Ascension Symptoms: Vivid Waking Dreams . by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

Sometimes Ascension symptoms can manifest as vivid waking dreams or nightmares, sometimes violent or scary in nature, which may happen off and on for months. Generally speaking, these are the result of changing sleep patterns, or issues of insomnia most often caused by anxiety over the changes our physical and subtle bodies are undergoing …

Everyone on Earth is becoming more clair, and at this point in the process of Awakening, most of humankind is beginning to remember and explore the astral plane.

It is a real art, learning to very clearly distinguish between the physical plane and the astral plane. In the initial stages of exploring the astral, it is not at all unusual to experience vivid waking dreams. These are actually explorations of the astral plane, or higher planes of awareness, during which we set aside our normal activities in the physical world. We may suddenly feel sleepy, perhaps overcome with sleepiness in mid-day, and then lie down and get lost in one of these very vivid daydreams. We may also wake up at night suddenly aware of a very scary or violent nightmare, that seems somehow real.

This is all a process of learning the difference between the two dimensions, the physical and the astral. What we experience on the astral plane is not at all the same as physical experience. We cannot count on what we hear or see there … not in a court of law, or in a doctor’s office, or at work, or with our families. At least, this is so at this point in the process of Awakening.

The astral plane is the land of dreams, and these dreams, when they gain enough density, distill down to create our physical reality. But dreams they are, until they manifest. Or they may not do so.

Astral matter is mostly emotional in nature; there is very little mental matter in it. It is true that emotions can be experienced much more dramatically when we place our Awareness on this dimension. Because of this, the vivid waking dreams and vivid nightmares that we experience as Ascension symptoms can be very convincing.

It is quite a feat to make the jump to an understanding that they are not, in fact, physical in nature. Not real in the sense of our day-to-day lives. They only seem quite real because of the depth of emotion we are experiencing … whether it be despair or joy, desire or contentment, anxiety or peace of mind, fear or courage.

Many people are going through this accelerated learning experience about the differences among the dimensions right now. We are on our way to learning the skills to co-create reality together, as humankind. As many now learn the ins and outs of the astral plane, they are beginning to co-create astral reality with a still-dual tone to it. This is normal, as the astral plane (the fourth dimension) is characterized by much more duality than is the fifth dimension, where Christ consciousness is the norm. So co-creation of reality on the astral plane is bound to have a strong flavor of Darkness and Light to it.

Some of the astral plays taking place are created by just one person, and other people may add not mental matter to it, but rather unconscious or subconscious astral matter, which makes the stories more dramatically emotional in content and in their effect on their listeners.

Some of the astral plays are being performed by small or large groups of people, and have a sort of ‘soap opera’ flavor, as if the story lines are fine-honed and complete. The entire cast of characters … who may be real life people we know .. seem to know their lines flawlessly. Almost as if they have rehearsed the performance time after time, along with the rest of the cast, in their dreams. And then, before our startled astral eyes, unfolds a vivid waking dream performance into which the cast has fallen, totally absorbed in the drama. Although not true in a physical sense, such a performance can be very convincing, because it is expressing and releasing the repressed emotions of the cast.

This is a difficult sort of therapy that is taking place, but very effective, and very much a shortcut to Soul freedom. When the therapy is done, we will be looking at reality in a totally new, much more true way. There will be a big decrease in suffering and pain in the world. And a big increase in positive emotions, which will then act as stepping stones into the next higher dimension, where the experience of Christ Conscious will be commonplace.

One thing to look out for is this: In some instances, the hypnotic effect of the deep emotions of the astral plane can cause a kind of dissociative fugue [See … Link: “Dissociation (psychology),” in Wikipedia … ] in which we ‘act out’ the daydream or nightmare on the physical plane. This is something like sleepwalking. People can ‘fall into’ their vivid dreams, and then act them out in the real world in a dream-like state.

Should this happen, please take heart. Know that these experiences are temporary, and essentially healing in nature. It may seem otherwise, but in fact, all is well, both for you and for your friends and family.

All humanity is One. All are arising. You will soon perfect the skills of ‘crossing over’ with flawless consciousness and complete Awareness from one dimension to the next. And even of holding two or more dimensions in our Awareness at the same time. You are, right now, on the way to multidimensionality and multitemporality.

God keep you all
in love and peace and joy.

Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Written and published on 19 April 2016; revised on 21 June 2023

Ascension Symptoms: Vivid Waking Dreams

Image: “Dream [cropped, square],” by Yasuo Kuniyoshi, 1922, in Wikimedia Commons, … public domain

Image: “Dream [cropped, square],” by Yasuo Kuniyoshi, 1922, in Wikimedia Commons, … public domain


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