5D Skill Sets: Rewriting History, Jumping Timelines, Merging Dimensions . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 20 June 2015; published on 27 June 2015; transcribed on 12 November 2018
Previously titled: 5D Skillsets: Rewriting History, Jumping Timelines, Merging Dimensions

    • 2015 Summer Solstice
    • My Daily Life Compared to My Shadow Aspects, and Those of Others
    • Recommendation: Peggy Black on Re-Writing News Headlines
    • Forgiveness of Others is Forgiveness of Ourselves as Well
    • Our Hologram, and the Void, in Relation to Rewriting History, and Switching and Merging Timelines and Dimensions
    • Activation of Light: Optimize Timelines and Dimensions, by the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett
    • What Happens When I Use This Activation of Light
    • Recommendation: Sandra Walter and the Creator Breath

Dear Ones,

Here is a video on developing fifth dimensional skill sets: rewriting history, jumping timelines, merging dimensions and timelines. Transforming our shadow aspects. How ‘astral stories’ help us learn to co-create reality. Also: The hologram. Causality and synchronicity.

There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have a little to say about rewriting history and jumping timelines and merging dimensions and timelines and so forth …

2015 Summer Solstice

Wow, look at the sunlight! It is almost Summer Solstice; tomorrow is Solstice Day. So I am getting what you might call my dirt time … or my pine needle time … today, because the sunlight is just so incredible that I am doing my best to absorb as much of the atmosphere as I can, today and tomorrow.

My Daily Life Compared to My Shadow Aspects, and Those of Others

I thought I would go over my own shadow aspects … which generally I do not recognize, except on the psychic plane people tell me about them. I am a very quiet person, peaceful; I do not think much. I go walking in nature. I do not care much about politics or headlines. I never watch television … ‘though I do love to play Mexican Train Dominoes with my friends, and to go to church, and like that.

Not by choice, but due to life circumstances, I lead a very quiet, meditative, ‘loner’ lifestyle. But on the astral plane: I hear people say the exact opposite about me. They say that I am always talking; they say that I cannot be quiet. They say my mind is very restless. They say I am an alluring woman who is leading men astray.

And I say back to them: Are you sure you have the right person? Because it does not make sense to me! [laughs] The funny thing is, I have the same kind of thing to say about them. They might be the same kind of person as I am, but I am hearing all these scenarios … these incredible scenarios from them about war, and craziness … when in fact they may be a very loving person, I am hearing that they are all about hatred … things like that; the exact opposite of the way they are.

But would they ever believe that, if I were to tell them? Uh-uh. Not a chance! You know? These are the polarities that we have to merge.

Recommendation: Peggy Black on Re-Writing News Headlines

So when we see the news headlines … Peggy Black, Sacred Sound Salutarist … https://www.peggyblack.com/… talks about ‘doing the headlines’ … She does a meditation on the headlines every morning, and she changes the world outlook on the headlines from something negative to something extremely positive.

And in that way she is rewriting the whole world, right? She is owning the headlines; she is a pacifist who is rewriting war. She is a person who is rewriting all the scarcity she sees in the newspaper and in the headlines; rewriting it into a world of abundance, and so on.

She is taking what she sees in the world as ‘other’ … which is, in fact, her own Shadow side, and transforming it in that way … which is a wonderful way to do it.

Forgiveness of Others is Forgiveness of Ourselves as Well

So we may see people that represent these qualities that are actually our own Shadow side. And we may choose to forgive and completely absolve and love them. And what we will really be doing is forgiving, completely absolving, and loving ourselves.

Our Hologram, and the Void, in Relation to Rewriting History, and Switching and Merging Timelines and Dimensions

And the reason for this is, that all that we see … out to a space of about 9 feet out, all around us … This is our hologram. We exist in a Void … a complete Void … a Void in which we create what is in our hologram.

We are the co-creator Gods of the Universe; we create what is in our hologram. So we perceive something as ‘other’ … which, in fact, is an impossibility. That which we perceive is really ourselves, creating this Play.

So that is why it is completely easy, when we are hearing these astral stories going on and on, spinning off in our minds … It is very easy to rewrite all that history. And to switch timelines. And to switch dimensions. And to merge everything … It is because it is all ours; all ours completely. It is completely up to us to erase and rewrite and do what we want.

And that includes all the people that we hear too, because we are creating them, through Free Will, for the All.

So the astral stories are going along at a quick clip, right now. And every time that they get very scary or very ‘not me’ … into the Shadow side … I just say …

Activation of Light: Optimize Timelines and Dimensions
by the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett

Spirit to Team!
Optimize Timelines and Dimensions!
For the All, through Free Will!

What Happens When I Use This Activation of Light

And this is the thing that convinces us … it convinced me, anyway! … It convinced me that this is just a hologram, because the minute I do that, the whole astral kaleidoscope … the whole astral story changes completely, as if it never existed.

So these astral stories that are unfolding and spinning off right now, they have to do with our Soul wounding, and our Shadow side, and accepting them completely into us. And they are being very ingeniously arranged by God … through the deftness of the hand of God.

The deftness of the hand of God is allowing us to see the Shadow side of ourselves, so that we may incorporate it, you see?

So there is that: Rewriting history just like that! … I rewrite that history; none of that astral story needs to happen. I rewrite that physical story that happened to me; that past never happened. And this is what happened.

I jump to the future! I become that future, universally loving being of Light! And I jump back into the present time, in that form!

We can do what we want! This is our hologram. It is completely empty! It is like on Startrek … the completely empty hologram, waiting for us to fill it with the experiences we wish to create through our God nature.

As to how it could be that other people’s holograms relate to our own and co-create, with us, the reality that all we hu-man (1) beings experience, I do not know how that is. I do not know how that synchronous reality happens; except to say that the grace of God, and the deftness of the hand of God are marvelous … incredible.

Recommendation: Sandra Walter and the Creator Breath

And one other thing: I found out the other day that the Creator Breath that Sandra Walter recommends, is an incredible help with merging all the timelines and dimensions into the one Now and the one present. I will try to find her description of that Creator Breath for you, separately; but I will explain it a little bit right now: You put your arms out, to each side of you, at the height of your shoulders. And then you inhale completely and bring both hands into your heart … A really big, strong inhale; and bring those hands into your heart.

As you inhale, you are inhaling all your timelines and dimensions and astral experiences … all the different rewrites of history that have been happening to you that day … and you bring them all in and merge them in the Nowness of your heart … in Source, there, inside your heart. And keep holding the breath in until you feel the strong warmth of that merge, emerging from your heart and crystallizing and changing your whole body structure. It is an incredible experience. Try to keep holding your breath in for as long as you possibly can, and then some, all right? And then when you are ready to exhale, you bring your arms back out, in a great sweeping arc … back out as far as they can go. And exhale out your New Creation.

Anyway, that is how I do it, because of what she says. And I do that many times during the day.

This is the thing: My mind is not fully trained yet, because my heart energy is not fully open to all the dimensions. So, escaping from the subconscious context, and the unconscious context, during the day, are astral creations that I do not really intend to create … like these stories that I begin to hear, that the mind fabricates, based on old Soul wounding, without my absolute say-so, right?

All these things are circulating in my hologram, even though I change things and rewrite things. I may have a million rewrites circulating in my hologram in one day … or at least a few! So the Creator Breath takes everything from within my hologram … pulls it in, into my heart, into Source itself. And then, holding the breath in, for a little bit longer than is comfortable, changes the metabolism of the body, and completely changes the hologram: The Golden Light of the hologram comes out.

And then, as you exhale out, you exhale out that Golden Light … that beautiful Soul creation.

Here is a far better description of Creator Breath that Sandra Walter has given …

Video: “Ascension Path Meditation: Divine Neutrality,” by Ascension Path with Sandra Walter …  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXxnX4xWg8A ..


Well, take care!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) In Sufism the word ‘Hu’ means ‘God’. Per Sandra Walter of Ascension Path … https://sandrawalter.com/ ‘Hu-man’ might thus be thought of as meaning ‘God-man’.


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