Amateur Sleuth: The Dylan Redwine Murder Mystery . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 20 June 2017

    • The Child’s Mercy Killing of His Crucified Father
    • Samskara of Mercy Killing
    • Trust in Family Only, Not in Community
    • His Life Story, Continued

Dear Ones,

For years now, I have been hearing the saddest song on the astral plane … about the torture and murder of the child Dylan Redwine in Colorado some years ago. I thought I would mention this story because, gruesome as it is, it may help a general understanding of the iterative nature of Soul wounding experiences …


The astral story is that an intersex person who chose the role of a woman tortured Dylan Redwine sexually for about a month before he passed on. For more on the woman in the astral story, see …

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The astral story was that a local cast of costumed characters were involved, and that films were made, perhaps weekly, and offered …

  • live locally on closed-circuit television and also after the fact,
  • on the internet via disk or by mp4 download,
  • or by viewing on a private member paid website, perhaps via an association catering to child sexual molesters wearing house arrest bracelets.
  • As an aside: If it were true that episodes in the torture and murder of Dylan Redwine are still circulating through snuff media outlets, and are being viewed, say, on weekends, then these repeat viewings would cause repetitive astral acts of violence to play out in the Four Corners area … almost as if such incidents were taking place over and over again, assumedly with new victims; however, it might just be the same victim being viewed over and over. Over time, such repetitive viewing might build up the type of astral thought forms in the Four Corners area that would lead to copycat acts of violence on the physical plane; it is to be hoped that this is not the case.


The Child’s Mercy Killing of His Crucified Father

The torturer, according to the astral lore (which can be pretty wild sometimes), is married to an intersex person who chose the role of a man. This person, in childhood, lived in Central Europe. His father was a brigand and murderer in areas around the village near which he lived.

The father was discovered by the villagers who, with no concern for the niceties of the law, and with remarkable lack of empathy, crucified him live outdoors, in the hope that he would be consumed little by little by the local wildlife.

His child (the husband in the above story), was but a teenager at the time; already versed in the manner of livelihood of his father, through hands-on experience mentored by his dad. During the impromptu interrogation that had preceded his father’s crucifixion, the complicity of the child did not come up.

Crows flocked round the child’s father who, fearing the birds would peck his eyes out, called for help. When the child heard his father’s cries, he tried to free him. This failing, at his father’s urging, he got his father’s pistol and killed him. Then he and his mother fled to South America.

According to the astral stories, his mother was addicted to vodka. While in South America, the young man tried for higher education through mail order classes. Once, drunk, his mother nicked him in the right eye with a knife; he pleaded for mercy, saying he could not get his high school diploma without the use of his eyes, and he was spared.

According to the astral lore, in time the son, working as a narcotics distributor, wended his way northward to the United States. Like his father, he was very intelligent, and over the years, by hook or by crook, he made his living by his wits, always with a view to criminal endeavors, in honor of his dad.

He enjoyed killing people, especially during hunting season, as the sound of rifle fire might be written off by others as that of wildlife hunters. For some time he enjoyed picking off women on the freeway during hunting season.

Samskara of Mercy Killing

The husband’s early traumatic experience with his father resulted in the samskara, or Soul wounding, experience that the young man must act to mercifully end the life of someone being tortured. This became an important value to him; a core spiritual value.

Trust in Family Only, Not in Community

The other early learning experience resulting from this trauma would, I feel, have been that one could trust no one other than his own family; that community was not to be trusted, and that law and justice were unenforceable and undependable concepts.

Thus it came about that he met and fell in love with a person who loved to torture children. His role in the process was to mercifully end the children’s lives, just as he had his father’s.


To get back to the astral story about Dylan Redwine, the story goes that Dylan was waiting at a bus stop on Vallecito Lake. That he was accosted by the intersex wife (see above) with the implication of a sexual tryst and the possibility of smoking marijuana, and that he thus willingly got into her car.

That she took him to her bedroom in a nearby community, where her husband made him immobile by severing his spinal cord low down with a knife puncture wound. That she tortured him for about a month.

This was a very distressing time for me, as an empath. As a clair person, I endured the child’s own suffering, helplessness, and cries for help during that time. Apparently the child was drugged, for he did not know where he was. He cried out to his father for help, but his father could not find him on the physical plane.

On the clair plane, I heard that others assisted in torturing the child. That a woman of the couple’s acquaintance, the wife of a couple they knew, cut off his eyelids with a pair of manicure scissors. That drugs were involved, and that she thought this would make his eyes look prettier; more like her own.

And then, in keeping with the husband’s early samskara of mercy killing, on the astral plane, I heard the husband say that he murdered Dylan Redwine as an act of mercy, to end his torment. I heard he portioned the remains, carrying them in several trips by bicycle to relatively remote sites on the east side of Vallecito Lake.

  • One disposal site must have been where law enforcement found remains, on Middle Mountain near Vallecito Lake.
  • On the astral plane I heard the wife say other remains were shrink wrapped and sunk off shore at the campground on the shoreline slightly to the west of Elk Point Lodge. (1) Whether this is true or not, I do not know. I also do not know if these would have been all the remains.

I heard also that Dylan Redwine’s father was implicated in his son’s murder by an anonymous phone tip to local law enforcement by the intersex husband, posing with a woman’s voice on the phone call.

That looking into a change of owners of a restaurant, possibly with a floor show on the weekends, on or near Vallecito Lake (name of this place, and even whether it exists at all, unknown), might provide a clue to resolving the murder (what clue, I do not know).

I really loathe these astral stories. There is just no way of knowing who comes up with them, or whether there is a shred of truth in them. My guess, though, is that they involve a glom of many people with similar Soul wounding, and so they most likely are of no help at all in the amateur sleuth department.

On the other hand, journaling sometimes helps dispel astral stories that are circulating round the noosphere; maybe this blog will help dispel this story, which is as full of suffering as any might be.

And also, for those who in the healing arts, such a story would illustrate how a youthful Soul wounding experience might lead to acting out in later life, the intention of the Soul being to remember and heal the original trauma, which is stored as cellular memory, according to ascension lore.

In terms of community healing, for the towns of Vallecito Lake, Bayfield, Ignacio, and Durango, Colorado, it could be that this awful astral story was born of an effort to solve the mystery of Dylan Redwine’s death and heal the deep suffering of the community around this issue. Thus, on the astral plane, in the realm of the imagination, the mystery was successfully resolved.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “Compendium: Dylan Redwine Murder Mystery,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 22 February 2020; revised on 23 April 2020 … ..


(1) Possibly this is Middle Mountain Campground? See “Columbine Public Lands Campgrounds” … ..


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