Why the Power of Positive Thought Can’t Untie Our Tangles . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 13 October 2014; republished on 9 October 2017; revised

  • The Analogy of the Mental Mind and the Moldy Cake
  • On to the Second Example … From the World of Sound
  • True Value of the Power of Positive Thought
  • That Rudderless Feeling
  • On Turning to the Sea of the Cosmic Soul

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Dear Ones,

The question came up … why can’t the power of positive thought (or ‘mind control’, when we project the power of positive thought clairaudiently toward other people) erase samskaras, untie the tangles in our etheric net, and heal our Soul wounding?

Here are two analogies:

The Analogy of the Mental Mind and the Moldy Cake

Suppose you have a cake that’s moldy, and on it is icing that’s moldy…. So you replace the icing with fresh icing…. What have you got? …. cake that’s still moldy, right?

Most of the cake is still moldy, even if we replace the icing. And most of our many bodies are still tangled, even if we untangle our mental body or that of someone else through the power of positive thought.

Thought is a linear process, bound by time and space, yet our bodies are multidimensional, not bound by time and space. There is much more to our ‘cake’ than the mental icing. Yet, from the perspective of linear thought, that left-brain process often identified with masculinity, linear thought is the typical modus operandi.

Of course, from the overall human perspective, there is also the right brain, the intuitive brain to consider. And the back of the brain, the visual brain, and so on.

Then from the perspective of the New Human, there is the cosmic brain … connecting us through our revitalized axiatonal lines with the entire Universe … yes, even with the farthest Star in the farthest Galaxy!

So it’s clear that, even from the perspective of the mental body of a human being, there’s much more to us than the left-brain, linear thought process.

On to the Second Example … From the World of Sound

As mentioned in previous blogs, we are not just human physical bodies, but also bodies of light. It is our bodies of light that create the hologram, the illusion of a physical body.

Sound is a tool that heals and transforms our body of light. But, a look at this Sound Chart shows…

Image: Sound bar chart: Infrasound (not labeled, 0 – 20 Hz), audible sound (20 Hz – 20 kHz), and ultrasound up to 10 million Hz: http://www.bbc.co.uk/staticarchive/e41d6ab486950b33a79e50e65a1c54f15c6ada6a.gif ..

… that the range of human hearing … about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz … is a lot less than the total sound range. I believe the graph is logarithmic, which is good for graphing purposes … if we were to show the arithmetic range of human hearing, against a background of available sound range, we’d be hard pressed to find enough paper to make a graph, and we’d have an awful time conceptualizing it.

But here in the graph we have, in neat numbers: say, 10,000,000 available Hz, subtracted from approximately 20,000 Hz available to our human ears = 9,980,000 Hz that we can’t hear.

Dividing this by the total 10,000,000 Hz, give 99.8% of available sound that’s unavailable to our hearing.

So by inference, that’s 99.8% of the sound we might use to heal and transform our bodies of light  unavailable to our vocal cords. Or maybe 99.6%, if we were to include the clairaudient sound range…

True Value of the Power of Positive Thought

To be completely truthful, I’ve found that what the power of positive thought (and of mind control, when directed to others) actually achieves in 3D is:

… It suppresses the samsakaras increasing the density of Soul wound, and its tendency to accrue more damaging sounds of the same resonance. These ‘gloms’ occur through attraction from the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World.

… In the emotional body, suppression of emotion occurs, and in the subconscious realm … in 4D … the emotion turns negative and creates great negative turmoil in the unconscious thought cloud of the world during dreamtime.

…so, basically, the ‘cake’ of our beingness gets a little moldier.

That Rudderless Feeling

It seems to me that the reason this time of transition to New Earth is causing such subconscious turmoil is that the Ego of our beingness feels rudderless. We feel ‘at the effect’ of the tremendous changes taking place in the Universe today.

And so we try, by what means we can imagine, with the resources of our logical mind … whether it be the power of positive thought, or mind control, or devising mental landmarks to locate our whereabouts in the ever changing scenery of the New … to do what we can to steer our way to a positive outcome.

But these ‘safety nets’ are at best ineffective. And at worst, they can turn us against the tide of the New, so that we bob and whirl and gasp for air in a smoothly flowing stream of light that has only our best and highest welfare in the very heart of it.

On Turning to the Sea of the Cosmic Soul

How much better might it be to turn our faces toward that great Sea toward which all this River of Light would so gently ferry our Souls? Then with faith, and with Sweet Love, we may float easily on this surging tide, seeing all the while the greatness of our destiny, the Sea of our Cosmic Soul, on the horizon.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Video: The Song “Water” by Daniel Nahmod, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgwwzWJpwRg ..


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