw my son’s girlfriend, affianced to his killer. God, what a horrible lifetime!

All this while, reliving in stark detail the events of an alternate timeline, I was also driving home in my car, on a mountain road, through a forest of pine trees. Sometimes the alternate timeline would be more forward in my awareness, and sometimes the mountain road would seem more real. In fact, both seemed simultaneously, equally real.

Video and song: “O Death: O Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack,” performed by Ralph Stanley, at CineTrack, 12 February 2016 … ..


So then, turning from my desolate bereavement, and remembering my current mission of transforming the energy of all the worlds to light and love, I began to feel my heart. And as I felt it, at first closed and dormant, and then slowly opening wide and diaphanous, like tough but infinitely thin, pliant liquid crystal, I began to feel a vast, slow sea of sadness, the daggered hearts of mothers who have lost their children –- I felt this sadness welling up — through the clear intention of many bright souls — lifting and leaving all the worlds. And now, we are free of that, through the grace of God, and the power of our own great Hearts.

Dear Ones, Peace be with thee.

May thy walk in life’s garden be full of joy.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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