Winter Solstice 2013 . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 21 December 2013; republished on 24 August 2017; revised
Previously entitled: 2013 Winter Solstice

    • The Energies of Solstice Day 2013
    • My Counselor’s ‘Tool Kit’ for Generalized Anxiety and Panic Attack
    • My Favorite Technique for Stilling the Mind
    • A Wish for the Coming Year

Dear Ones,

Here is a video with a wish for everyone for Winter Solstice 2013; there is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones!

That is Turtle Rock in the background … Can you see its head to the right and its shell kind of going down to the left? …

The Energies of Solstice Day 2013

And I just have a few words for you on this beautiful Solstice Day 2013 in the Los Angeles Area, and all over the world. There have been some interesting energies coming in yesterday and today. And they seem to be finally rooting out the tendrils of the victim / aggressor paradigm in the subconscious mind of man.

It creates unsettling sensations here and there in the body, and those trigger subconscious fear and anger. And around those emotions, the subconscious has been building some pretty scary stories.

And so, the question is: What to do when we are confronted with these wonderful cleansing energies, and the subconscious mind takes off on its own tangent … How to live a happy, peaceful life anyway … You know? And I have a few things.

My Counselor’s ‘Tool Kit’ for Generalized Anxiety and Panic Attack

I recently spent some time with one of the Los Angeles Safe Harbor program’s behavioral psychologists, Vladka Lumley, LMFT, who really impressed me with her expertise. She came up with quite a few traditional techniques on how to counter panic attack, for instance.

First of all, she said:

  • Become aware of the moment when you begin to feel panic … the ‘trigger’ moment. For instance, a trigger moment might be an upsetting situation, jumping to conclusions, perceived or actual criticism by others, or maybe being tired.
  • Also notice physiological changes at the trigger moment … a change in posture? A change in breathing or heartbeat?

Then, my counselor said, we can develop a ‘tool kit’ to use when we notice trigger moments. Here are some of the tools she recommends …

  • Meditation with progressive conscious relaxation of body parts
  • Firmly holding the last 2 fingers of the left hand with the fingers of the right hand till the panic subsides
  • Long, deep breaths … inhale a positive thought through the nose, then exhale negativity through the mouth
  • Positive visualizations
  • Positive self talk
  • Writing increasingly positive affirmations in a ‘medicine wheel’ or round spoked shape on paper
  • Reality check … Do not jump to conclusions
  • Avoid black and white thinking; think in shades of grey
  • Set small, easily achieved goals for yourself every day
  • Get exercise
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) … see Link: “Learning DBT” … ..

Behavioral psychology is a very good field, I feel, because it provides practical techniques and tips for self-help in changing behaviors such as habits and emotions.

My Favorite Technique for Stilling the Mind

I just wanted to talk to you for a minute about my favorite technique for stilling the mind, which I’ve mentioned before …

It seems like the mind can be just taking off on its own, you know? And coming up with all kinds of sitcoms. And I cannot stop the mind.

But the funny thing is, that the minute I set my feet on the Earth, and start walking in nature, and start chanting my mantra, it stops! The mind stops!

Especially since I am using mantras that appeal to the subconscious mind. And so they have a kind of a rousing, marching beat to them when I chant them either mentally or out loud.

A Wish for the Coming Year

It is a good thought for the coming year and the coming light, to imagine love coming more and more into our lives, and protecting us, and surrounding us. So I thought I would give you that wish for Solstice Day 2013, for the new year …

That your life should be lacking in mental stories, and full of love, and connected to the Earth, and connected to all that is. I wish that for all of us, with all my heart.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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